I am now a mother of three


3 kids?!!!


Yups, that’s right…. I know that I’ve always complaint about how my two boys are super active that they constantly drive me up the wall.  However, I have always wanted a daughter and that was my hope when the sticks says positive.




Alhamdulillah, my prayers were answered and we welcomed our baby girl, Hana Maryam on 29 January 2016.



Hana Maryam @ Day 1



When the brothers met their newborn sister *love*


Being pregnant this time around, at the age of 36, was super challenging.  I was constantly tired and had to really take things slow with the two active boys, housework and my business.  However, business was still on as usual.  Thank god for being able to have time flexibility and arrange my appointments and schedule on my own.


premium beautiful mumpreneir

Personal Coaching session with my protege, Izzah

premium beautiful mumpreneur

Personal Coaching and target setting session with my mentor, CDM Salha Zain

Premium beautiful expert

PB Expert ready for a fitting session in Puchong

BVSM Expert

BVSM Expert delivering 1 unit to a customer in Shah Alam

Premium Beautiful expert

I still attended class until my final month before giving birth.

Premium Beautiful Expert

With our multi-millionaire mentor, CDM Siti Rohana

Premium beautiful mumpreneur

With the Managing Director of Sahajidah Hai-O Markering, Mr Tan Kai Hee during the SM/SSM award in September 2015. I was 26 weeks pregnant during this time.

TLC Power Start Seminar

26 weeks pregnant at the TLC Power Start Seminar with one of TLC Master Trainers, CDM Salleha Roslan

premium beautiful mumpreneur

33 weeks pregnant and took up the role as MC for our weekly TLC Class. With the speakers for the night, CDM Izyan and CDM Nur Fadzliah

Premium Beautiful mumpreneur

35 weeks pregnant. After the TLC Master Class with my two top mentors, CDM Salha Zain and CDM Al-Faath.

Premium Beautiful Mumpreneur

36 weeks pregnant. Attended the Majlis Ulang Tahun Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing. With my mentor, CDM Salha Zain, one of the Lifetime Achievement Award receiver.


I missed a free business trip this year due to the pregnancy.  We were suppose to fly to Bangkok in September.  However, due to the Bangkok bombing scare, the Company had switched the destination to Ho Chi Minh City at the last minute.  I was not able to join my team on the trip due to chronic gastric attack.




In sya Allah there will be another opportunity for me to travel with my fellow TLCs to Beijing this August/September 2016.  Should any of you be interested to join us, please please please do not hesitate to contact me as travelling with TLC is a memorable experience of its own, regardless of the destination.


Travel to Beijing for FREE


travel to beijing for free


travel to beijing for free


Til then, do wish this new mother of three good luck in raising all three kids on her own.  Looking forward to cherish Baby Hana’s new milestones and witness her grow in front of my very eyes.  Thanks to the business with TLC, I can now be a full-time mummy and a business woman all at the same time.


premium beautiful mumpreneur

6 weeks old Hana Maryam


This Mumpreneur is looking for more business partners to experience the joy that she had had for the past 3 years. Let’s learn how to mix business with pleasure of being a mom.


Contact me now!



BVSM: Miracle energy for babies

It has been ages since my last personal update on this blog.  I have not stopped being a Premium Beautiful and BVSM Expert.  It is just that I have just had another baby *grins*.  Alhamdulillah, finally I have a baby girl to play dress-up with :)

I shall write a seperate update on the pregnancy and delivery later, in sya Allah.

Just wanted to share the miracle of BVSM that I have experienced since I delivered on 29 January 2016.

BVSM and Post-Delivery Recovery for Mummy & Baby


The most important things that I have packed in my hospital bag was my trusted Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper and my BVSM.  Hence, as soon as I was transferred from the labour room to the ward (at around 2am that 29 January), I wore my waist nipper (will continue about it in a separate entry) and grabbed my BVSM and used it as a blanket and wrapped myself to regain some energy after the delivery.  Once they have cleaned the baby and did all the check-ups and passed the baby to room with me, I quickly grabbed her, put her on my chest and covered her with the BVSM too!


Mummy & Baby H, post-delivery, wrapping ourselves up with BVSM

Alhamdulillah she stopped shivering and slept soundly through the night with occasional feeding time. I, myself, managed to get 3 hours of sleep and felt so energetic as if I didn’t just squeezed the almost 3kg baby out from my womb just few hours earlier. Even my husband was snoring loudly on the floor of the hospital room, tired from the ordeal, as if he was the one that have just given birth to the baby *hah!*

The power of the BVSM works wonders!  When the paed doctor came to brief us on the baby at around 11am, she said that the baby was clear of jaundice and was cleared to be discharged the very same day! Yeay! So we were released in over 12 hours after the delivery, Alhamdulillah.

Another testimony from my sister.  After she had just given birth to my nephew 2 years ago, she started using Bio Velocity Sleep Mate since the day she gave birth. I was really surprised to see her walking about with a healthy glow just the day after she gave birth! She told me that she just had few hours of sleep the day before. However, despite the few hours, I guessed it must have been a quality one. Her newborn baby also had benefited from BVSM too!  After wrapping the crying baby with BVSM, he instantly calmed down and slept for almost 2 hours before his next feed.  Bio Velocity Sleep Mate is a heaven sent for new moms!

