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Raya dah dekat, baju Raya tak muat?!!!

Raya is just less than a week away.  Dah dapat baju raya idaman ke?


This year memang banyak betul la bazaar yang menjual persiapan raya.  Ada Vendeur Festival 2.0, Femes Bazaar Super Raya, Karnival Teratak GLAM Raya dan macam-macam lagi la. So memang we are spoilt for choice!


vendeur festival 2.0


karnival teratak glam raya

No I did not go to any of the bazaars because I ni memang tak suka tempat yang ramai orang.  Tengok pulak gambar yg macam dekat bawah ni, huish tengok gambar je pun dah rasa nak pengsan.  Tu tak pegi lagi..

karnival teratak glam raya 2

So from my observation, the most sought after baju raya for this year is the Jubah Dress.  Boleh dikatakan semua designer brands berebut kut nak keluar kan Jubah Dress yang bermacam-macam design.  Sampai I pun memang terliur la tengok.  And since banyak sangat choice, the designer ambil kesempatan untuk buat kelainan, whereby ada yang jual just through Instagram, and ada jugak yang just through Whatsapp orders.

Memang berpusu kut orders masuk.  Sampai ada yang frust menongeng tak dapat Kate Dress by Mazlianul Maznan from Ashh & Annas ni..

Kate Dress Ashh & Annas

kate dress

Gorgeous sangat ok.  If I am looking for a jubah dress, I would definitely buy this one.  I like!

Another favourite yang menjadi kegilaan ramai is the Adalia Exclusive by Zawara.  Huish I know ramai kut fellow TLC sisters yang gilakan this dress.  Ada yang sampai borong all colors ok!

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.58.07

There are also many more baju raya yang sangat menarik and also tengah hot selling dekat the latest hot muslimah boutique in town, Modvier, Bangsar, where many designer labels are housed under one stylish roof.


There’s Naelofar that sells beautiful abayas such as this most sought after Khadeeja and Kartini Abayas.

Naelofar abaya

Or you can grab the super flowy Isabelle skirts by Kree.

Isabelle kree skirt

Still tak tau nak beli yang mana satu?


Dah beli online but suddenly bila try TAK MUAT???!!!


Tu la padah nya bila beli baju online.  Sometimes there is no size charts available so kita main agak aje beli kan.  And most baju cutting dia memang lain-lain.

Now nak buat macam mana?

Advertise dekat instagram designer tu ke macam ni?

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 12.38.31

Or do this?

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.52.20

Mintak tolong someone tarikkan from the other side sampai muat?

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.54.00

Lumur butter dekat tempat yang ketat tu so that baju senang nak slide up?

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.53.26

Or try to use electric waves to burn the fat cepat..?

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.54.36

Lagi extreme guna dynamite?

Hahaha… you guys should really watch this video.  Well for those yang pernah rasa macam mana frustrated nya bila you cannot fit into your favourite outfit mungkin boleh relate dengan minah dalam video ni.

I dulu lepas bersalin dekat my 1st son and try to sarung my jeans rasanya macam ni jugak la.  Tidak boleh menerima kenyataan yang memang peha i dah besar..


So ada yang nak try?

Or ada cara lain tau…

Pakai la Premium Beautiful.  Memang confirm la baju cantik terletak aje raya nanti.  All the lemak yang bertingkek-tingkek semua hilang instantly and will hilang permanently dengan pemakaian yang consistent.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 02.24.04

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 02.18.04

premium beautiful

Premium Beautiful mahal?  Mana ada….

Now ni ada discounts for those yang beli cash/credit and also ada jugak installment plan as low as RM55/month untuk sesiapa yang nak bayar installment.

So ada lagi ke alasan untuk tak cantik pakai baju raya nanti?


This is me. A mother of 2 kids yang dah pakai Premium Beautiful for the past 3 years.

premium beautiful

Jom… Sempat lagi tau kalau you nak beli Premium Beautiful and pakai in time for raya.  Call/sms/whatsapp me now for a FREE fitting and consultation.

