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The BEST Gift for Your Parents This Chinese New Year

Looking for a gift for your parents and loved ones for this coming Chinese New Year?

Why not get them a gift of quality sleep and quality living for this year with Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)

Why do you need Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)?

Our quality of life nowadays are deteriorating due to lack of sleep, stress, unhealthy air, unhealthy eating habit/food and many other factors. These unhealthy factors actually affects us in a way that can lead to many diseases.  Migraine, Gastric, High Blood Pressure, Menstrual Cramps, Cysts, Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Insomnia, Stroke, Gout, Muscle Pain just to name a few are common diseases in today’s world.  Without quality sleep, these diseases might lead to even worse problems.

What are the benefits of sleeping with Bio Velocity Sleep Mate?

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate helps to balance out our body energy that has been distorted by pollutants, diseases, virus, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and radiation.  Once our body rest on Bio Velocity Sleep Mate, the bio velocity technology (healthy energy flow) will help to balance out the unbalanced energy that will help with the following:

  • enhances our body metabolism rate
  • activates the cells function
  • promotes blood circulation
  • enhances body resistance and improves immune system
  • increases energy level
  • stabilizes emotion, relieves stress and pressure
  • reenergizes, repairs and rejuvenates cells
  • increases vitality
  • enhances natural healing ability
  • balances and harmonizes the physical functions
  • relieves fatigue and pain
  • stimulates and regulates the autonomic nervous system
  • promotes heart function
  • promotes a healthy and quality sleep

My family’s very own testimonies after using Bio Velocity Sleep Mate:

Myself: I was a breastfeeding mom for the past 24 months and my boy used to wake up every few hours to feed.  Despite the lack of sleep, I can still rise early in the morning feeling fresh and can continue doing my daily routine without feeling tired. I can go about my duty as a mom and a businesswoman from morning till about 1 am at night without having to nap in between (I don’t have the time to nap even if I want to)… Now even though I have stopped breastfeeding, being a mother of two young boys requires me to be on my feet constantly and BVSM has been keeping me energetic and sane daily!

My husband: He used to feel tired even after 8 hours of sleep.  He constantly needs to nap during the day (especially during weekends) as his body feels weak.  However, after sleeping with Bio Velocity Sleep Mate only for a day, he woke up feeling great and after 10 months of using Bio Velocity Sleep Mate, he seldom needs to nap during the day (only when he puts the kids to sleep)

My 1st son: He used to wake up feeling grumpy and tired, especially when he sleeps late during the night. Now he will be up as soon as “Mr Sun” wakes up and starts singing his “Good morning” song.  His allergy is also gone as Bio Velocity Sleep Mate is made from anti-dust mite material…


My 2nd son: This 27 months old boy had the advantage of sleeping with Bio Velocity Sleep Mate since he was close to 2 months old.  Oh what a difference it has made to his growth.  Like any other plants that has the advantage to soak in the sun to grow, so is my Zayd Harith – having the advantage of having quality sleep with Bio Velocity Sleep Mate.  He can roll over after 3-4 weeks post-BVSM. At 11 months, he has 4 teeth (2 up and 2 bottom ones), started to walk, can even pronounce few words (though it is still blurry), do everything that his brother cannot do at his age.  I am seriously amazed with his development. Coincidence? I don’t think so.




Now at 27 months, he is active and rarely falls sick.

My sister: She started using Bio Velocity Sleep Mate since the day she gave birth. I was really surprised to see her walking about with a healthy glow just the day after she gave birth! She told me that she just had few hours of sleep the day before. However, despite the few hours, I guessed it must have been a quality one. Her newborn baby also had benefited from BVSM too!  After wrapping the crying baby with BVSM, he instantly calmed down and slept for almost 2 hours before his next feed.  Bio Velocity Sleep Mate is a heaven sent for new moms!

BVSM Testimony_zahureendotcom

BVSM testimony1_zahureendotcom

My mom and aunty: After taking care of my sister during her confinement period, the 2 “veteran” ladies were very tired one night after a hectic day.  They took a nap on the Bio Velocity Sleep Mate at about 12 am and Mom said she woke up few hours later for Tahjudd prayers without feeling tired.  Moreover, both ladies were up early the next day cleaning the entire house like an energizer bunny.. Mind you, my mom is 64 years old!

My Father in-law: He suffered from a kidney failure some time last year and had to go through a series of dialysis and hospitalisation.  He was really frail and weak due to the treatment and ordeal.  Furthermore, he couldn’t get decent sleep due to his illness. We had purchased the Bio Velocity Sleep Mate for him and after the 2nd week when we called home and asked my Brother in-law, his remark was, “Ayah dah boleh marah-marah I dah… dah sihat la tu”.. My FIL actually looked better after few weeks post-BVSM. And now after 5 months of using it, he can drive down to Johor from KL every few days for massage (don’t ask me why he needs to drive that far though).

