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#magiccream a.k.a krim #susukmoden

Once again TLC has created a havoc once we have mastered the product knowledge of an already established product, the hot seller, #magiccream a.k.a krim #susukmoden or #susukmodenasli.


Actually the cream has been in the market for quite some time now. Just that maybe the greatness of the product has never been brought forward to the masses. So when TLC found something great, we make sure that we share the greatness with everyone!


Lo and behold the #magiccream or better known as the krim #susukmoden!

susuk moden asli_zahureendotcom


The actual name of the cream is actually Bio Ever Nano Cream.  Why did we nicked it as the #magiccream or #susukmoden?  Definitely because of the instant effect that we can see after using it as early as 9 minutes!


What is so great about this Susuk Moden Asli Cream?


Well seeing is believing….



In just 9 minutes, this aunty had managed to get an instant facelift! Macam tak percaya kan… But I kid you not… Just by using Bio Ever Nano Cream, she had managed to shed a few years off her age.. Don’t you think so? In 9 minutes, terus #daguruncing, #kulittegang, #noeyebag, #glowingface….

Want to see more?


Look at this brother… In 9 minutes, he has a slimmer feature… Look at the cheeks, nose and eyes…. Miracle kan?

That is why we call it the #magiccream!

How about the tummy trimming part?


This is one of TLC sisters who just gave birth to her daughter 3 months ago.  Right after confinement she still have problems shedding off her baby pouch.  Just after 9 minutes of using the cream #susukmoden, she had managed to shed off not 1 cm… not 2 cm… BUT 3 cm!!! She is a happy bunny…. And if you can see, dari takde pinggang lepas 9 minutes terus nampak pinggang…

Want to know more about the magic cream?

Wait for my next update ya….


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