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Jom buat duit raya

Tinggal seminggu lagi nak Ramadan.. Memang tak sabar nak menanti Ramadhan yang mulia kan. Bulan yang banyak keberkatan kepada kita umat Islam.

crescent-moon-skypicture: Google

Tapi bulan Ramadhan juga la bulan yang memerlukan kita berbelanja lebih sedikit.. Bukan untuk beli juadah berbuka sebab selalunya saya memang kurang berbelanja untuk makanan. Kita akan memerlukan duit untuk persiapan hari raya…

Baju Raya sendiri


picture: Nurita Harith’s facebook

Baju Raya pasangan

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 00.33.06

picture: Zalora

Baju raya anak2

pix_gal1picture: ZaynZayd Instagram

Baju raya mak bapak (& mertua)

Kuih raya

1374070_662377607114231_1371008401_npicture: Google

Duit raya

Duit raya

picture: Google

Tu tak termasuk yang nak tukar langsir dan perabot baru lagi..

Kepada yang berkerja, mungkin gaji bulan jun akan di gunakan untuk separuh perbelanjaan raya and separuh lagi gaji bulan july. Selalunya gaji bulan july akan dibayar awal kan dan nanti awal bulan Ogos mesti ramai yang tinggal makan kuih raya aje masa lunch dekat office…

Well… Bagi siapa yang ingin nak buat duit raya tahun ini, saya boleh tunjukkan caranya.. Nak duit raya berapa RM? Nak RM1,000 ada caranya, nak RM5,000 ada caranya dan yang nak RM10,000 pun ada caranya.. Semuanya bergantung kepada impian anda dan saya boleh tunjukkan jalan macam mana anda boleh mencapainya… Ini bukan skim cepat kaya dan semuanya mengikut sistem perniagaan yang berlandaskan syariah.. Ada product dan ada jual beli.


Yang penting 10hb Jun anda akan dapat duit raya anda untuk anda gunakan sebelum, semasa dan selepas raya. Memang gerenti seronok raya tahun ni dapat beribadah dan juga bersedekah yang lebih dari tahun2 terdahulu…


Jom buat duit raya..

SMS/Whatapps DUIT RAYA ke 012 284 5882 untuk info selanjutnya… 




Hebat Bisnes Online 2014: JOHOR BAHRU



Hebat Bines Online Johor Bahru

Khas menarik dalam seminar ini anda akan pelajari :

Ingin cari extra income RM600 – RM1000 & more melambong

ingin berniaga tapi x tahu cara ? Kami tunjukkan cara yang terbukti berjaya

minat berniaga tapi x tahu produk apa ? Kami sediakan produk hot

pernah berniaga tapi kurang berkesan ? Kami tunjukkan teknik marketing berkesan

nak berniaga online tapi x reti ? Kami tunjukkan cara bisnes online pukau pelanggan

biasa berniaga online / offline tapi sale biasa lebih teruk x da sale , kami tunjukkan cara sale melambong

Apa yang kami tawarkan :

– bisnes bersama mentor yang terbukti berjaya
– team group elit
– teamwork support
– teknik marketing meletup
– teknik sedut duit pelanggan
– bimbingan sepanjang masa



100% Percuma.  Kami menjemput anda bertemu pada hari Sabtu ini.

Anda berminat ?

SMS kod kupon


012 284 5882

Anda boleh datang bersama dengan rakan , family dan bisnes partner secara PERCUMA.

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We are Top Leaders Circle (TLC) : Part 2

Part of the advantage of being in Top Leaders Circle (TLC) is that you will always be a second layer – there will always be someone above you to lend a hand and guide you every step of the way. These people above you are called your mentors/leaders.


From the moment I stepped into the business, and these two ladies had never let go of my sweaty hand. They have been there to support me and cheer me on every step of the way.




Irda, my direct leader, had been my housemate during my Uniten days. We had known each other for more than 15 years. The thought that she, the true bred accountant who is very calculative about everything, can actually join the business had convinced me that the business must be an opportunity not to be missed.




Irda is a PhD student in accountancy and had just resigned from her lecturer position with one of the largest university in Malaysia. She is now doing the business full time while juggling her role as a wife, a mother of 3 kids and also a PhD student.




The one-on-one personal coaching and goal setting session with my leader keeps me grounded every single step of the way. During my corporate days, I was expected to keep abreast of things and know every single thing without the guidance of my superior. At times I will get lost as there were no clear direction as to where I was heading in my career path. However, in this business, the mentor/leader will make sure that your daily/monthly and long terms goals are clear and also will set out the plans for you to achieve them.