So there you go…. 1 Bio Velocity Sleep Mate but different testimonies… Many can benefit from it. You can read more real life testimonies here.

Hence, if you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, parents or even parent in-law, why don’t you invest in a Bio Velocity Sleep Mate and give them the best gift that they can get, a quality sleep = quality life.

Current promotion until 28 FEBRUARY 2015:

For every purchase of 3 Bio Velocity Sleep Mate, you can get the 4th one at RM300!

BVSM Promotion

Superb deal…

So now you and your loved ones can enjoy the benefit of Bio Velocity Sleep Mate and get some savings on your purchase!

This Aunty actually bought 6 units for each of her family members!

This Aunty actually bought 6 units for each of her family members!

BVSM Experts

Get your BVSM Promo deal from the BVSM Experts team: Zahureen 012 284 5882 / Roziah 019 366 7728 / Maizura 016 654 5266

Do not let go of this Bio Velocity Sleep Mate promotionFREE GIFT AWAITS

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Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) in Kemaman

Berita baik untuk penduduk Kemaman dan kawasan sekitar, you all boleh dapatkan Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) daripada my trusted BVSM agent di Chukai, Kemaman.

BVSM kemaman

This Aunty actually bought 6 units for each of her family members!

This Aunty actually bought 6 units for each of her family members!


Semakin hari semakin mudah untuk sihat dengan pelapik tilam ajaib.

BVSM telah terbukti sebagai terapi paling baik dan selamat untuk merawat, meredakan atau mencegah:-

✔️Amnesia / Hilang Ingatan
✔️Asthma / Lelah
✔️Convulsions / Sawan
✔️Diabetes / Kencing Manis
✔️Dysmenorrhea / Sengugut
✔️Gout / Sakit Sendi
✔️Heart Failure / Lemah Jantung
✔️Hypertension / Darah Tinggi
✔️Insomnia / Sukar Tidur
✔️Jaundice / Demam Kuning
✔️Migraine / Sakit Kepala
✔️Myalgia / Sakit Otot
✔️Paralysis / Lumpuh
✔️Sinusitis / Resdung
✔️Scabies / Kudis
✔️Stroke / Angin Ahmar

Jangan risau, kami boleh bantu anda untuk atasi masalah ini dengan Pelapik Tilam BVSM berkesan dalam merawat penyakit seperti Strok, Sakit kepala, Sakit haid, Sakit perut, Kesakitan otot, Gastrik, Sakit belakang, Ketegangan leher, Rasa kebas, Insomia

Dengan Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) sihat dengan baring dan tidur jek. Sesuai untuk yang tak rajin makan ubat-ubatan ataupun yang dah tak larat dah nak makan ubat-ubatan. Anda tak perlu belanja mahal untuk jaga kesihatan anda

Ya, Bio Velocity Sleep Mate membantu mengatasi masalah anda. Ini benar-benar terbukti berkesan.

Fungsi Bio Velocity Sleep Mate :
1. Meningkatkan metabolism
2. Mengaktifkan fungsi-fungsi sel
3. Menggalakkan peredaran darah
4. Meningkatkan pertahanan badan dan memperbaiki sistem imun
5. Meningkatkan tahap medan tenaga
6. Menstabilkan emosi, mengurangkan tekanan dan desakan
7. Memulihkan tenaga, memperbaiki dan mengaktifkan sel dalam badan
8. Bersemangat dan bertenaga
9. Meningkatkan keupayaan penyembuhan secara semula jadi
10. Mengimbangi dan mengharmonikan fungsi-fungsi fizikal
11. Melegakan kepenatan dan kesakitan
12. Merangsangkan dan menyelaraskan sistem saraf autonomik
13. Menggalakkan fungsi jantung

Ini benar terbukti telah berkesan dalam merawat penyakit rakyat Malaysia. Anda boleh jimatkan kos perubatan anda nilai Ribuan Ringgit dengan memiliki pelapik tilam ini.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.27.42Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.28.05

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.26.13

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.26.56Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.28.38wpid-PhotoGrid_1389499298016.jpg


Contact kami untuk dapatkan promosi BVSM dengan harga rendah!




Harga Runtuh Bio Velocity Sleep Mate hingga 6 November 2014



Bio Velocity Sleep Mate


Demand tak menang tangan… Hari-hari orang pm/whatsapp/call tanya pasal BVSM ni… Memang ramai yang nak carik BVSM ni and semuanya nak cari the BEST deal in town.

This Aunty actually bought 6 units for each of her family members!

This Aunty actually bought 6 units for each of her family members!

Haaaa…. meh sini nak bagitau…


I nak bagi a SUPER LOW PRICE to the first 5 customers yang sms/whatsapp dekat I this message “SUPER LOW PRICE BVSM” from now sampai la 6 NOVEMBER 2014.

