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Premium Beautiful Short Bra: The BEST Solution for Engorged Breast

breastfeeding engorged breast

Being a breastfeeding mom has its ups and downs. Yes, the bonding between mommy and baby is stronger and baby gets the best from mommy’s milk.  However, when away from baby, i.e. working or travelling or even an over supply of milk can cause mommy’s breast to become engorged.


Regardless if you are a new mom or a seasoned mom, engorged breast is no fun at all.  I remembered during the 1st week after delivering my 1st son, Noah.  My breast was swollen due to baby not latching well. It was super PAINFUL! I also got mastitis due to that.


I also remember the time when I was stuck in back-to-back meetings at work and had no time to pump.  The breast was so hard and painful and it feels like it was going to popped out.


The common tip other moms like to share to get rid of engorged breast would be to cover the engorged breast with lettuce. It is said that the lettuce will help to ease the swollen breast.  However, where can you find lettuce in the office? You would not want to order salad and just stuff it in your bra, would you? *shudder*


engorged-breasts solution


When I got my 2nd son, I was already using the Premium Beautiful lingerie during confinement.  However, since it was still hard to fit into my PB long bra, I opted for the short bra instead.  Plus, it was more convenient to wear the short bra during the confinement and even on daily basis.


How does Premium Beautiful Short Bra helps engorged breast?


  • The Far Infra Red (FIR) rays embedded in the short bra helps to regulate the blood circulation around the breast area.  Hence, it helps to unblock the milk ducts and avoid the breast from swelling.
  • The FIR also helps to stimulate milk production. Wearing the short bra daily for a minimum of 8 hours a day will act as a natural milk booster


Other benefits of Premium Beautiful Short Bra


  • It helps to prevent breast cancer as the pyramid shaped cup allows ventilation to the nipple.
  • The thick bra strap provides good breast support, especially for large breast.
  • Promotes natural breast enlargement as it provides good blood circulation around the breast area.
  • It helps of enhance and beautify the breast.


Is it easy to breastfeed while wearing the Premium Beautiful Short Bra?


  • YES
  • Just pull the lace down and feed
  • OR if you are pumping on the go, pull the lace down and tuck the breastpump shield over your breast and pump
  • The lace is durable enough that it won’t tear. I have been using the same bra from the time I gave birth to my 2nd son, Zayd until now, feeding my daughter, Hana.


Breastfeeing bra


premium beautiful_zahureendotcom


Award winning lingerie Premium Beautiful


Premium Beautiful - The best bra


Premium Beautiful Short Bra Price 2016


Small RM517

Large RM568

*** Lifetime warranty that covers any wear and tear to all Premium Beautiful lingerie

*** Free repair

Why are there two sets of prices?


Well, Premium Beautiful is designed for all body sizes.  Hence, there are various sizes that are divided into two major price category, Small and Large.


How to determine your sizes?


You can measure your bust and underbust in centimeters, as shown in the diagram below and just contact me to get your Premium Beautiful Short Bra size and relevant price.




Is the price final?


Well, every customer of mine definitely will get the BEST price from me.  However, you would have to contact me to get the special price!!!  There will be a HUGE SAVINGS if you choose to buy 1 full set of Premium Beautiful Classic/Elegance :)


So all you have to do now is just to sms/whatsapp/telegram me at 012 284 5882 the below message:

Premium Beautiful <you choice of part><your measurement><name & location>

and I will get in touch with you with your relevant size and your SPECIAL price a.s.a.p.


FREE GIFT awaits the first 10 buyers until 31 August 2016.

Make sure to get you Premium Beautiful from me, your Certified Premium Beautiful Expert :)

I am a certified Premium Beautiful Expert

I am a certified Premium Beautiful Expert



Premium Beautiful Business: FAQ Series #1


“Susah ke nak jual Premium Beautiful ni?”



Kalau susah, memang la protégés Top Leaders Circle tak borong berkotak-kotak PB setiap bulan. Bukan borong lepas tu simpan bawah katil ok.. Tak sempat pun nak simpan, sebab semua nya full-booked by customers! Beli stock and terus pegi fitting customer atau ke poslaju aje sebab customers semua tak sabar2 nak pakai corset yang terhangat di pasaran. Customers pulak bukan local aje tau.. Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, UK, Australia, Nigeria pun ada!

So kalau nak cari side income dengan business #PremiumBeautiful ni teramat lah senang nya.. Ikut aje mentor and mentor akan downloadkan ilmu Premium Beautiful Expert instantly!




Premium Beautiful Business






Premium Beautiful: Bengkung untuk Lelaki

Lelaki pun nak pakai bengkung ke?

