Gaya Tudung Raya 2014: Shawl Tutorial

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Hijabista memang tak dapat dipisahkan dengan tudung kan.  Especially bila market sekarang pun dah cater for macam-macam jenis dan style tudung so that us ladies takde la pakai fesyen yang sama aje and always up-to-date in terms of style and trend.


For Hijabers yang follow perkembangan tudung locally, I bet you guys have your own favourites kan.


I jenis yang suka pakai shawls sebab I find it easy to handle (care) and cepat aje nak style. And also there is no specific way to style it. So kalau tak jadi pun orang takkan tau tu tak jadi and you can always cover it up saying that it is the latest fesyen! *winks*


I used to borong shawls from Arzu sampai beratus-ratus ringgit la sekali beli.  And for those yang familiar dengan salesgirls Arzu, they are very smart in terms of promoting you to buy more.  Masuk kedai dengan intention nak beli 1 shawl aje, but ended up buying like 8-10 shawls! Tu tak campur inner lagi kan… hehehe.. Siapa pernah guilty macam ni?


Arzu scarf1


Now since dah jarang sangat masuk KL, I stick to the hijab labels around Kota Damansara aje la.  There’s Al-Humaira Contemporary and also Neng Geulis just across the street from my condo.  So borong dekat situ aje la.

Well, personally, I nieh memang yang jenis tak pandai nak lilit-lilit tudung berfesyen-fesyen.  I am not the adventurous type when it comes to fashion.  Hence, you will see me with the same style of hijab most of the time.  Sometimes I try to step out from my comfort zone during events and try out new styles.  But it always stops there.

So with my latest discovery of the hijab tutorial on youtube (yeah dah tertinggal bas.. hehehe), I find it very easy nak cuba style-style hijab baru.  Ada macam-macam gaya to choose from. Sangat best!


Here’s my TOP 5 favourite Hijab Tutorial Video



I love how the video shows how simple it is to style a wide shawl.. To me, I memang bantai lilit aje wide shawls I sampai nampak macam ayam serama tengah meremang. hahaha… I am so gonna try this out soon.. Memang mengujakan kan…



Super love this Aulia Hijab by Ilham Echenta.  TLC Sisters semua la borong this tudung during the Diamond Night.  I wanted to get the Black one but it was out of stock.  Will definitely try to get it soon!



This one macam menarik because agak lain then the normal way of styling.  Plus, the shawl pun very striking and attractive.  Good change for the plain old me 🙂



I have lots of multi-colored shawls but selalu style it the same old boring way.  This is an interesting way to style it.  Sangat menarik!



I tried this style for the 2014 Diamond Night.  Kinda like it on Mizz Nina but I tried to mellow it down without the accessories.

Recieving my DSM award last June 2014

Recieving my DSM award last June 2014


Jadi tak?


Anyway, dah style shawl cantik-cantik nanti make sure muka pun mesti la cantik ya.


If you nak muka flawless for Raya, you can try minum BBplus collagen and see an instant result in just 3 days!  Customer I siap cakap jerawat dia kecut in 4 days! So for those yang ada masalah jerawat, kulit tak sekata, kulit kusam, cepat la dapatkan BBplus collagen ni cepat.


bbplus campaign_v2_BBPlus Cover

 Flawless raya testimony

Promo Flawless Raya is still on.


COD: Kota Damansara, Taman Tun, Damansara, Kepong, Selayang, Subang and Shah Alam area.

Anyway, hope you guys pun dapat a few ideas on how to style your hijab for this coming raya!



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  1. Nursuhada binti saufi says:

    Assalamualaikum, akak…saya Nursuhada student dari UKM, actually saya tak nak comment apa2 sebab tutorial akak buat really interesting…kalau boleg saya pun nak invited akak buat show tutorial tuding in our program iaitu program hijabista style under kolej kami kami…program Temasya Gemilang kolej keris mas UKM, Bangi pada 25/3/15. Sekiranya akak free masa tu nak sangat akak join event kami.

    • Zahureen Ruhanie says:

      Wsalam Nurshuhada. Thanks for dropping a comment. I am flattered to be invited but the tutorial videos tu bukan I yang buat. I got it from YouTube. However, maybe you boleh whatsapp I di 012 284 5882 for us to arrange something for your event.

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