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Sakit Pinggang Hilang dengan Premium Beautiful




Baru umur 24 tahun dah sakit-sakit pinggang!


My customer ni kerja di bahagian lab di sebuah hospital swasta in PJ. According to her, memang everyday mesti sakit pinggang sebab banyak kena berdiri and kena tunduk tengok microscope.


So since dia kerja hospital, dia tahu that the only way to help with her condition is to get good back support. Dia buat research online and found Premium Beautiful. Since Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper ni ada 7 memory steel that provides total back support, she chose to get it ASAP.


Petang ni call, esok pagi terus fitting and terus rasa selesa . After one week, backache kurang and selera nak makan banyak pun kurang… Sampai nak recommend terus her colleagues to buy one too!


Sakit Pinggang


Macam ni la customers Premium Beautiful ni, once dah selesa & happy, confirm dia akan recommend to friends & family.


As for me pulak, last Thursday & Friday memang la sangat mencabar for me sebab terpaksa carry Hana guna sling during Noah’s school’s Sports Summer Camp and during our trip up to Genting Highland Indoor Theme Park.


Imagine masuk hutan during the Family Explore Race, jungle tracking berlari turun naik bukit with this 5kg baby on me. Huish memang kalau takde perisai, confirm rasa nak patah pinggang! Tapi a Mummy will do anything for her baby’s comfort kan.. Hana memang selesa dengan the sling sampai tido nyenyak masa tengah berpanas, berpeluh dalam hutan tu…


Sakit Pinggang Dukung Anak


Memang bersyukur sangat I wore my Premium Beautiful corset throughout the trip. Orang cakap kenapa la nak bercorset bagai masuk hutan and time nak berholiday dengan family…. Well, I memang NEED the corset sebab as an active Mummy, I need the support from Premium Beautiful so takde la patah pinggang I ni.. Dengan nak dukung Hana lagi, nak kejar the 2 active brothers lagi.. Kalau takde protection, Mummy tumbang terus.. And kalau Mummy tumbang, horror la hidup Daddy


Premium Beautiful ni bukan la untuk cantik sebenarnya.. It is more for health. So memang wajib la I bercorset bagai every single day sebab I need to be healthy and ready to carry on my Mummy duties…


Bukan senang tau jadi Mummy nieh… So kalau Daddy semua sayangkan Mummy, why not give her the Premium Beautiful corset as the best gift for her this Mother’s Day (Everyday is Mother’s Day, so it is never too late to get her a gift).


Macam mana Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper dapat membantu melegakan sakit pinggang?


Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper ni mempunyai 7 batang keluli memori yang dapat menyokong pinggang dan menolong menegakkan tulang vertebrata. Also, bila kita pakai Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper ni, automatically kita akan berdiri and duduk tegak. So it helps untuk betulkan posture badan kita. Once posture badan betul, in sya Allah sakit pinggang pun akan berkurangan.


 Sakit pinggang hilang


Design Premium Beautiful Elegance ni pun Masya Allah memang cantik sangat. Ramai yang jatuh cinta pandang pertama dengan Premium Beautiful Elegance ni tau. And bila first time pegang and pakai terus fall in love forever la…!


 Sakit pinggang hilang


Order Premium Beautiful sekarang!


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Peluang Buat Duit Raya: Pengedar Diperlukan


Nak tak kalau I share kan cara macam mana nak buat duit raya dalam RM100-200 SEHARI?


Don’t worry, ini memang bukan skim cepat kaya sebab memang melibatkan jual-beli produk.


I akan share kan Teknik 5D: DUDUK DIAM-DIAM (dengan smartphone) DAPAT DUIT.


Nak tau macam mana semua orang dalam gambar dibawah ni tiba-tiba mencanak-canak sales masuk dalam beberapa jam?


duit raya 2016


Jom I ajarkan!



Hanya kena pandai COPY & PASTE sahaja


duit raya pengedar diperlukan


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I am now a mother of three


3 kids?!!!


Yups, that’s right…. I know that I’ve always complaint about how my two boys are super active that they constantly drive me up the wall.  However, I have always wanted a daughter and that was my hope when the sticks says positive.




Alhamdulillah, my prayers were answered and we welcomed our baby girl, Hana Maryam on 29 January 2016.



Hana Maryam @ Day 1



When the brothers met their newborn sister *love*


Being pregnant this time around, at the age of 36, was super challenging.  I was constantly tired and had to really take things slow with the two active boys, housework and my business.  However, business was still on as usual.  Thank god for being able to have time flexibility and arrange my appointments and schedule on my own.


premium beautiful mumpreneir

Personal Coaching session with my protege, Izzah

premium beautiful mumpreneur

Personal Coaching and target setting session with my mentor, CDM Salha Zain

Premium beautiful expert

PB Expert ready for a fitting session in Puchong

BVSM Expert

BVSM Expert delivering 1 unit to a customer in Shah Alam

Premium Beautiful expert

I still attended class until my final month before giving birth.

Premium Beautiful Expert

With our multi-millionaire mentor, CDM Siti Rohana

Premium beautiful mumpreneur

With the Managing Director of Sahajidah Hai-O Markering, Mr Tan Kai Hee during the SM/SSM award in September 2015. I was 26 weeks pregnant during this time.