Well, actually ramai lelaki yang I kenal actually pakai bengkung (also known as abdominal binders) yang mereka beli dari Pharmacy sebab nak atasi masalah sakit belakang dan perut buncit.  Tapi, bengkung yang beli off-the-shelves ni kebanyakkannya keras dan tebal so memang tak selesa sangat nak pakai.

tummy binder


Let me tell you a secret…

Many men dah start pakai bengkung Premium Beautiful tau sekarang…


Sebab Premium Beautiful waist nipper ni mempunyai 7 tetulang teknologi tinggi yang boleh membantu mengurangkan masalah tulang belakang, seperti bongkok, slipped disc dan sakit pinggang.

So, abang-abang gagah yang suka pegi ride, cyclists and motorcyclists, memang sesuai la pakai bengkung Premium Beautiful ni. An 8 hours journey on the bike would be a pain-free one with Premium Beautiful on.  Trust me!


Bengkung for men

Also for those yang memang selalu sakit-sakit pinggang, sakit belakang, or even yang baru lepas buat abdominal operation, this bengkung is what you need to get full comfort.

Bengkung for after abdominal operation

Premium Beautiful has been recommended by 3 International Chiropractic Associations.

Price: RM600 to RM800 depending on sizes

Lifetime Warranty! (read about it here)

How to order?

Step 1:  measure the tummy area (largest circumferece) in centimeter

Step 2: SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram me at 012 284 5882 <Bengkung untuk lelaki> <measurement> <name & location>

I will get back to you with the full detail of the size and price for you a.s.a.p!

Make sure you get your Premium Beautiful from this Premium Beautiful Expert.

I am a Certified Premium Beautiful Expert

I am a Certified Premium Beautiful Expert


Ramai jugak Abang Gagah yang super satisfied with the bengkung that they too decided to sell the Premium Beautiful corset to spread the greatness of the product.  Now, these two gentlemen are making lucrative income!  Contact me to find out how you too can be part of us.

Premium Beautiful dan lelaki


How to buy Premium Beautiful Corset

Many had been asking how to get their hands on the Premium Beautiful corset.  It is the most sought after corset in the market right now.  Why?  Because EVERY WOMAN wants to be HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG and ENERGETIC.  Some of them even wants to earn some EXTRA CASH (RM5,000+++) at the side as the added benefit of joining the Premium Beautiful business.


Well, you have come to the right place.


Premium Beautiful Classic and Elegance


All you need to do is to Contact Me and Book your appointment now!!


I am a Certified Premium Beautiful Expert

I am a Certified Premium Beautiful Expert

If you are too shy to call me, just click on the “Contact Me” tab above and fill in the form that I have prepared and list out all the questions that you have in mind.  Alternatively you can also click on the orange button on the top left side of this page.





Regardless if you are a size 6 or a size 16, you too can look great and have the confidence to flaunt your curves.  Give yourself the BEST that you deserve.  PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL had helped many women all over Malaysia and globally.

Say YES today!

10670070_934627676564752_4685429254654196706_n (1)

 Tsunami PB instant shaping

Tsunami PB Instant shaping

Berjaya Hamil Selepas 2 Bulan Dengan Premium Beautiful

Hamil Premium Beautiful



Alhamdulillah untuk Sis Usyarni ini.


Selepas 2 tahun menunggu, alhamdulillah akhirnya berjaya mengandung selepas 3 bulan memakai Premium Beautiful.


Bagaimana Premium Beautiful dapat membantu?


Sinar Far infra red (FIR) di dalam Premium Beautiful dapat menolong untuk membersihkan, menyihatkan dan menyuburkan rahim kita.  Bahagian yang paling membantu ialah Long Girdle Premium Beautiful ni..

Long Girdle Premium Beautiful


long girdle_premium beautiful

  • menolong menyokong rahim sebelum dan selepas bersalin (memperbetulkan kedudukan rahim)
  • menolong menstabilkan hormon dalam badan
  • menolong mengurangkan senggugut
  • menggalakkan kehamilan
  • mencantikkan punggung
  • menolong mengurangkan keputihan
  • menolong menghalang kanser serviks
  • mengurangkan toxin dalam badan
  • mengurangkan stretchmarks selepas bersalin


Tapi kalau just pakai long girdle aje pun susah jugak.. Sebab Premium Beautiful ni korset alih lemak. So if kita pakai seluar aje, lemak2 di peha dan perut akan terbonjol atas lipatan seluar.  Tiba-tiba perut nampak berlipat la pulak kan…


Premium Beautiful perut buncit


Premium Beautiful perut buncit



So better pakai one full set untuk make sure semua lemak yang salah parking di alihkan ke tempat yang betul dan di lock kan terus. Baru la badan pun menarik, kesihatan lagi laa bagus.


For those yang sedang mencuba untuk hamil, invest la untuk membeli Premium Beautiful ni.  Sebab tak salah jika kita doa, usaha, istiqamah dan tawakal.  Plus, Premium Beautiful ni nanti boleh dipakai masa berpantang, menyusu dan untuk mendapatkan badan sebelum mengandung kembali….


Promosi Premium Beautiful berakhir tengah malam ni.  So cepat-cepat contact I untuk dapatkan harga yang menarik dan hadiah percuma (bernilai RM500).



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