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Top Leaders Circle in Gold Coast : Day 1 – The Departure

It has been over a month since the trip, however the memories are still vivid in my mind.


My very first FREE trip with the Top Leaders Circle…


Happy sangat because this was our first trip since we got kids.  So kira macam 2nd honeymoon la after almost 6 years of marriage.  And it was FREE!


TLC in Gold Coast_Day1_zahureendotcom


We were scheduled to depart from KLIA to Brisbane via Singapore on the 13th of February 2014 at around 10pm.  After sorting out the logistics for our kids, we finally left for the airport at around 5pm… Yes during the rush hours…


Alhamdulillah sempat sampai airport by 6pm at the time scheduled by our Tour Guide to collect the itinerary and travel details.


keep calm and gold coast with TLC_zahureendotcom


This was the t-shirt that we wore on the 1st day…


TLC in Gold Coast_Day1_zahureendotcom_1


With fellow TLC members that qualified for the trip. All pumped up for the joyride…

TLC in Gold Coast_day1_zahureendotcom_2

Monopod time…. This is the trip that introduces me to the meaning of “group selfie”…

The trip from KLIA to Changi took about 45 minutes and this time around we were booked on the Silk Air flight that was code sharing with SIA to Brisbane.

Hubby and I didn’t manage to get our dinner at KLIA and was so thankful that the Company had arranged for everyone on the trip to receive a SGD20 Changi Airport voucher that entitles us to redeem it at any store in Changi Airport. Alhamdulillah… I was seriously shocked as never in my 10 years working life that the companies that I had worked for actually gave me vouchers/pocket money for me to spend during airport transits. Mind you I had travelled quite a bit during my time in one of the GLCs and had spent quite a number of hours in Changi Airport… but I had to spend my own pocket money la kan…

TLC in Gold Coast_day1_zahureendotcom_3

Since there were 2 of us, so we had SGD40 to spend. Unfortunately, our connecting flight was due to depart in an hour time.  Hence, there was no time to spare to roam the mall, though I wished I could peaked into the Pandora store or even all the other great stores that they have in Changi Airport Mall.  So we just spent 1 voucher for iced coffee and sandwiches and saved the other for our trip back home…

Our connecting flight to Brisbane was a Singapore Airline plane.  I super love flying with Singapore Airline as their service is top notch.  I remember the time when I flew on Singapore Airline to Japan to visit my sister and they actually served Haagen Daaz ice cream for dessert! And during another trip to Istanbul few years back, I had the privileged to travel on Business Class as it was a company paid trip.  The meal served on board during that trip was fabulous!

It was actually great that the Company had arranged for a night flight as we would be able to start the next day fresh and ready to discover Gold Coast.  I was made to understand that all the trips are arranged as such to maximise the time for the tour. Memang best and untung sangat travel with the Company.  Everything has been arranged for us from the flight, transit, transport, accommodation, food and also programs. We just have to follow the timing, bawak baju and duit for shopping aje… I LIKE!

Wait for my next entry on Day 2 in Gold Coast, Australia…

Till then, enjoy the video…

TLC in Gold Coast from alfaath on Vimeo.


TLC in Shanghai_zahureendotcom

Interested to travel for FREE?

Contact me now…


Top Leaders Circle in Gold Coast, Australia

It has been a superawesome trip…


Fully sponsored…


All you need to bring was just shopping $$$…


I will elaborate more about the trip soon…


For now, enjoy the video clip that has been put together by our great sifu, CDM Al-Faath..


TLC in Gold Coast from alfaath on Vimeo.



Our next FOC trip would be to Shanghai in September.. Want to join us? Contant me now to find out how…



Marine Essence Beauty Bar and Chronic Eczema (Psoriasis)

Marine Essence Beauty Bar is the hot product in town.  It went out of stock nationwide for the past 3 months!  People had been searching high and low for the product as it had solved many skin problems, such as:-


  • dark underarms
  • pimples
  • eczema
  • dry skin
  • and many more…





Read more on Marine Essence Beauty Bar here.


Since the soap can be used for babies, it had been a god sent product for many mommies out there with babies that have eczema problems.


This is a testimony from my fellow TLC teammate, Dewi, whose son had severe eczema problem and it was cured with Marine Essence Beauty Bar.


Marine Essence Beauty Bar_eczema baby1


Marine Essence Beauty Bar_eczema baby2



If that is what Marine Essence Beauty Bar can do to babies… let me just share with you how it had helped a man who had lived with Psoriasis (chronic eczema) for a long time and had gone to seek treatment with skin specialist who had given him 3 types of steroid creams to apply daily. The cream did not helped him. Instead, after a month of using Marine Essence Beauty Bar, his skin seems to be healing.. Seeing is believing…





Thank you Allah for introducing us to this miracle product.  Hence, that is why I am sharing the greatness of the product with my readers.