TLC Power Start Seminar

26 weeks pregnant at the TLC Power Start Seminar with one of TLC Master Trainers, CDM Salleha Roslan

premium beautiful mumpreneur

33 weeks pregnant and took up the role as MC for our weekly TLC Class. With the speakers for the night, CDM Izyan and CDM Nur Fadzliah

Premium Beautiful mumpreneur

35 weeks pregnant. After the TLC Master Class with my two top mentors, CDM Salha Zain and CDM Al-Faath.

Premium Beautiful Mumpreneur

36 weeks pregnant. Attended the Majlis Ulang Tahun Sahajidah Hai-O Marketing. With my mentor, CDM Salha Zain, one of the Lifetime Achievement Award receiver.


I missed a free business trip this year due to the pregnancy.  We were suppose to fly to Bangkok in September.  However, due to the Bangkok bombing scare, the Company had switched the destination to Ho Chi Minh City at the last minute.  I was not able to join my team on the trip due to chronic gastric attack.




In sya Allah there will be another opportunity for me to travel with my fellow TLCs to Beijing this August/September 2016.  Should any of you be interested to join us, please please please do not hesitate to contact me as travelling with TLC is a memorable experience of its own, regardless of the destination.


Travel to Beijing for FREE


travel to beijing for free


travel to beijing for free


Til then, do wish this new mother of three good luck in raising all three kids on her own.  Looking forward to cherish Baby Hana’s new milestones and witness her grow in front of my very eyes.  Thanks to the business with TLC, I can now be a full-time mummy and a business woman all at the same time.


premium beautiful mumpreneur

6 weeks old Hana Maryam


This Mumpreneur is looking for more business partners to experience the joy that she had had for the past 3 years. Let’s learn how to mix business with pleasure of being a mom.


Contact me now!



Premium Beautiful Business: FAQ Series #1


“Susah ke nak jual Premium Beautiful ni?”



Kalau susah, memang la protégés Top Leaders Circle tak borong berkotak-kotak PB setiap bulan. Bukan borong lepas tu simpan bawah katil ok.. Tak sempat pun nak simpan, sebab semua nya full-booked by customers! Beli stock and terus pegi fitting customer atau ke poslaju aje sebab customers semua tak sabar2 nak pakai corset yang terhangat di pasaran. Customers pulak bukan local aje tau.. Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, UK, Australia, Nigeria pun ada!

So kalau nak cari side income dengan business #PremiumBeautiful ni teramat lah senang nya.. Ikut aje mentor and mentor akan downloadkan ilmu Premium Beautiful Expert instantly!




Premium Beautiful Business






TLC Power Start Seminar 2015


Last Friday, Top Leaders Circle had organised the Seminar of the Year, which is the TLC Power Start Seminar 2015.


TLC Power Start Seminar 2015


It was a seminar organised by the team to help the new entrepreneurs of TLC to jumpstart their business and equip them with the tools and tricks to succeed in the industry.  From the art of selling, sharing business to the power of mastering the social media.


In order to succeed, you need to always upgrade yourself with the latest knowledge.  Hence, the TLC Master Trainers had managed to come up with the training modules that had been updated and successfully tested to be shared with our TLC members all over Malaysia.


Seats were limited, hence there were only 100+ TLC members, who were the fastest to book their seats for the seminar.  However, being in a culture where we learn and teach what we have learnt to our business partners, it is never a doubt that the knowledge withh definitely be passed on to the rest a.s.a.p.!


Now lets let the pictures do the talking, shall we…




The speakers for the day were selected from the crème de la crème of the TLC group. They are high achievers that had been showing tremendous results in their business.  From an ex-account manager, a teacher, a lecturer and a CEO of a famous restaurant chain and head of an auto part manufacturing company, they came together to share their secret of success with the rest.


TLC Master Trainers


The speakers would not be great without the guidance from their mentors.  These gorgeous ladies are the TLC Master Trainers. Young, Beautiful, Intelligent and Successful.  From left: CDM Salleha Roslan, CDM Salha Zain (TLC Top Mentor), CDM Izyan Liyana and CDM Nur Fadzliah.


TLC Power Start Seminar


With my direct mentor, CDM Salha Zain. She truly is a great mentor, who will relentlessly motivate her protege, groom them to be successful like her.  She aims for all her proteges to be able to earn a solid 5-figure income and leading towards 6-figure income like her now.  Such a beautiful lady, inside out.


TLC Power Start Seminar


With one of my favourite CDM, Salleha Roslan.  I really look up to this beautiful yet humble lady because despite having to take care of three little kids, she persevere a not once call it quits.  In fact, her network is one of the largest in TLC and it is still growing throughout Malaysia.


TLC Power Start Seminar


With the next TLC CDM, Lynn Shukor. CEO of a famous restaurant chain in KL and also head of an auto part manufacturing company who doesn’t really need the side income from this business to begin with!  However, she is with TLC because she loves the team spirit in TLC and she love travelling for FREE.  Why pay to travel, when you can have it for FREE? VVIP travel lagi….  Now she can save up her monthly salary and buy all her favourite designer handbags with her business bonus without even feeling guilty about it…hehehe…


TLC Power Start Seminar



G.K. Nielson


TLC Power Start Seminar





TLC Power Start Seminar




TLC Power Start Seminar






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