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RM100,000 Sales in a Month Award

October was really a great month for me…


1. It was my first month as a full time Mumpreneur

2. I managed to close RM100,000 sales for the month

3. I qualified for the FOC Gold Coast Trip!


All that in a month!


I was really surprised with my own achievement.


When I left the corporate world, I promised myself that I would give my 110% to the business.  Alhamdulillah my commitment had finally paid off.


With that RM100,000 sales achievement, I had received a big fat bonus for the month (usually when a person close a RM100,000 sales, he/she will get a minimum of RM8,000 – RM10,000 bonus for the month depending on his/her rank in the business).  To top it all up, since all the RM100,000 was purchased from B32 stockist, the owner of the stockist, Madam Lam, had present me with her most sought after award: the “Jam Tangan keramat”.  The watch might not be the super branded designer watch, however, it symbolises an achievement that no money can buy.


On the celebration night, TLC sisters and brothers all came in pink! It was really a great night for both Kak Lynn Shukor and I.  We couldn’t asked for a greater team than the Top Leaders Circle.  These are the people that had been beside us, cheering us on since the beginning of our journey.  I truly love them to bits…


Lets enjoy the pictures during the Jam Tangan celebration….


RM100k sales celebration_1


RM100k sales celebration_2

100k sales celebration_3



My Platinum Team came to support me.. and for the first time, the two men in my team came too!  Thanks so much Ayoi & Pejal for your support…


Receiving the Jam Tangan from Multi-millionaire Mentor, CDM Siti Rohana


With CDM Salha Zain, Kak Lynn Shukor and CDM Kak Ana


TLC 2 Jam Tangan qualifiers with our beloved mentor, CDM Salha Zain


With fellow TLC sisters after the ceremony… Look at the cheerful faces.




Short speech after the ceremony from our mentor, CDM Salha Zain


Gave some pointers to other Jam Tangan qualifiers




With my beloved Platinum Team


With my direct leader, Irda who had been supporting me since the moment I joined the business…


With one of my leaders, Nurul


With my protege, Nik Ruhaya… My bakal pewaris Jam Tangan…







I wore my mom’s Christian Dior pink wool jacket for that night.  The last time I wore the jacket was before I gave birth to my 1st son, Noah.  Did not manage to squeeze into the jacket since then until that night when I had run out of options of what to wear (I don’t have much pink clothing you see because pink is not one of my fav color).  Now dah muat! Wohoo… I dah kurus you…. 🙂


What was my recipe for success? It just requires strong will and desire to push further despite all the hurdles and obstacles that come by.  Just believe and you will succeed, in sya Allah…


If I can do it, everyone can too!


Come and be part of my team and I shall guide you towards achieving your goal…



012 284 5882


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