Nak harga runtuh?

Jom sms/whatsapp SUPER LOW PRICE BVSM to 012 284 5882 SEKARANG!

Nak tau lebih lanjut pasal BVSM?

Click di sini dan sini.


Discount for Bio Velocity Sleep Mate…!!!


I have been getting whatsapp messages, emails and calls if the BVSM Discount Promotion is still on…



So do not fret, In sya Allah, for the benefit of everyone, I am spreading the joy of owning BVSM.

Get one for YOU

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Get one for your IN-LAWS

Call/sms/whatsapp/telegram me now to get the special discount for BVSM… You surely will not regret it..


BVSM discount promotion

This Aunty bought 6 units for her family!



  • How to make money online with selling health and beauty products online?
  • How to join TLC GEMs: Zahureen Ruhanie’s group?
  • How to make 5 to 6 figures income monthly from blogs, Facebook & Instagram?
  • How to sell Premium Beautiful Corset/Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) using the power of Internet?
  • How to build a successful business and maintain a steady income?


If you have been asking the questions as above, then CONGRATULATIONS! You have come to the right place, at the right time.



To be successful in this online business, you need to have strong mentors with proven track records.  Simply ask yourself, if I want a mentor to help me generate 5-6 figures income, is it important that my mentor should be someone who have already done it herself and also have help others achieve the same?







These dynamic couple is one of the most respectable self-made multi-millionaire bumiputera.  Being able to be featured in the cover of Personal Money magazine alongside top Malaysian multi-millionaires says it all.  They are the backbone of TLC, and they provide us with proven tips and tricks of the business.  They also have an empire of successful millionaire under their wings!


Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 15.23.06


Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 15.23.16

With CDM Azlan Deraman during our FOC Gold Coast Trip in February 2014

With CDM Azlan Deraman during our FOC Gold Coast Trip in February 2014

With CDM Siti Rohana during the RM100k sales award ceremony in November 2013

With CDM Siti Rohana during the RM100k sales award ceremony in November 2013



CDM Salha Zain

CDM Salha Zain


What I can say about this TOP mentor and also founder of Top Leaders Circle is that to her, impossible is nothing.  She started from being a housewife, with a bank balance of RM14.60 to earning a 6-figure income in 3 years.  Now she is already a millionaire with a superb business portfolio to boot.  I adore her “kamikaze” spirit and wish that many women out there can emulate her and stop depending on “luck”.  With CDM Salha Zain at the helm of TLC, you will definitely get the best guidance and mentoring that will get you to the top, in sya Allah.


CDM Salha Zain and TLC was appointed as Malaysia’s Sohonista Icon in February 2013


CDM Salha Zain was selected as the Guest Speaker during Diamond Night 2013 award ceremony

CDM Salha Zain was selected as the Guest Speaker during Diamond Night 2013 award ceremony




CDM Al-Faath Al-Ayubbi


CDM Al-Faath is CDM Salha Zain’s husband.  Like in a marriage, they both complement each other in the business.  CDM Al-Faath is TLC’s master IT strategist.  He provides comprehensive social media and internet marketing guidance to all TLC members and made us and our brand, our blog, our Facebook page and even our Instagram profile what it is today.  Coming from extensive corporate experience, he uses all his past knowledge to drive TLC where it is today.


Social Media Marketing Coaching with CDM Al-Faath

Social Media Marketing Coaching with CDM Al-Faath


CDM Al-Faath was selected as the Guest Speaker during the Diamond Night 2014 Award Ceremony

CDM Al-Faath was selected as the Guest Speaker during the Diamond Night 2014 Award Ceremony



One-on-One personal coaching with CDM Al-Faath and CDM Salha Zain



Some of my achievements so far…


Closed RM100,000 sales in a month and received the RM100,000 sales achiever award in October 2013.

During the RM100k sales achiever award with DSM Lynn Syukor

During the RM100k sales achiever award with DSM Lynn Syukor

My name was #1

My name was #1


Qualified for the Gold Coast FOC Trip in February 2014

TLC Gold Coast Qualifier at Brisbane Airport

TLC Gold Coast Qualifier at Brisbane Airport


Received the Diamond Sales Manager award for making RM180,000 sales last Diamond Night 2014 Award Ceremony

Recieving my DSM award last June 2014

Recieving my DSM award last June 2014

With CDM Salha Zain, my leader DDM Nurul Asyikin and also CDM Nur Fadzliah

With CDM Salha Zain, my leader DDM Nurul Asyikin and also CDM Nur Fadzliah


Come join me and TLC Platinum and the rest of TLC and change your life forever.  There are more success to be celebrated and more countries to be explored together.  If I can achieve what I had achieve today, surely I can guide you to achieve the same too… I’ll see you at the TOP!








TLC adalah kami  Kami adalah TLC

TLC adalah kami
Kami adalah TLC








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