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Premium Beautiful Short Bra: The BEST Solution for Engorged Breast

breastfeeding engorged breast

Being a breastfeeding mom has its ups and downs. Yes, the bonding between mommy and baby is stronger and baby gets the best from mommy’s milk.  However, when away from baby, i.e. working or travelling or even an over supply of milk can cause mommy’s breast to become engorged.


Regardless if you are a new mom or a seasoned mom, engorged breast is no fun at all.  I remembered during the 1st week after delivering my 1st son, Noah.  My breast was swollen due to baby not latching well. It was super PAINFUL! I also got mastitis due to that.


I also remember the time when I was stuck in back-to-back meetings at work and had no time to pump.  The breast was so hard and painful and it feels like it was going to popped out.


The common tip other moms like to share to get rid of engorged breast would be to cover the engorged breast with lettuce. It is said that the lettuce will help to ease the swollen breast.  However, where can you find lettuce in the office? You would not want to order salad and just stuff it in your bra, would you? *shudder*


engorged-breasts solution


When I got my 2nd son, I was already using the Premium Beautiful lingerie during confinement.  However, since it was still hard to fit into my PB long bra, I opted for the short bra instead.  Plus, it was more convenient to wear the short bra during the confinement and even on daily basis.


How does Premium Beautiful Short Bra helps engorged breast?


  • The Far Infra Red (FIR) rays embedded in the short bra helps to regulate the blood circulation around the breast area.  Hence, it helps to unblock the milk ducts and avoid the breast from swelling.
  • The FIR also helps to stimulate milk production. Wearing the short bra daily for a minimum of 8 hours a day will act as a natural milk booster


Other benefits of Premium Beautiful Short Bra


  • It helps to prevent breast cancer as the pyramid shaped cup allows ventilation to the nipple.
  • The thick bra strap provides good breast support, especially for large breast.
  • Promotes natural breast enlargement as it provides good blood circulation around the breast area.
  • It helps of enhance and beautify the breast.


Is it easy to breastfeed while wearing the Premium Beautiful Short Bra?


  • YES
  • Just pull the lace down and feed
  • OR if you are pumping on the go, pull the lace down and tuck the breastpump shield over your breast and pump
  • The lace is durable enough that it won’t tear. I have been using the same bra from the time I gave birth to my 2nd son, Zayd until now, feeding my daughter, Hana.


Breastfeeing bra


premium beautiful_zahureendotcom


Award winning lingerie Premium Beautiful


Premium Beautiful - The best bra


Premium Beautiful Short Bra Price 2016


Small RM517

Large RM568

*** Lifetime warranty that covers any wear and tear to all Premium Beautiful lingerie

*** Free repair

Why are there two sets of prices?


Well, Premium Beautiful is designed for all body sizes.  Hence, there are various sizes that are divided into two major price category, Small and Large.


How to determine your sizes?


You can measure your bust and underbust in centimeters, as shown in the diagram below and just contact me to get your Premium Beautiful Short Bra size and relevant price.




Is the price final?


Well, every customer of mine definitely will get the BEST price from me.  However, you would have to contact me to get the special price!!!  There will be a HUGE SAVINGS if you choose to buy 1 full set of Premium Beautiful Classic/Elegance :)


So all you have to do now is just to sms/whatsapp/telegram me at 012 284 5882 the below message:

Premium Beautiful <you choice of part><your measurement><name & location>

and I will get in touch with you with your relevant size and your SPECIAL price a.s.a.p.


FREE GIFT awaits the first 10 buyers until 31 August 2016.

Make sure to get you Premium Beautiful from me, your Certified Premium Beautiful Expert :)

I am a certified Premium Beautiful Expert

I am a certified Premium Beautiful Expert



Premium Beautiful Testimony: Fibroid




Premium Beautiful_Fibroid


The most common benign tumors in females and typically found during the middle and later reproductive years. While most fibroids are asymptomatic, they can grow and cause heavy and painful menstruation, painful sexual intercourse, urinary frequency and urgency. Some fibroids may interfere with pregnancy although this appears to be very .


