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What kind of diseases can I get from the haze?

You can get a spectrum of diseases involving your respiratory tract as you breathe in those particles, and your eyes, which is exposed to the environment.

You can get:

  • Conjunctivitis or inflammation of the eye.
  • Nasal irritation, causing you to produce a lot of mucous and start clearing your throat excessively, or sneeze and cough.
  • Throat irritation, leading to a sore throat, which in turn can produce mucous and clog up your pharynx area.
  • Lung tissue inflammation and scarring. At high levels of the haze, you may start to cough and even feel breathless. At lower levels of pollution, people with a pre-existing lung or heart disorder may start to feel breathless and cough.

So if your loved ones or friends have conditions such as asthma, heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, you should make sure they stay indoors as much as possible and avoid the haze.

It is stated that if the API goes from 50 to 150, you can see a 12% increase in upper respiratory tract diseases, a 19% increase in asthma cases, and a 26% increase in nose inflammation.


Biozone Car Sterilizer_haze
So if you spend more time in your car, you should invest in a car sterilizer that can help to purify the air in your car. Biozone car sterilizer is only RM175. This is a must have product for every car owner!
Biozone Car Sterilizer Features:

-Combines oxygen and plasma to produce ozone O3 with its advanced patented non-thermal plasma technology.

-Eliminates effectively respiratory infection pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

-Degrades volatile organic compounds (such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia), to eliminate tobacco smell and odd odours.

-Purifies and refreshes air in the car.

-Ultra-compact and delicate design for convenience and easy use.

-Safe, environmental friendly, simple and no maintenance required.


More info on Biozone Car Sterilizer here:

First 4 orders will get FREE postage.

WA 012 284 5882 to order




Eh Eh Bazaar @ Bangi Gateway, 8 – 9 February 2014

Residence on Bangi, Kajang, Putrajaya, Serdang and other surrounding areas….


Jom singgah Eh Eh Bazaar @ Bangi Gateway Shopping Complex from today (8th Feb) until esok (9th Feb)..




Grab superb deals on these products:
– Marine Essence Beauty Bar
– Marine Essence Nourishing Body Wash & Shampoo
– BB Plus Collagen
– Herba Maharani
– Mineral Coffee
– Garam Buluh Premier Drink & Cooking Salt
– Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)
– Premium Beautiful Classic & Elegance
– Biozone Food Purifier
– Cozuma Compact Powder, Eyeshadow & Lipstick




Cozuma eyeshadow_zahureendotcom

cozuma lipstick_zahureendotcom


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New Year Promotion

Happy New Year 2014 everyone!


In conjunctiom with the new year celebration, I am giving out really really special discounts for:

Premium Beautiful Corset

Bio Velocity Sleepmate



Biozone Food Purifier



Seriously great discounts only for cash/credit card buyers between 1 to 5 January 2014.

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Confession of a satisfied customer: My Testimony

This is my own testimonial of most of the products by Hai-o Marketing that I have been using/consuming over the last 1 year and a half.

Premium Beautiful

I have been wearing the Premium Beautiful corset since January 2012. My main reason of wearing the corset was to conceive our 2nd baby. We had been trying for a second baby for over a year and with Allah’s willing, after just 2 month of wearing Premium Beautiful, we conceived!

Fast forward to 9 months later, I slipped into my Premium Beautiful again in November 2012, 3 days after I gave birth to my second son. I started off with just the waist nipper (as an alternative to the traditional bengkung). The confinement lady that came to massage me was impressed with the result and gave her seal of approval!

I wore the full set of Premium Beautiful after 12 days of confinement and I can fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans 6 days later! That is what I call instant result!

premium beautiful_confinement2wpid-IMG_20130302_211755.jpg
Since then, Premium Beautiful has been my 2nd skin daily. I can see that my stretchmarks are no longer visible. What I love most, as a breastfeeding mummy, is that Premium Beautiful helps to boost my milk supply and also prevents my breast from becoming engorged. It has been 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding and my milk supply is still consistent (18-20 oz daily).

EBM_beautiful pleasure
Alhamdulillah, I am very happy with the result of wearing my Premium Beautiful. My husband is too :p.

BB Plus Collagen

Since I have crossed over to the 30+ age group, I noticed that my skin is prone to dryness (especially my face) and I constantly need to hydrate it.  However, since I have been taking BB Plus Collagen after I gave birth, I noticed that I no longer need to spray the facial re-hydrating mist during the day anymore. My face feels moist and fresh all day long.

