Lightens your underarm with Marine Essence ;)

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Everybody has been talking about this soap… Some even labeled it as ‘sabun ketiak’ or ‘armpit soap’.. lol…

marine essence_beautiful pleasure2

How did it get labeled so?  Well, one of the goodness of Marine Essence is that it helps in reducing skin pigmentation with the help of liquorice extract that is one of its ingredients.

Since I have had skin problems since young, I am quite choosy when it comes to soap/bath foam.  I had been using Johnson&Johnson Milk Bath for years now as it is the only soap that helped to contain my eczema problem.  However, after using Marine Essence for the past 3 days, I find that my skin remains hydrated and well moisturised.  Plus, with bamboo salt, glycerin, tea tree oil and vitamin E as part of its ingredients, I have no doubt about using it daily.

marine essence_beautiful pleasurePicture taken from Irda

To know more about Bamboo Salt, read it here.

Oh yeah… the one thing that got me wanting to try the soap (I don’t really fancy using bar soap) is the fresh smell of Marine Essence.  It is really refreshing and makes you want to take a shower frequently.. hehehe…

As for a brighter underarms… I take it as a plus point… Who doesn’t want a great looking underarms, right? *lol*

For more detail on the product, you can read it here.

Marine Essence is sold for RM105 per box of 3 soap bars.  However, you could also purchase 1 or 2 bars at RM35 each.

Email/Call/Whatsapp me to get your Marine Essence now!

012 284 5882


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  1. nice article, with some really good inputs on beauty secrets, these are surely gng to b helpful in enhancing my looks

  2. nur ain syazwani says:

    this product under company apa? and made in negara mana?

    • zahureen says:

      Nur Ain Syazwani,

      Marine Essence ni is a product by Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd.
      It is made in Malaysia and certified halal by IFRC (International Halal Certification Body).

      It is currently a hot seller in the market as it has been proven to lightens the underarms and helps with eczema.
      Would you like to purchase 1?

  3. […] and my skin no longer feels itchy during the day (no more dry skin). Also, as it has been nicked as “Sabun Ketiak”, I believe that my underarms are much lighter now than before. I love love love this soap as I can use it as a facial wash and body wash and the smell will linger […]

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