Great discounts and FREE gift awaits first 10 buyers.


Kurus dan Premium Beautiful


What’s the difference between the 3 pictures? Model dia sama aje…




Far left pic: Masa zaman anak dara. Body memang kurus kering and takde shape langsung. Bak kata my husband dulu mmg flat aje depan belakang… Plus, bongkok all the time sebab I suka sangat duduk slouching…


Middle pic: Masa dah beranak 1. Still ok la takde la besar mana badan. But still tengok tang perut gelebeh habis..  And body posture memang tak straight… Sangat tak cantik especially bila ada event yang penting macam my sister’s wedding.


Far right pic: Latest pic. Mother of 2 boys but beza tak dengan pictures yang lain? Posture tegap and perut tak gelebeh..  Bak kata pakar premium beautiful, macam tanah dalam pasu la…  Bila dah lebih setahun,  bila pecahkan pasu, shape dia still maintain aje kan..


Bila sebut corset, semua orang ingat susah nak nafas, susah nak gerak, susah tu susah ni. But belum cuba belum tahu. Kalau uncomfortable takkan ramai yang cari Premium Beautiful ni and pakai sampai bertahun-tahun and siap beli 2nd sets, 3rd sets lagi…


Premium Beautiful mahal? Heyyy it is one of the cheapest in the market tau..  What more now dah ada easy payment scheme lagi…


Nak cuba Premium Beautiful? Jom call/whatsapp I dekat 012 284 5882..  I provide free consultation & fitting.. Plus now ada promo khas sempena hari raya tau!


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Nurita Harith 2014 Raya Collection

I do this every year because she is one of my favourite Malaysian designer and her raya collections are to die for…

So what’s in store from Nurita Harith this year?

This year, she has 2 collections catering for 2 different market segments I guess:

Raya RTW 2014

Raya Luxury 2014

The name says it all…

Let’s check out the RTW 2014 collection first, shall we…



From these four designs, I kinda like the two in the centre, Camille and Carina the best maybe because I love the colors. However, Cashell looks great too and it has that “Nurita Harith” trademark in the elegance part. Nice kan….?



You can check out more designs under the same collection here.

Next up is the Raya Luxury 2014 collection by Nurita Harith….


This is my favourite… Elle… Nampak simple yet classy and elegant.  However, kalau nak pakai this baju, definitely tak boleh tinggal Premium Beautiful corset.  Look at the model without corset… Nampak terus benjol-benjol yang tak patut nampak… So not pretty ok… So for those that are planning to get this for raya, do yourself a favour and invest in a Premium Beautiful corset ok… Dah la beli baju Nurita Harith, kena la pakai nampak terletak.. baru la best and rasa sikit the “luxury” of wearing a designer dress kan…


This is Lindsay.. Another one of my favourite in her Raya Luxe 2014 collection.  Very simple yet it shows the boldness of the wearer and also fits the “luxe” theme well… I like!

1980348_786163951408680_383350444721107790_oThis is Harlow.. What I like about this design is that you can easily convert this outfit into an everyday wear where you can actually pair the jacket up with pants of a palazo and you are good to go out for a shopping spree or event a casual meeting with a client… Very practical!

You can check out the rest of the Raya Luxe 2014 collection here.

Or you can check out Nuritah Harith‘s official website here.

Well, regardless who you choose to wear this coming raya, you should really consider pairing it up with the Premium Beautiful corset.  Without a corset, a pretty dress will be just a sore sight for the eye, especially when there are bumps here and there that could have been invisible with the help of Premium Beautiful.

premium beautiful

Premium Beautiful will be able to burn or distribute the extra fats to the other strategic parts of your body…

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 02.18.04

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 02.24.04

Contact me now to get fabulous discount for Premium Beautiful Classic/Elegance.

