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Part time Mumpreneur | Full time Chartered Accountant | Member of TLC (Top Leaders Circle | Certified Agent for Premium Beautiful, Biozone Food Purifier, Bio Velocity Sleep Mate, BB Plus Collagen, Marine Essence Beauty Bar and etc. | Health & Beauty Solution Provider | Future Millionaire |

Perfect body for Engagement Day with Premium Beautiful

Just wanted to share a testimony from our customer.

She contacted one of our agents last month to buy a set of Premium Beautiful Elegance corset as a preparation for her engagement day in January 2016.


Look at her result just after one month of consistent wearing of Premium Beautiful Elegance!



Gorgeous right?


Imagine how she would like in January in a beautiful saree And that is only for her engagement day and not her wedding!


Premium Beautiful Corset helps to distribute our body fat proportionately and burns the excess fats where necessary. It helps to burn 900 calories a day and hence provides fast results with consistent wear.




The corset comes with a lifetime warranty that covers all wear and tear for life. That is why most customers can wear the same corset over 5 to 15 years without any worry.



Book your Premium Beautiful Elegance corset now and get an irresistible promotion price and free gift.

Contact me for FREE consultation and fitting.



TLC Power Start Seminar 2015


Last Friday, Top Leaders Circle had organised the Seminar of the Year, which is the TLC Power Start Seminar 2015.


TLC Power Start Seminar 2015


It was a seminar organised by the team to help the new entrepreneurs of TLC to jumpstart their business and equip them with the tools and tricks to succeed in the industry.  From the art of selling, sharing business to the power of mastering the social media.


In order to succeed, you need to always upgrade yourself with the latest knowledge.  Hence, the TLC Master Trainers had managed to come up with the training modules that had been updated and successfully tested to be shared with our TLC members all over Malaysia.


Seats were limited, hence there were only 100+ TLC members, who were the fastest to book their seats for the seminar.  However, being in a culture where we learn and teach what we have learnt to our business partners, it is never a doubt that the knowledge withh definitely be passed on to the rest a.s.a.p.!


Now lets let the pictures do the talking, shall we…




The speakers for the day were selected from the crème de la crème of the TLC group. They are high achievers that had been showing tremendous results in their business.  From an ex-account manager, a teacher, a lecturer and a CEO of a famous restaurant chain and head of an auto part manufacturing company, they came together to share their secret of success with the rest.


TLC Master Trainers


The speakers would not be great without the guidance from their mentors.  These gorgeous ladies are the TLC Master Trainers. Young, Beautiful, Intelligent and Successful.  From left: CDM Salleha Roslan, CDM Salha Zain (TLC Top Mentor), CDM Izyan Liyana and CDM Nur Fadzliah.


TLC Power Start Seminar


With my direct mentor, CDM Salha Zain. She truly is a great mentor, who will relentlessly motivate her protege, groom them to be successful like her.  She aims for all her proteges to be able to earn a solid 5-figure income and leading towards 6-figure income like her now.  Such a beautiful lady, inside out.


TLC Power Start Seminar


With one of my favourite CDM, Salleha Roslan.  I really look up to this beautiful yet humble lady because despite having to take care of three little kids, she persevere a not once call it quits.  In fact, her network is one of the largest in TLC and it is still growing throughout Malaysia.


TLC Power Start Seminar


With the next TLC CDM, Lynn Shukor. CEO of a famous restaurant chain in KL and also head of an auto part manufacturing company who doesn’t really need the side income from this business to begin with!  However, she is with TLC because she loves the team spirit in TLC and she love travelling for FREE.  Why pay to travel, when you can have it for FREE? VVIP travel lagi….  Now she can save up her monthly salary and buy all her favourite designer handbags with her business bonus without even feeling guilty about it…hehehe…


TLC Power Start Seminar



G.K. Nielson


TLC Power Start Seminar





TLC Power Start Seminar




TLC Power Start Seminar






Bangkok Trip Cancelled!

I was actually looking forward to our Free Trip to Bangkok which was scheduled to depart on the 24th of August. However, on the 17th of August, the whole world got shocked with the news of the bombing of the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok.

I was already contemplating whether we should proceed with the trip when I received this sms from the Company.

2015-09-14 11.04.21

Shortly after that, the Company releases its official statement and news release.


Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.57.48

Basically the Company had called off the trip for the safety of its 800+ entrepreneurs.  They have actually spent over RM2 million to secure our flights, hotels and other ground arrangements in Bangkok, which could not be recovered due to the last minute cancellation.

Much to our surprise, we got another sms a week later!

2015-09-14 11.03.29

Superb organisation by the Company. Just within a week, they managed to make another arrangement for the Bangkok Qualifiers to be UPGRADED and flown off to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!






Unfortunately, since I am nursing a chronic gastritis, I would not be able to join the rest of Top Leaders Circle team on the trip. However, I was lucky enough to be compensated with product vouchers, since I will be letting go 2 tickets on this trip.  It is so rewarding to be part of Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing as everything that you are entitled for would not be forsaken.