Signs & Symptoms


Fibroids, particularly when small, may be entirely asymptomatic. Symptoms depend on the location of the lesion and its size. Important symptoms include:

  • abnormal gynecologic hemorrhage,
  • heavy or painful periods,
  • abdominal discomfort or bloating,
  • painful defecation,
  • back ache,
  • urinary frequency or retention,
  • in some cases, infertility.
  • pain during intercourse, depending on the location of the fibroid

During pregnancy they may also be the cause of miscarriage, bleeding, premature labor, or interference with the position of the fetus.




My mom had her fibroids removed when she was in her late 40s. My little sister was diagnosed with fibroids when she was in her late 20s and the doctor had suggested to remove it.  However, since 2 of her best friends had removed their fibroids few years before that and then having a tough time to conceive, my mom had advised against it.  Alhamdulillah, after seeking second opinion, another doctor gave her some medication that had managed to shrink the fibroid and it had naturally gone out of her system.


The above example is just to demonstrate how common fibroid is nowadays.  I have heard cases where a 21 year old girl had to undergo a surgery to remove her fibroids.  Perhaps there are no way to prevent fibroids due to it being link to our daily diets.  However, there are now alternative ways to treat it besides operation.



» Read more

The Best Price for BVSM in town (March – August 2015)



Everyone had been searching high and low for the best price for Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM).  Well, look no further as this BVSM Expert can provide you the best bargain in town!


BVSM Promo 2015


This is the current promotion for BVSM:


Buy 3 units of BVSM and get the 4th unit at RM450


Price per unit: RM1,488


Contact me for promotion price






Fret not as your problems can be solved with Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)…

✔ There are many benefits of BVSM

✔ The healing process will depend on the type of disease and sickness.

✔ Helps to speed up the healing process for many diseases, including chronic diseases such as:



Read more testimonies here:


BVSM and Chronic Back Pain


BVSM and Quality Sleep


 BVSM Testimony




What are the benefits of sleeping with BVSM?

BVSM helps to balance out our body energy that has been distorted by pollutants, diseases, virus, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and radiation. Once our body rest on BVSM, the bio velocity technology (healthy energy flow) will help to balance out the unbalanced energy that will help with the following:

✔ enhances our body metabolism rate

✔ activates the cells function

✔ promotes blood circulation

✔ enhances body resistance and improves immune system

✔ increases energy level

✔ stabilizes emotion, relieves stress and pressure

✔ reenergizes, repairs and rejuvenates cells

✔ increases vitality

✔ enhances natural healing ability

✔ balances and harmonizes the physical functions

✔ relieves fatigue and pain

✔ stimulates and regulates the autonomic nervous system

✔ promotes heart function

✔ promotes a healthy and quality sleep


✔ Wash only once a year. If it gets stained, just wash the stained area and dry it under the morning sun.

✔ Only use organic soap to wash the BVSM and hadwash it gently. Dry under the morning sun.

✔ Hang dry under the morning sun every 2-3 months to recharge the BVSM energy.



♥♥ HOW TO USE ♥♥


✔ Use it as a mattress cover over your current mattress.


✔ Use it as a duvet (comforter) and insert it in a duvet cover to avoid staining.

✔ It is light and very portable.



Do not let these problems haunt you forever.

BIO VELOCITY SLEEPMATE will help you cure your problem, In Sya Allah…





Contact me for promo price




If you order today, you would be entitled to a super special discount.




Please Sms/Whatapp —> BVSM<space>NAME to +6012 284 5882

Alternatively click on the “Contact Me” button on the top left screen now and type “BVSM PROMOTION” with your name and contact details.


Trust me, you would not regret it as the price is simply irresistible, plus I will throw in a FREE gift worth RM175 for the first 4 buyers!




➘ Limited stocks
➘ Act NOW to achieve greater health soon….


BVSM Experts


Premium Beautiful: Bengkung untuk Lelaki

Lelaki pun nak pakai bengkung ke?