Now with every purchase for 2 boxes of Marine Essence Beauty Bar, I will throw in the Marine Essence Nourishing Shampoo as a FREE gift!


Hurry while stock lasts!


Marine essence beauty bar_zahureendotcom


Agents for Marine Essence Beauty Bar are needed especially in Brunei. Great incentives awaits, including FREE trip to Shanghai…!








Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) Price


Many had been asking how much does Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) cost…


Well, BVSM is retailing at RM1,288 per unit.


Why is it so expensive?

BVSM is made using the combination of expertise from 3 countries:-

The anti-bacterial material is imported from Germany

The bio velocity technology is derived from Korea

And everything is being assembled (sewn) in Malaysia


I believe that BVSM is actually value for money.  For what it is worth, many users have saved a lot on medical bills since they have bought BVSM.


Also, if you can buy the latest smartphones for you, your parents and loved ones, you can definitely afford to buy BVSM as the price is half of the price of the smartphones in the market.  Plus, instead of exposing your loved ones to more radiation, might else well treat them to something that could reduce the amount of radiation that is already seeping into their body.


Is it worth buying a BVSM?


Definitely! Besides providing you with quality sleep, BVSM also helps to regulate your blood circulation and helps it flow better throughout the body.


BVSM helps to balance out our body energy that has been distorted by pollutants, diseases, virus, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and radiation.  Once our body rest on BVSM, the bio velocity technology (healthy energy flow) will help to balance out the unbalanced energy that will help with the following:

  • enhances our body metabolism rate
  • activates the cells function
  • promotes blood circulation
  • enhances body resistance and improves immune system
  • increases energy level
  • stabilizes emotion, relieves stress and pressure
  • reenergizes, repairs and rejuvenates cells
  • increases vitality
  • enhances natural healing ability
  • balances and harmonizes the physical functions
  • relieves fatigue and pain
  • stimulates and regulates the autonomic nervous system
  • promotes heart function
  • promotes a healthy and quality sleep


More BVSM Testimonies:

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.27.42

This is another great testimony on #tilamkuat from my #tlcplatinum partner, Akhmar Mustaffar

Numbness around the arm due to an accident had subsided after using BVSM. Also it had helped to regulate the customer’s period cycle.. She had not gotten her period for the past 5-6 months, and the period came right after she used BVSM. Alhamdulillah..


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.28.05


Another testimony is from a friend that suffered from period pain last weekend. We were at a baazar when she was really trying to control her period pain.  Since I had the BVSM with me, I have asked her to hug it for awhile. After 30 minutes, her back pain had subsided and the muscles in her womb started to contract faster as if working on triple shifts. She was already on her feet an hour later.  She texted me when she got home saying that her pad was soaking with blood! BVSM had managed to regulate the blood circulation in her womb and help cleans all the past stains that was the cause of the period cramps.


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.28.38



Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.26.56




Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.26.13



Many had fallen in love with BVSM. Many had come back to order a 2nd unit for their kids, parents and even parent in-laws!


This Aunty actually bought 6 units for each of her family members!

This Aunty actually bought 6 units for each of her family members!










So if you are thinking of buying one for yourself, kids, parents and in-laws, here is the best deal for you….





Alternatively, you could contact me before 26th of January and I can try to arrange for you to get the average price from the above promotion.


So hurry and grab this superb deal before it ends!









Opportunity for students to earn a side income!

Are you a Student looking for ways to supplement your monthly expenses but has no capital to start your own business?


earn side income for students_zahureendotcom


Here is your chance to earn a side income…


Do you spend most of your time daily on facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube and other social media applications?  Do you know that you can actually make money via these social media applications?  Well, let me teach you how…

Social Media Logotype Background


I am running a Young Entrepreneur Programme where I will provide basic training for interested students that are keen to earn some extra cash.  No basic selling skills required as everything will be guided.  Furthermore, the products that will be offered are top of the line products that does not really need much introduction in the market.


By enrolling yourself in the Young Entrepreneur Programme, you will instantly get the chance to earn a minimum of RM100 per week and also stand a chance to be part of one of the best online business group, the Top Leaders Circle (TLC)!



Who is TLC?

We are a group of young Omnipreneurs (people who does business anywhere and everywhere via online and social media networks) who has been elected as the Sohonita Icon Malaysia by Datuk Seri Shahrizat earlier in February 2013.  Our team comprises of professionals from various industries and also people from all walks of life.  We aspire to teach people on how online business is the way to go by providing training and coaching on online business and social media marketing.






No capital is required for this programme.


Young Entrepreneurial Programme will run from 18 November to 21 December 2013.



Call/whatsapp me now for details at 012 284 5882.



Hurry and grab this great opportunity to earn some cash now!



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