Look great in time for Raya with Premium Beautiful…


The Cost of Beauty vs Premium Beautiful

Women has been linked to beauty for many many years.  That is why there are many old folks law (petua nenek moyang) on beauty and how to maintain the youthful look…


With the technological advancement, to be beautiful, all you need is just lots of money and the guts to go on the operating table…


premium beautiful_zahureendotcom2 Many women nowdays would not blink an eye to go for a reconstructive surgery just to be “beautiful”.  Breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, nose augmentation, face lift, neck lift, chin augmentation just to name a few are all typical surgery that are in demand now.


Imagine spending RM12,500 to RM16,500 to get the “perfect” breast.. or RM16,000 to RM24,000 for a tummy tuck surgery… That to me is such a waste of money.  For all you know, the result would not be permanent, plus you would have to endure the after effect pain and scars after spending so much money on the procedure… Not worth it at all!


We are all created with different type of body shapes.. The four common body shapes are apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle shapes.. We might not be born with the ideal body shape that we want, but there is still hope for us to get our dream body shape…







Through Dieting?





Through exercising?





Through surgery?





or by taking pills?


diet pills


With just a little “touch up” to our body, we can definitely get our ideal body shape… NO pain.. NO dieting.. NO pills.. and definitely NO surgery…


Just by wearing Premium Beautiful for a minimum 8 hours a day, you will instantly get the ideal figure of your dream… With just less than RM3,000 you will get a Superband corset that had been recognised for its quality, reliability with accreditation from various chiropractic associations worldwide.  Not only that, it also comes with a lifetime warranty!  What more can you ask for with a minimum investment like that?


So what are you waiting for?




1396883_623527827703890_1342504584_o (1)

premium beautiful_zahureendotcom




Click here for more reading on Premium Beautiful


Call/email/sms/whatsapp me to order






Super Duper Promotion on Premium Beautiful!!!


“Semalam genaplah usia saya 37 tahun (31/01/1977). Saya mempunyai 2 cahaya mata lelaki berusia 13 tahun dan 10 tahun. Apa yang menjadi RAHSIA saya KEKAL LANGSING ialah dengan memakai KORSET PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL.

Dulu saya jika saya ingin berdiet tiap-tiap hari saya minum air masak untuk cepat kenyang … Ramai gak kawan office yang ikut diet awin ini…Benar ia baik untuk kesihatan, memperbanyakkan minum air masak bukan saya untuk kulit kita tidak kering tapi juga untuk membuang toksik dlm badan. Nak makan nasi banyak pun takut maklumlah faktor usia… TAPIIIIIII tidak lagi bila saya “dijodohkan” dengan KORSET PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL hilang semua diet-diet “minum air masak utk cepat kenyang” hehehe..

Hubby pun memang lagi terujalah badan saya masih seperti anak dara walaupun umur hampir 40an.. Sebenarnya PB ini 30% kecantikan dan 70% kesihatan … Ia juga dikenali KORSET CIK ABG SAYANG…. ”

– Datin Azlina Mazwin –



✘✘ Tanpa PEMBEDAHAN, Tanpa Operasi Silikon dan sejenisnya.
✘✘ Tanpa Krim berbahaya
✘✘ Tanpa Tablet atau Pil yang akan merabakkan poket anda!
✘✘ Tanpa Pump, atau Penyedut yang hanya menyebabkan lebam pada payudara anda!
✘✘ Tanpa bahan kimia & 100% natural!
✘✘ Tanpa suntikan
✘✘ 100% Selamat
✘✘ 100% Tanpa Kesan Sampingan




Premium Beautiful Classic and Elegance
Premium Beautiful Elegance



What is Premium Beautiful?

Berpantang dengan Premium Beautiful

Period Pain and Premium Beautiful

Slipped Disc and Premium Beautiful

Why Premium Beautiful is THE best corset for you



Jom call/sms/whatsapp me untuk FREE fitting dan consultation.




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