One added advantage for a breastfeeding mummy that consumes BB Plus Collagen is that BB Plus also helps to improve your milk production. Two thumbs up for me: Premium Beautiful + BB Plus Collagen = Happy and Healthy Baby Zayd!

bbplus_milk booster

Bio Velocity Sleepmate

This product is a godsend especially for breastfeeding mummies that baby wakes up for feeding every other hour during the night!

I am not kidding about the above statement.

Both of my boys are breastfeeding babies. And both of them do not sleep throughout the night. They wake up almost every 2 hours for feeding. Hence, I have been sleep deprived since late 2009!

Imagine waking up every other hour for feeding and with minimal sleep, you go to work on a daily basis. This does not include the days when your kids are not well and cry throughout the night!

No I am not complaining of lacking of sleep as I love my kids and I would do anything to ensure that they get the best nutrients especially in the early years. That is why I opted to breastfeed my babies. However, losing sleep had caused me to lose focus at work and also increased my stress level by a notch or two.

After using the Bio Velocity Sleepmate for a week, I started to notice that I feel much fresher in the morning, even with the same amount of sleeping hours. Maybe because I sleep better now and quality sleep is what my body really needed. I become much relaxed at work and fresher body = better productivity. Now I can go to work, run to the stockist to get stuffs that customer ordered, sent the stuffs via poslaju, go back home and cook for the family and still have time to update my facebook page and other business activities after the kids had gone to bed.

bvsm_noah_beautiful pleasure

My husband is loving the Bio Velocity Sleepmate too as he had been complaining of exhaustion for a while now. Even after 8 hours of sleep at night, he would feel tired and wanting to nap during the day. After using the Bio Velocity Sleepmate, both of us noticed that he stopped complaining about feeling tired. Plus, he stops taking naps during the day. A bonus for me is that he STOPS SNORING! Yeay!!!

BIOZone Food Purifier

What I can say about this product is that life has never been cleaner ever since the family stared using the BIOZone Food Purifier.  The food feels cleaner, fresher, healthier and definitely better.


Apart from using it to purify the chicken, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, I also use it to sterilize Baby Zayd’s bottles and my breastpump’s accessories. So I no longer need to boil everything to ensure that they are sterilized. It is definitely great for busy mummy like me!

Another function of BIOZone that I love is that I can double it up as an air purifier for the house. Run it for 45 minutes in the bedroom, and the air will feel clean and fresh instantly. It is great especially if you have kids that are allergic to dust and dust mites like mine.

biozone_beautiful pleasure

Marine Essence Beauty Series

This is the latest product by Hai-O Marketing that has been the talk of the town!

The Marine Essence Beauty Bar has been selling like hot cake since it was introduced and is currently sold out all over Malaysia. I love the soap as it has helped to improve my eczema and my skin no longer feels itchy during the day (no more dry skin). Also, as it has been nicked as “Sabun Ketiak”, I believe that my underarms are much lighter now than before. I love love love this soap as I can use it as a facial wash and body wash and the smell will linger throughout the day.


The Marine Essence Nourishing Body Wash was just introduced this month. I love this product as it is much more portable (easy to bring during travelling) as it is in a liquid form and its bottle is just the right size to fit into my toiletries bag. The function of the body wash is just the same as the Beauty Bar with only 1 thing lacking, the everlasting smell of the Beauty Bar 🙂


I have been losing hair ever since I gave birth to Baby Zayd. This time was much worse as compared to after I gave birth to Noah. I cringe at the sight of hair on the floor after every time I wash/comb my hair! My hair went from being very thick and healthy during pregnancy to very thin just 3 months after delivery. However, after just 2 times washing my hair with the Marine Essence Nourishing Shampoo, I noticed that there are less hair fall. My head feels fresher after every wash. I noticed that my fair feels shinier and healthier without the usually grease. No grease = no dandruff! So I am so loving the shampoo!


As a user of all the above products, I can safely say that I am satisfied with the products, quality wise and result wise.


As an authorized distributor of the above products, I wish to share the greatness of the products with everyone that is interested to try them out.

I am definitely not a seller. Instead, I aspire to be a solution provider to your health and beauty needs.

For more personal information on the products that I have just described, do email/call/text/whatsapp me. I provide free consultation and demo.
012 284 5882

We accept major credit cards and ship internationally

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