Confinement the Premium Beautiful Way – Part 2

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After 2 weeks of confinement, I am loving the result of wearing the Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper as an alternative to the traditional bengkung.

The result can be seen as early as 2 days after wearing the waist nipper, that is Day #5 post-delivery (as you can only start wearing the waist nipper on Day 3 for those who give birth naturally).  Even the kakak that massaged me told me that my tummy and womb looks as if I had worn the traditional bengkung.  She gave me her seal of approval of course… My mom also had given her seal of approval, though she is quiet a traditionalist when it comes to confinement do’s and don’ts.

As for the weight loss issue, I am slowly trying to shed all the baby fats.  My last weight during pregnancy was 75.2kg and I am now down to 67kg.  I have 10 more kgs to go and let’s see if I can achieve my pre-pregnancy weight by the end of confinement period… Insyaallah…

For more information on why Premium Beautiful is good for confinement, read my earlier post – Confinement the Premium Beautiful Way.

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