Thank you, SHOM!



We are going to OSAKA next!  Come be part of us and let’s travel the world for FREE together!




Osaka travel for free


Osaka travel for free





Premium Beautiful: Confession of a Breast Cancer Survivor

Sharing a confession from a dear TLC Sister, Kak Soraya Nashir, who is a breast cancer survivor who had find comfort wearing the Premium Beautiful corset.


Breast Cancer and Premium Beautiful


Breast Cancer and Premium Beautiful


Sharing 2 pics as I receive more news of a beloved relative and a friend facing breast cancer. Isn’t it an insidious disease and just rears it’s ugly head from nowhere!



But every cloud has a silver lining, as they say. Alhamdulillah 5 years on, I am thriving and super blessed to have seen my eldest two graduate and start wonderful careers and the younger two off school into uni. Some of the things I have done to get better include putting on this amazing Far-Infra-Red (FIR)lined corset for at least 8 hours a day.

No I am not saying it’s THE cure, but honest to god, it has helped my healing.






1. After 8 rounds of toxic chemo, 35 debilitating radiotherapy sessions, my breast area skin was dry, sore and almost a burnt hue. After putting on the PB corset for 6 months the radiologist at my follow up mammogram commented how clean and soft my scar tissue and skin had healed. No doubt in part due to the FIR concentrated area on the PB brassiere cup. FYI after rads, we are discouraged from applying lotions to these raw areas.




. As cancer cells love cold bodies, wearing the FIR corset helps to regulate my body temperature and keeps me warm. We can’t fathom living without our aircon offices, bedrooms and cars, but cold environments serve more harm than good. So wearing the PB corset is an antidote as the FIR regulates my body temp and keeps me warm. Yes, zap those cells!



3. Cancer cells also thrive in oxygen-free environments. So I even put on the corset when I run or exercise. Besides the support it provides; double whammy as the FIR promotes blood circulation and enhances oxygen levels. Cancer cells hate this



Of course my healing has been enhanced by many other methods. Will share more. But have faith, do everything in your power to create a healthy, meaningful, stress-free lifestyle. Not impossible, just do it InsyaAllah.


Other great tips that Kak Soraya shared that can be applied to our daily lives:

1. Lifestyle changes -food, juicing,  exercise, rest
2. Mindset changes – prayers, faith and positive thinking
3. Regular checkups & listening to your body – check all warts and bumps you may find
4. Alternative treatments -e.g acupuncture, breast massage, heat treatment.


Kak Soraya is living to her fullest now, travelling to visit her kids from one country to another and also jetsetting with the Top Leaders Circle on our free trips around the world.



Kak Soraya and I, enjoying the thrilling ride on the Jet Boat in Gold Coast


TLC in Gold Coast


Kak Soraya and the rest of TLC in Movie World, Gold Coast


TLC in Shanghai


Jumping for joy in the old city of Shanghai


TLC in Shanghai


Kung fu fighting in front of the scenic Shanghai City


We can’t guarantee that Premium Beautiful can cure cancer.  However, what we can share is that it had helped cancer survivors heal and ease their days and enhanced their lives.


Premium Beautiful Classic and Elegance


Premium Beautiful: 70% Health, 30% Beauty, 100% Confidence.



Contact me for free consultation and fitting and also for great discounts and free gifts!





Premium Beautiful Elegance Merdeka Promotion


Premium Beautiful Elegance is the newly improved version of the favourite Premium Beautiful Classic that has been in the market for the past 23 years. Like latest version of car models, Premium Beautiful Elegance has been designed with ehanced features to make sure extra comfort is given the top priority.

Most of my customers that has slipped into a pair of Premium Beautiful Elegance will say

“best nya!”

“lembut nya kain dia!” (the material is so soft)

“sejuknya kain dia” (the material is so cooling) “rasa macam tak nak bukak” (I don’t wish to take it off)

And the result….



Testimony from my customer who had worn Premium Beautiful Elegance for a day.. “Nice..  I don’t feel the jiggly fats wiggling anymore! Everything is nice and firm”



Instant shaping result after slipping into a pair of Premium Beautiful Elegance.



For the slim ladies, Premium Beautiful Elegance will enhance your figures and help to accentuate your assets. Your husbands will definitely love the result!



Been doing crunches to no avail? Slip into a pair of Premium Beautiful Elegance and see the difference in minutes! Wear it consistently for 8 hours a day and you will see it stays naturally even without the corset.



The Premium Beautiful Elegance is so comfortable that it has won the Women’s Weekly Lingerie Awards 2015 for the best bra for lifting &  sculpting!






In conjunction with Merdeka and National Day, I am giving out irresistible discounts for every purchase of Premium Beautiful Elegance from me.  I will also throw in a free gift (worth RM198) with every cash/credit purchase.


Get free consultation and fitting. Contact me now!


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