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BB Plus Collagen and Heart Attack

Many thinks that BB Plus Collagen is only fow women and beauty… Well actually BB Plus Collagen is for both men and women and its benefits are very wide, which includes health benefits as well..


“Recently, through research, I found that Collagen plays a huge part in heart attacks! When cholesterol build up in the arteries Collagen forms a protective layer around it and wraps itself around the cholesterol. The Collagen actually holds together the cholesterol preventing it from breaking off or bursting, even splintering off. When that happens , you are mostly likely done!! So why aren’t doctors looking at collagen rejuvenation? Why are they not looking at an all way to support your collagen that your body produces. The body slows down it’s Collagen production at around age 25 then by age 35 it stops producing Collagen all together. Funny enough, this is right around the time that most people start to notice that their cholesterol is getting higher or too high. Whether through bad eating habits and lifestyle or genetics, everything seems to be cyclical.”

“Collagen Really Is A Super Glue

Collagen is the glue that holds together your bones, joints, muscles, gums, teeth, hair and so much more. It is a protective layer between joints. It holds water 400x its molecular weight. (creaky bones effect? loss of collagen and its lubrication) And now it turns out it also plays a huge role in protecting your body from having a heart attack. If you knew you could easily help prevent the breakdown of Collagen in your body, helping it feel and look more vibrant and younger, wouldn’t you want to try it? When you now add in that it may just help reduce the risk of heart attack from cholesterol, wouldn’t it be worth trying? ”

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