Nurita Harith 2014 Raya Collection

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I do this every year because she is one of my favourite Malaysian designer and her raya collections are to die for…

So what’s in store from Nurita Harith this year?

This year, she has 2 collections catering for 2 different market segments I guess:

Raya RTW 2014

Raya Luxury 2014

The name says it all…

Let’s check out the RTW 2014 collection first, shall we…



From these four designs, I kinda like the two in the centre, Camille and Carina the best maybe because I love the colors. However, Cashell looks great too and it has that “Nurita Harith” trademark in the elegance part. Nice kan….?



You can check out more designs under the same collection here.

Next up is the Raya Luxury 2014 collection by Nurita Harith….


This is my favourite… Elle… Nampak simple yet classy and elegant.  However, kalau nak pakai this baju, definitely tak boleh tinggal Premium Beautiful corset.  Look at the model without corset… Nampak terus benjol-benjol yang tak patut nampak… So not pretty ok… So for those that are planning to get this for raya, do yourself a favour and invest in a Premium Beautiful corset ok… Dah la beli baju Nurita Harith, kena la pakai nampak terletak.. baru la best and rasa sikit the “luxury” of wearing a designer dress kan…


This is Lindsay.. Another one of my favourite in her Raya Luxe 2014 collection.  Very simple yet it shows the boldness of the wearer and also fits the “luxe” theme well… I like!

1980348_786163951408680_383350444721107790_oThis is Harlow.. What I like about this design is that you can easily convert this outfit into an everyday wear where you can actually pair the jacket up with pants of a palazo and you are good to go out for a shopping spree or event a casual meeting with a client… Very practical!

You can check out the rest of the Raya Luxe 2014 collection here.

Or you can check out Nuritah Harith‘s official website here.

Well, regardless who you choose to wear this coming raya, you should really consider pairing it up with the Premium Beautiful corset.  Without a corset, a pretty dress will be just a sore sight for the eye, especially when there are bumps here and there that could have been invisible with the help of Premium Beautiful.

premium beautiful

Premium Beautiful will be able to burn or distribute the extra fats to the other strategic parts of your body…

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 02.18.04

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 02.24.04

Contact me now to get fabulous discount for Premium Beautiful Classic/Elegance.

Look great in time for Raya with Premium Beautiful…


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