BVSM Testimony_zahureendotcom

BVSM testimony1_zahureendotcom

BVSM and Jaundice

During her 1 week check-up, Baby’s paed announced that her jaundice reading was 1.08, which was actually almost nothing.  I was seriously thrilled to hear that as both her brothers had very mild jaundice in their 1st week after they were born.  I truly believe that sleeping on the BVSM almost 24 hours a day had helped the baby to regain her energy and also helped to build her antibody against jaundice. Since BVSM is actually using the energy from the morning sun, it provides the healthy energy that our body needs to flush out all the toxins and fight against diseases and build a stronger antibody.

All smiles after the 1-week check-up.

All smiles after the 1-week check-up.


Another customer of mine actually uses her BVSM for her newborn grandchild, who had jaundice. After using it for a day, the baby’s jaundice reading went down from 280 to 208.  Even the doctor that was treating her was surprised and curious about the BVSM mattress.

bvsm and jaundice

BVSM and Baby’s Sleep

Even though she seldom cry during the day and night, being a baby, you can never discount the days when it is just impossible to get her to sleep. There was this one day when I put her to sleep in her cot and she just refuse to fall asleep. After my failed attempts to bounce her on the gym ball, singing all the lullabies, I finally set her down on my bed (where the bvsm is), and she straight away dozed off to lalaland!  Yes, I should have thought of it sooner, right?


Baby H sleeping on the BVSM (covered with a duvet cover)


Another customer, who is also my ex-classmate from MRSM, had bought BVSM during her confinement to help her baby to sleep more peacefully at night and also to help her regained her energy during confinement. Alhamdulillah she is very satisfied with the result and vouched that BVSM had helped her baby progress well within 3 month!  Furthermore, breastfeeding her baby during the night does not even tire her down during the day with the hectic auditing routine.



BVSM and Baby’s Development

I am not comparing Baby H’s development with other babies other than her two brothers.  Out of the 3, her progress is much more advance.  Only at 3 weeks of age, she can actually hold up her head when we put her over our shoulders.  At four weeks, I tried putting her on her tummy and she actually lifted her head and pushed her hand to lift her body up.  Subahanallah, she really took me by surprise.  Her brother, Zayd can only do this at 2 months of age!

Like a seed, when you plant it and give it water and ample sunlight, it will grow healthily.  So does babies.  BVSM is embedded with the energy of the morning sun that is good to promote healthy cell growth in our bodies.  When newborns sleep on BVSM, their bodies exposed to the miracle energy of the morning sun.  Hence, they get all the benefits that allow them to grow up strong and healthy, in sya Allah.

Baby H lifting herself up at 4 weeks!

Baby H lifting herself up at 4 weeks!

BVSM and confinement

What is good for the baby is of course good for Mummy too!  Alhamdulillah, this has been one of the best confinement period for me, despite having to take care of myself and the baby and 2 other kids and a household on my own.  Although I only get like 4 to 5 hours o sleep (if any), I can still function normally during the day, without having to rest or nap.  Alhamdulillah, BVSM had given me quality sleep that I needed despite the minimum hours.  After a tiring day, with all the body ache, all I need to do is just sleep on the BVSM and I will wake up feeling fresh and free from all the ache the morning after, in sya Allah.

Want to know more about BVSM?

Watch this video

Click here for more information on BVSM.

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Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) Murah!

BVSM promotion is back and it is better than ever!!!


BVSM Murah


Buy 1 unit @ RM1,488

Buy the 3rd unit at RM600

Effectively, the average price for 1 unit of BVSM is RM1,192

Why do you need to buy 3 units?



Read more on BVSM here.




What are the benefits of sleeping with BVSM?

BVSM helps to balance out our body energy that has been distorted by pollutants, diseases, virus, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and radiation. Once our body rest on BVSM, the bio velocity technology (healthy energy flow) will help to balance out the unbalanced energy that will help with the following:

✔ enhances our body metabolism rate

✔ activates the cells function

✔ promotes blood circulation

✔ enhances body resistance and improves immune system

✔ increases energy level

✔ stabilizes emotion, relieves stress and pressure

✔ reenergizes, repairs and rejuvenates cells

✔ increases vitality

✔ enhances natural healing ability

✔ balances and harmonizes the physical functions

✔ relieves fatigue and pain

✔ stimulates and regulates the autonomic nervous system

✔ promotes heart function

✔ promotes a healthy and quality sleep

The many faces of BVSM lovers

BVSM murah

BVSM promo_zahureendotcom


BVSM Testimony: Period Pain

BVSM Testimony_Preiod pain


BVSM Testimony: Back Pain

(click on the above title to read about it)

BVSM testimony back pain


BVSM Testimony: Quality Sleep

BVSM testimony sleep


BVSM Testimony: Accident

BVSM testimony


BVSM Testimony: Cancer Survivor

(click on the above title to read about it)

BVSM and cancer


Click here for more BVSM testimonies.