This is Nurul, TLC Platinum Leader. She is a project engineer with the National oil & gas company. Between being a professional at work and trying to manage her 2 years old daughter alone in KL while her husband works outstation, she still has time to slot in her role as a businesswoman and a team leader. Her commitment to her team is superb that sometimes I wonder where did all her energy comes from.


With the mentorship of CDM Salha Zain, we, the TLC Platinum team strives to grow our group into one of the Top business group in Malaysia. Expanding our network throughout the country and also internationally.











Want to be part time of the TLC Platinum team? We are organising a business talk for those that are interested to start their own online business this Sunday (13 April 2014).. There will be special appearance from the Sohonista Icon Malaysia, yang Salha Zain and also a session with an online marketing excellent expert that will share all their knowledge on how to create a “havoc” for your online business.


This is a by invitation only event. Contact me for a free invite now!




Top Leaders Circle in Gold Coast : Day 1 – The Departure

It has been over a month since the trip, however the memories are still vivid in my mind.


My very first FREE trip with the Top Leaders Circle…


Happy sangat because this was our first trip since we got kids.  So kira macam 2nd honeymoon la after almost 6 years of marriage.  And it was FREE!


TLC in Gold Coast_Day1_zahureendotcom


We were scheduled to depart from KLIA to Brisbane via Singapore on the 13th of February 2014 at around 10pm.  After sorting out the logistics for our kids, we finally left for the airport at around 5pm… Yes during the rush hours…


Alhamdulillah sempat sampai airport by 6pm at the time scheduled by our Tour Guide to collect the itinerary and travel details.


keep calm and gold coast with TLC_zahureendotcom


This was the t-shirt that we wore on the 1st day…


TLC in Gold Coast_Day1_zahureendotcom_1


With fellow TLC members that qualified for the trip. All pumped up for the joyride…

TLC in Gold Coast_day1_zahureendotcom_2

Monopod time…. This is the trip that introduces me to the meaning of “group selfie”…

The trip from KLIA to Changi took about 45 minutes and this time around we were booked on the Silk Air flight that was code sharing with SIA to Brisbane.

Hubby and I didn’t manage to get our dinner at KLIA and was so thankful that the Company had arranged for everyone on the trip to receive a SGD20 Changi Airport voucher that entitles us to redeem it at any store in Changi Airport. Alhamdulillah… I was seriously shocked as never in my 10 years working life that the companies that I had worked for actually gave me vouchers/pocket money for me to spend during airport transits. Mind you I had travelled quite a bit during my time in one of the GLCs and had spent quite a number of hours in Changi Airport… but I had to spend my own pocket money la kan…

TLC in Gold Coast_day1_zahureendotcom_3

Since there were 2 of us, so we had SGD40 to spend. Unfortunately, our connecting flight was due to depart in an hour time.  Hence, there was no time to spare to roam the mall, though I wished I could peaked into the Pandora store or even all the other great stores that they have in Changi Airport Mall.  So we just spent 1 voucher for iced coffee and sandwiches and saved the other for our trip back home…

Our connecting flight to Brisbane was a Singapore Airline plane.  I super love flying with Singapore Airline as their service is top notch.  I remember the time when I flew on Singapore Airline to Japan to visit my sister and they actually served Haagen Daaz ice cream for dessert! And during another trip to Istanbul few years back, I had the privileged to travel on Business Class as it was a company paid trip.  The meal served on board during that trip was fabulous!

It was actually great that the Company had arranged for a night flight as we would be able to start the next day fresh and ready to discover Gold Coast.  I was made to understand that all the trips are arranged as such to maximise the time for the tour. Memang best and untung sangat travel with the Company.  Everything has been arranged for us from the flight, transit, transport, accommodation, food and also programs. We just have to follow the timing, bawak baju and duit for shopping aje… I LIKE!

Wait for my next entry on Day 2 in Gold Coast, Australia…

Till then, enjoy the video…

TLC in Gold Coast from alfaath on Vimeo.


TLC in Shanghai_zahureendotcom

Interested to travel for FREE?

Contact me now…


Top Leaders Circle in Gold Coast, Australia

It has been a superawesome trip…


Fully sponsored…


All you need to bring was just shopping $$$…


I will elaborate more about the trip soon…


For now, enjoy the video clip that has been put together by our great sifu, CDM Al-Faath..


TLC in Gold Coast from alfaath on Vimeo.



Our next FOC trip would be to Shanghai in September.. Want to join us? Contant me now to find out how…



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