Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015

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I know it is kind of late for this post.  However, it is better late than never right…

2014 had been an incredible year for me with Top Leaders Circle as I had managed to achieved many major milestones with TLC.  FOC Gold Coast Trip, Diamond Night Award Receiver, FOC Shanghai Trip and many more.

Here is a recap of TLC’s achievement in 2014.

So the chapter on 2014 is closed.
Now begins the chapter on 2015..

What will be my hopes and dreams for this year?

1) To achieve the highest rank in the business, the Crown Diamond Manager before the end of the year.


2) To achieve the 2nd highest rank in the business before the next Diamond Night Award Ceremony and to activate my car fund by then too!

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3) To have a large network of business partners and distributors from all over the country and also across the globe

4) To be able to travel the world for FREE with Top Leaders Circle

5) To achieve TIME FREEDOM and FINANCIAL FREEDOM by travelling this road less travelled.

6) To be able to take my parents and in-laws for umrah (this time around, my treat! In sya Allah)

7) Save up for Haj in 2016

Do pray that I will able to achieve the above goals plus many more!

In sya Allah




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