Happy BVSM Customer who bought 6 units for her entire family!

BVSM murah


My team of BVSM Experts

BVSM Experts



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In conjunction with the long weekend (11 December 2015 to 13 December 2015), I am offering a 3-day special deal. Super low price for every purchase of Premium Beautiful Classic or Elegance plus an exclusive free gift!

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Idrissi International School: Our solution to our son’s education need

Sorry for going off topic here. However, I feel that I needed to share this review to most young parents out there that are looking for schools for their children that will be starting their official education in the “big school” as my son Noah calls it :).

My son, Noah Luqman, is a very high spirited boy with lots of energy to run around and is very very curious about everything.  Hence, finding a suitable school for him that will not only encourage him to learn and not kill/dampen his spirits was our top priority this year.  Not to discount the great national education system, as I was a product of the national education system, with an influence of the MRSM system during my upper secondary years.  However, with the ever changing education system in Malaysia, we feel that we needed something more solid for our son with a surrounding that make him eager to go to school.


When I chanced upon Idrissi International School in Setia Alam, I knew it would be THE perfect school for Noah.  The home schooling based education with Eco-based learning system attracts me the most as I know that my son is not the “learning by the book” type of kid.  He loves to play (what kid doesn’t right?) and I believe that the learning through play system from The TreeHouse Islamic Playschool that he went to during the past 2 years fit him well.  And now Idrissi would be the best transition place after TreeHouse.

Our first visit to Idrissi was a very welcoming one.  Noah fell in love with the school. My husband and I fell in love with the school. Hence, it was just a matter of pulling our finances together to get him the best that he can get.


The fees charged by Idrissi School is actually one of the lowest for an International School. Basing from the quality of education and also the upkeep of the school, we agreed to proceed to sign Noah up for the September 2015 intake.

IDRISSI SCHOOL fee-structure

Noah felt right at home at Idrissi School even on his first day of school… Being the first born, of course Mummy was a bit emotional of sending him off to school (sob sob)

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 12.04.36

However, getting this tea bag with the message from the school made me relaxed.


When asked how was his day is school, he would answer “Great!”.  And there was never a day when he woke up in the morning not wanting to go to school.  He even cried when I told him that school was closed due to the haze!

Why Noah loves his school so much? I shall let these pictures do the talking.


Noah during lunch break on his !st day of school

The kids are taught to plant fresh produce during their "Bahasa & Alam" lessons.

The kids are taught to plant fresh produce during their “Bahasa & Alam” lessons.

Noah always come back from school with many stories about what he did for the day.. He would usually begin with "Mummy, did you know that the soil contains compost... etc etc etc..."

Noah always come back from school with many stories about what he did for the day.. He would usually begin with “Mummy, did you know that the soil contains compost… etc etc etc…”

This is another favourite spot for Noah and his friends especially after school.  Yes, they have live chickens at Idrissi!

This is another favourite spot for Noah and his friends especially after school. Yes, they have live chickens at Idrissi!

and real goats too!

and real goats too!

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.35.15

Lessons are not confined to the classrooms. They also learn outdoors!

Lessons are not confined to the classrooms. They also learn outdoors!

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.23.06


Noah's 1st field trip was to go shopping where they learn math, science and even many more cool stuffs!

Noah’s 1st field trip was to go shopping where they learn math, science and even many more cool stuffs!


They learn about the ingredients for the products. How to identify the halal logo.

They learn about the ingredients for the products. How to identify the halal logo.




And they went back with their shopping items and cooked lunch together!

And they went back with their shopping items and cooked lunch together!


Noah's 2nd field trip was to Bank Negara to learn all about the currency. He was super excited to go that he begged me to let him go even though he had high fever!

Noah’s 2nd field trip was to Bank Negara to learn all about the currency. He was super excited to go that he begged me to let him go even though he had high fever!


This has to be the best thing that I LOVE about IDRISSI.  The Islamic education are being inculcated throughout the education system.  Hence, they never feel forced to actually do something, like performing the solat.  In fact, these boys would actually stop playing when they hear the calling of azan and actually encouraged each other to take the wudhuk and perform their solat together in a jemaah without being asked.  Masya Allah…. I shed a tear the 1st time I went to picked up Noah around Asar time and he asked me if I can wait few minutes so that he can perform the Asar prayer with his Ustaz and friends.

So my dear readers, providing the best education for our kids are important.  However, what is more important is that we have to find a school that is best suited for our kids.  We can’t force them to do something that is beyond their means.  Learning should be encouraged and not forced.  Kids should love going to school.  They should be able to come back from school as said “I can’t wait to go to school again tomorrow!”

Thank you Allah for giving me this opportunity to give my son the BEST that he can get.  Alhamdulillah for the rezeki (financial and time) that I have gained from this Premium Beautiful business that had given me the means to send him to IDRISSI SCHOOL.

You can get more information on IDRISSI SCHOOL

from their official website: http://idrissischool.com/

and also

from their Facebook official page: https://www.facebook.com/idrissischool/


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