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How to buy Premium Beautiful Corset

Many had been asking how to get their hands on the Premium Beautiful corset.  It is the most sought after corset in the market right now.  Why?  Because EVERY WOMAN wants to be HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG and ENERGETIC.  Some of them even wants to earn some EXTRA CASH (RM5,000+++) at the side as the added benefit of joining the Premium Beautiful business.


Well, you have come to the right place.


Premium Beautiful Classic and Elegance


All you need to do is to Contact Me and Book your appointment now!!


I am a Certified Premium Beautiful Expert

I am a Certified Premium Beautiful Expert

If you are too shy to call me, just click on the “Contact Me” tab above and fill in the form that I have prepared and list out all the questions that you have in mind.  Alternatively you can also click on the orange button on the top left side of this page.





Regardless if you are a size 6 or a size 16, you too can look great and have the confidence to flaunt your curves.  Give yourself the BEST that you deserve.  PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL had helped many women all over Malaysia and globally.

Say YES today!

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 Tsunami PB instant shaping

Tsunami PB Instant shaping

Tsunami Premium Beautiful!

Tsunami… Tsunami… Tsunami…
Ingatkan Tsunami apa tadi kan…
Gelombang besar ke?


Gelombang Tsunami Premium Beautiful..!

Tsunami PB!!!


Macam ribut orang nak beli PB ni tau.. Handphone tak berenti bagi notifications.. Whatsapp la.. Telegram la.. Facebook la.. Instagram la.. semua la…!

Seriously tak percaya?
Jom kita layan gambar ni dulu ok…

 tsunami premium beautiful

Tsunami Premium Beautiful

Top Leaders Circle (TLC) Top Agents everywhere bergabung tenaga and share ilmu tentang Premium Beautiful ni so that we all semua jadi Premium Beautiful Experts….


Tsunami PB yang melanda ni terus buat we all tak menang tangan…

Tsunami Premium Beautiful

As Premium Beautiful Experts, we all dah dilatih untuk memastikan that our customers dapat pakai Premium Beautiful dengan selesa.  We all diajar cara ukur yang betul, cari size sets yang betul and also cara fitting yang betul.  So memang you don’t need to worry la bila you beli Premium Beautiful from us.  In sya Allah, you akan rasa selesa and memang tak senak or ketat.

Tsunami Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful corset ni memang the BEST in the market with the HIGHEST quality and standard sampai dapat the SUPERBRAND award tau!

Once dah sarung, memang tak nak bukak… Once dah beli satu, mesti nak beli another set.

So you can imagine WHY we all dekat Top Leaders Circle ni meroyan‪#‎tsunamipb‬…. Customers meroyan, we all pun meroyan sebab everyday ada fitting sessions… Everyday kena pegi punch stocks berduyun dekat stokist…

Tsunami Premium Beautiful

Since demand mencanak-canak, Abang Gagah pun nak join us ride the ‪#‎tsunamipb‬ wave and jual Premium Beautiful jugak ok…

Ye la, demand memang dah sedia ada.. Lagi mencanak ada la.. Bukan merundum pun.. Kira macam wifi service la.. Dah readily available.. Kita just plug and play aje.. Mintak password, download ilmu and start earning income…

1st month income RM4,000++ siapa tak nak kan… Keje dah 10 tahun pun takde nak dapat extra bonus segedebuk macam tu..

Mana la abang2 gagah ni semua tak meroyan jugak nak jual PB. Income besar.. Hati senang… In sya Allah boleh infakkan harta ke jalan Allah dan buat lebih amal jariah nanti…

Jom join the #tsunamipb wave…


Going the Extra Mile



I always believe in going the extra mile in everything that I do. If it doesn’t kill you, it won’t hurt you. If fact, in sya Allah it will give you the added advantage over everyone else.


That is why I chose GEMs as my group’s name last year. It means “Going the Extra Mile”.. I am prepared to live up to that name, no matter what the challenges being thrown at me. And I know my teammates will do too!



Going the Extra Mile. GEM is a very memorable, neat and powerful acronym for all sorts of situations relating to effort, quality, commitment, motivation, development, design, creativity, selling, customer service, leading, inspiring, teaching – in fact any activity, responsibility, project or task which benefits from extra thought, enthusiasm and energy, to produce an effect beyond usual expectations or standards. GEM appears in themes and promotional messages for a variety of situations because it’s an elegant impactful statement underpinned by a very potent concept – that of always striving to do better – to ‘over-deliver’ and to exceed expectations, in the (very correct) belief that doing so will produce great outcomes for the giver and receiver; supplier and customer. GEM is especially relevant for beating competition and delighting customers. It’s also a wonderful maxim for building self-esteem, integrity, respect, credibility, reputation and positive human relationships. GEM is actually an attitude for life as a whole: if a job is worth doing then it’s worth doing in the best way you can. GEM people are noticed and remembered; they become trusted and valued, and accordingly, GEM, simple though it seems, is a wonderful life-code.