Well, actually ramai lelaki yang I kenal actually pakai bengkung (also known as abdominal binders) yang mereka beli dari Pharmacy sebab nak atasi masalah sakit belakang dan perut buncit.  Tapi, bengkung yang beli off-the-shelves ni kebanyakkannya keras dan tebal so memang tak selesa sangat nak pakai.

tummy binder


Let me tell you a secret…

Many men dah start pakai bengkung Premium Beautiful tau sekarang…


Sebab Premium Beautiful waist nipper ni mempunyai 7 tetulang teknologi tinggi yang boleh membantu mengurangkan masalah tulang belakang, seperti bongkok, slipped disc dan sakit pinggang.

So, abang-abang gagah yang suka pegi ride, cyclists and motorcyclists, memang sesuai la pakai bengkung Premium Beautiful ni. An 8 hours journey on the bike would be a pain-free one with Premium Beautiful on.  Trust me!


Bengkung for men

Also for those yang memang selalu sakit-sakit pinggang, sakit belakang, or even yang baru lepas buat abdominal operation, this bengkung is what you need to get full comfort.

Bengkung for after abdominal operation

Premium Beautiful has been recommended by 3 International Chiropractic Associations.

Price: RM600 to RM800 depending on sizes

Lifetime Warranty! (read about it here)

How to order?

Step 1:  measure the tummy area (largest circumferece) in centimeter

Step 2: SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram me at 012 284 5882 <Bengkung untuk lelaki> <measurement> <name & location>

I will get back to you with the full detail of the size and price for you a.s.a.p!

Make sure you get your Premium Beautiful from this Premium Beautiful Expert.

I am a Certified Premium Beautiful Expert

I am a Certified Premium Beautiful Expert


Ramai jugak Abang Gagah yang super satisfied with the bengkung that they too decided to sell the Premium Beautiful corset to spread the greatness of the product.  Now, these two gentlemen are making lucrative income!  Contact me to find out how you too can be part of us.

Premium Beautiful dan lelaki


Premium Beautiful & Diastasis Recti

I was really ecstatic when I received an email from my ‪#‎PremiumBeautiful‬ customer from Nigeria earlier today…
She found my blog last year while doing some research on a condition that she had, diastasis recti, a separation of the womb that happened during her last pregnancy. Since she planned to conceive again, she was trying to find solution to her problem.


Definition: Diastasis recti is a separation between the left and right side of the abdominal muscle. This muscle covers the front surface of the belly area. Although you can be born with it, it is often caused by pregnancy because of increased tension on the abdominal wall.



How can you tell if you have it?
A diastasis recti looks like a ridge, which runs down the middle of the belly area. It stretches from the bottom of the breastbone to the belly button. An easy way to test for it is to lay on your back with your knees raised. Raise you head and shoulders off the ground and look at your stomach. Is it sunken between your abdominal muscles? Do you have a gap of more than 2 1/2 finger-widths wide between your abdominal muscles? If you see a bulge when you lift your head or you feel pulsing it means the connective tissue is very weak.


Apparently Diastasis recti cannot be cured through operation, though many recommended tummy tuck as one of the solution.  Some recommended a waist clincher a.k.a stomach binder a.k.a waist nipper.


Premium Beautiful waist nipper would be the perfect solution to Diastasis Recti as the Far Infra Red rays embedded in the material can help the blood circulation around the muscle area to heal and close the gap between the abdominal wall.  Furthermore, the 7 alloy steel in the waist nipper will help to support the waist and spine and also helps to correct the posture of a Diastasis Recti patient.


So, without any hesitation, the customer bought the corset at the end of November and managed to conceive 2 months after that. Today she emailed, announcing the birth of her long awaited baby boy and asking when she can start using her Premium Beautiful after her cesarean birth.


Diastasis recti & Premium Beautiful
Alhamdulillah.. Another satisfied customer, whom had managed to get what she achieved for from buying Premium Beautiful.. Now she is taking it one step further and using it during her ‪#‎confinement‬ period (read here on my confinement with Premium Beautiful experience).
Ni baru betul orang cakap alah membeli, menang memakai…
Another happy news for this ‪#‎PremiumBeautifulExpert‬

Read more on Premium Beautiful here.


Come grab an unbelievable deal now.  Cash and installment buyers are welcome.





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