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Eh Eh Bazaar @ Bangi Gateway, 8 – 9 February 2014

Residence on Bangi, Kajang, Putrajaya, Serdang and other surrounding areas….


Jom singgah Eh Eh Bazaar @ Bangi Gateway Shopping Complex from today (8th Feb) until esok (9th Feb)..




Grab superb deals on these products:
– Marine Essence Beauty Bar
– Marine Essence Nourishing Body Wash & Shampoo
– BB Plus Collagen
– Herba Maharani
– Mineral Coffee
– Garam Buluh Premier Drink & Cooking Salt
– Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)
– Premium Beautiful Classic & Elegance
– Biozone Food Purifier
– Cozuma Compact Powder, Eyeshadow & Lipstick




Cozuma eyeshadow_zahureendotcom

cozuma lipstick_zahureendotcom


Seriously irresistible deals up for grabs… Kalau yang tak boleh singgah, WA/sms/email pun boleh jugak… Janji it’s within these 2 days…


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Marine Essence Beauty Bar and Chronic Eczema (Psoriasis)

Marine Essence Beauty Bar is the hot product in town.  It went out of stock nationwide for the past 3 months!  People had been searching high and low for the product as it had solved many skin problems, such as:-


  • dark underarms
  • pimples
  • eczema
  • dry skin
  • and many more…





Read more on Marine Essence Beauty Bar here.


Since the soap can be used for babies, it had been a god sent product for many mommies out there with babies that have eczema problems.


This is a testimony from my fellow TLC teammate, Dewi, whose son had severe eczema problem and it was cured with Marine Essence Beauty Bar.


Marine Essence Beauty Bar_eczema baby1


Marine Essence Beauty Bar_eczema baby2



If that is what Marine Essence Beauty Bar can do to babies… let me just share with you how it had helped a man who had lived with Psoriasis (chronic eczema) for a long time and had gone to seek treatment with skin specialist who had given him 3 types of steroid creams to apply daily. The cream did not helped him. Instead, after a month of using Marine Essence Beauty Bar, his skin seems to be healing.. Seeing is believing…





Thank you Allah for introducing us to this miracle product.  Hence, that is why I am sharing the greatness of the product with my readers.


Now with every purchase for 2 boxes of Marine Essence Beauty Bar, I will throw in the Marine Essence Nourishing Shampoo as a FREE gift!


Hurry while stock lasts!


Marine essence beauty bar_zahureendotcom


Agents for Marine Essence Beauty Bar are needed especially in Brunei. Great incentives awaits, including FREE trip to Shanghai…!








Marine Essence Beauty Bar is back in stock!!

The Marine Essence Beauty Bar a.k.a sabun ketiak is back! And I have stocked up 2 large boxes worth of sabun ketiak to avoid it running out of stock.


Why is Marine Essence Beauty Bar so in demand?

Marine Essence Beauty Bar has been proven to help lightens the underarm, reduces eczema, pigmentation, acne and oily skin problems.



The beauty bar is made from all natural ingredients:-

Bamboo salt
– Rich source of essential minerals and antioxidants for skin.
– Anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory.

Pheno-SFE TM (Pu-erh Tea Extract)
– Renowned antioxidant and restorative properties to remove harmful free radicals that cause damage to skin cells. (Anti-ageing)
– Repair and renew skin cells by keeping it healthy and youthful for longer time.

Liquorice Extract
– Reduces skin discolouration and dark spots.
– Lightens skin pigmentation.

Tea Tree Oil
– Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal.

Vitamin E
– Antioxidant, anti-ageing.
– Heals problematic and damaged skin effectively.

– Does not dry up skin. Instead it attracts moisture from the atmosphere into the skin.
Excellent moisturiser.

Aloe Vera
– Unique ability to heal and stimulate skin cell renewal on problematic and damaged skin.


Since its ingredients are all from natural sources, it is safe to be used by the whole family!


The aromatic scent of Marine Essence Beauty Bar lingers on your skin through out the day leaving you feeling fresh all day long.


I have had customers from all over Malaysia and even from the United States of America ordering this beauty bar and have heard nothing but good reviews.  Some even repeat orders from 1 bar, to 1 box and some from 1 box to 2 boxes as they are afraid that the beauty bar will run out of stock again!

marine essence testimony 1_zahureendotcom

marine essence testimony 2_zahureendotcom

marine essence testimony 3_zahureendotcom


marine essence testimony 4_zahureenmarine essence testimony 5_zahureen

So, come and order your Marine Essence Beauty Bar now before it goes out of stock!

FREE postage for every purchase of 1 box during this festive season.



012 284 5882

Lightens your underarm with Marine Essence ;)

Everybody has been talking about this soap… Some even labeled it as ‘sabun ketiak’ or ‘armpit soap’.. lol…

marine essence_beautiful pleasure2

How did it get labeled so?  Well, one of the goodness of Marine Essence is that it helps in reducing skin pigmentation with the help of liquorice extract that is one of its ingredients.

Since I have had skin problems since young, I am quite choosy when it comes to soap/bath foam.  I had been using Johnson&Johnson Milk Bath for years now as it is the only soap that helped to contain my eczema problem.  However, after using Marine Essence for the past 3 days, I find that my skin remains hydrated and well moisturised.  Plus, with bamboo salt, glycerin, tea tree oil and vitamin E as part of its ingredients, I have no doubt about using it daily.

marine essence_beautiful pleasurePicture taken from Irda

To know more about Bamboo Salt, read it here.

Oh yeah… the one thing that got me wanting to try the soap (I don’t really fancy using bar soap) is the fresh smell of Marine Essence.  It is really refreshing and makes you want to take a shower frequently.. hehehe…

As for a brighter underarms… I take it as a plus point… Who doesn’t want a great looking underarms, right? *lol*

For more detail on the product, you can read it here.

Marine Essence is sold for RM105 per box of 3 soap bars.  However, you could also purchase 1 or 2 bars at RM35 each.

Email/Call/Whatsapp me to get your Marine Essence now!


012 284 5882


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