Now my target is set on the Free trip to Austria & Hungary. I am going theextra mile to make sure that I will get it. I am also prepared to go the extra mile to help my teammates and anyone that wants to join the bandwagon to qualify as well.


Why follow the masses when there are no traffic jam along the extra mile?






Idea berniaga Online

Memang semua orang ada idea nak berniaga..


Ada yang suka masak, so nak berniaga nasi ayam.

nasi ayam


Ada yang suka menjahit, so nak berniaga tudung yang dijahit sendiri.



I dulu pun ingat kalau berniaga kecil2an ni pun masyuk jugak incomenya. I tried, but I rasa memang renyah and the return tak banyak mana pun. Sekali pegi beli groceries dekat Giant pun dah habis.

Close-up of a boy paying cash at the checkout counter at a store


In the end, I decided to jual Premium Beautiful ni.. Bukan sebab I suka sangat nak jual baju dalam mahal ni (well actually dia tak mahal.. But harga dia tinggi sebab quality dia tinggi.. Ok ni nanti kita cerita lain).. But I fikir balik if I jual 1 set Premium Beautiful ni sama dengan I jual 565 bungkus nasi ayam! Or jual 1 Premium Beautiful ni sama dengan I jual 60 helai tudung! It just makes business sense that jual Premium Beautiful lagi senang and dapat balik modal lagi cepat!



So bila fikir balik penat kut nak jual 565 bungkus nasi ayam tu.. Tu pun tak sure boleh terjual dalam 1 hari ke tak.. And then nak jual 60 helai tudung tu modal air liur dia huish mesti berbakul jugak la kan..


Now ni jual Premium Beautiful I tak payah risau pasal demand. Sebab Premium Beautiful ni dah ada dalam market dah 22 tahun! So orang dah kenal and reputation pun memang bagus sampai dapat the Superbrand award. Now ni orang beratur kut tunggu turn nak dapatkan set and nak fitting dengan all the ‪#‎PremiumBeautifulExperts‬




If you pergi kedai beli roti, which brand would you buy? Well, I akan automatically beli roti Gardenia sebab dia ada Superbrand and dia memang dah terbukti sedap… Cuba kalau you pergi 7-Eleven tengah2 malam, mesti rak jual roti tu penuh dengan brand roti lain aje and Gardenia mesti dah tinggal sikit. Kenapa? Sebab semua pakat beli Gardenia la kan..


If you memang tengah intai peluang berniaga, Premium Beautiful la jawapannya!


If you tengah fikir macam mana nak make some side income, Premium Beautiful la jawapannya!


If you memang plan nak travel the world, and nak dapatkan peluang melancong 2 kali setahun for free, Premium Beautiful la jawapannya!




Modal untuk mula berniaga

Ramai sangat yang tanya, if nak start business ni kena ada modal ke?


Let me just put it this way…  If you bukak kedai runcit and kedai you kosong. Tiba-tiba customer datang nak beli kicap sebotol. Takkan la you baru terhegeh-hegeh nak call supplier hantar sebotol kicap..  Betul tak? And supplier pun takkan nak datang all the way nak hantar sebotol kicap.. It just doesn’t make business sense! In the end, the customer, yang nak cepat, tak larat nak tunggu and pergi kedai sebelah yang penuh dengan stock.




Sama jugak dengan this business. You declare yourself as a seller. Iklan sana, iklan sini hoping to get buyers. But you, not willing to take any risks, tak keluarkan modal untuk stock up. Tunggu customer order baru beli stock. Well….  Tak salah buat macam tu, tapi kalau rumah you sebelah stokis takpe la kut. But most of the time that is not the case. So, you kena laburkan masa, tenaga and also RM untuk ulang-alik ke stokis everytime orang order barang. If tiba-tiba customer call nak COD “sekarang jugak”, like most eager customers do, and you takde stock in hand..  You rasa customer tu nak tunggu ke? No way..  They would straight Google the next agent that is near their area. Rugi nyaaaaa!


So my answer to the above question would be…  Semua business perlukan modal. But the amount to put in bergantung kepada how serious you are nak berniaga.


In my business, with the system that we have, most of us dapat balik our modal after a few months, if not earlier (TLC mmg suka pecah record..  Ada yang within few hours dah dapat balik modal sebab stock yang dibeli sold out terus bila apply our selling techniques). Dah la dapat balik modal 100% (takde istilah modal hangus) + dapat pulak bonus prestasi…  So memang la berbaloi berniaga ikut system TLC ni..







So no wonder la ramai sangat sekarang yang nak join TLC…

#tipsberniaga #modalberniaga #onlinebusiness #topleaderscircle






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