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Super Duper Promotion on Premium Beautiful!!!


“Semalam genaplah usia saya 37 tahun (31/01/1977). Saya mempunyai 2 cahaya mata lelaki berusia 13 tahun dan 10 tahun. Apa yang menjadi RAHSIA saya KEKAL LANGSING ialah dengan memakai KORSET PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL.

Dulu saya jika saya ingin berdiet tiap-tiap hari saya minum air masak untuk cepat kenyang … Ramai gak kawan office yang ikut diet awin ini…Benar ia baik untuk kesihatan, memperbanyakkan minum air masak bukan saya untuk kulit kita tidak kering tapi juga untuk membuang toksik dlm badan. Nak makan nasi banyak pun takut maklumlah faktor usia… TAPIIIIIII tidak lagi bila saya “dijodohkan” dengan KORSET PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL hilang semua diet-diet “minum air masak utk cepat kenyang” hehehe..

Hubby pun memang lagi terujalah badan saya masih seperti anak dara walaupun umur hampir 40an.. Sebenarnya PB ini 30% kecantikan dan 70% kesihatan … Ia juga dikenali KORSET CIK ABG SAYANG…. ”

– Datin Azlina Mazwin –



✘✘ Tanpa PEMBEDAHAN, Tanpa Operasi Silikon dan sejenisnya.
✘✘ Tanpa Krim berbahaya
✘✘ Tanpa Tablet atau Pil yang akan merabakkan poket anda!
✘✘ Tanpa Pump, atau Penyedut yang hanya menyebabkan lebam pada payudara anda!
✘✘ Tanpa bahan kimia & 100% natural!
✘✘ Tanpa suntikan
✘✘ 100% Selamat
✘✘ 100% Tanpa Kesan Sampingan




Premium Beautiful Classic and Elegance
Premium Beautiful Elegance



What is Premium Beautiful?

Berpantang dengan Premium Beautiful

Period Pain and Premium Beautiful

Slipped Disc and Premium Beautiful

Why Premium Beautiful is THE best corset for you



Jom call/sms/whatsapp me untuk FREE fitting dan consultation.




Marine Essence Beauty Bar and Chronic Eczema (Psoriasis)

Marine Essence Beauty Bar is the hot product in town.  It went out of stock nationwide for the past 3 months!  People had been searching high and low for the product as it had solved many skin problems, such as:-


  • dark underarms
  • pimples
  • eczema
  • dry skin
  • and many more…





Read more on Marine Essence Beauty Bar here.


Since the soap can be used for babies, it had been a god sent product for many mommies out there with babies that have eczema problems.


This is a testimony from my fellow TLC teammate, Dewi, whose son had severe eczema problem and it was cured with Marine Essence Beauty Bar.


Marine Essence Beauty Bar_eczema baby1


Marine Essence Beauty Bar_eczema baby2



If that is what Marine Essence Beauty Bar can do to babies… let me just share with you how it had helped a man who had lived with Psoriasis (chronic eczema) for a long time and had gone to seek treatment with skin specialist who had given him 3 types of steroid creams to apply daily. The cream did not helped him. Instead, after a month of using Marine Essence Beauty Bar, his skin seems to be healing.. Seeing is believing…





Thank you Allah for introducing us to this miracle product.  Hence, that is why I am sharing the greatness of the product with my readers.


Now with every purchase for 2 boxes of Marine Essence Beauty Bar, I will throw in the Marine Essence Nourishing Shampoo as a FREE gift!


Hurry while stock lasts!


Marine essence beauty bar_zahureendotcom


Agents for Marine Essence Beauty Bar are needed especially in Brunei. Great incentives awaits, including FREE trip to Shanghai…!








Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) Price


Many had been asking how much does Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) cost…


Well, BVSM is retailing at RM1,288 per unit.


Why is it so expensive?

BVSM is made using the combination of expertise from 3 countries:-

The anti-bacterial material is imported from Germany

The bio velocity technology is derived from Korea

And everything is being assembled (sewn) in Malaysia


I believe that BVSM is actually value for money.  For what it is worth, many users have saved a lot on medical bills since they have bought BVSM.


Also, if you can buy the latest smartphones for you, your parents and loved ones, you can definitely afford to buy BVSM as the price is half of the price of the smartphones in the market.  Plus, instead of exposing your loved ones to more radiation, might else well treat them to something that could reduce the amount of radiation that is already seeping into their body.


Is it worth buying a BVSM?


Definitely! Besides providing you with quality sleep, BVSM also helps to regulate your blood circulation and helps it flow better throughout the body.


BVSM helps to balance out our body energy that has been distorted by pollutants, diseases, virus, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and radiation.  Once our body rest on BVSM, the bio velocity technology (healthy energy flow) will help to balance out the unbalanced energy that will help with the following:

  • enhances our body metabolism rate
  • activates the cells function
  • promotes blood circulation
  • enhances body resistance and improves immune system
  • increases energy level
  • stabilizes emotion, relieves stress and pressure
  • reenergizes, repairs and rejuvenates cells
  • increases vitality
  • enhances natural healing ability
  • balances and harmonizes the physical functions
  • relieves fatigue and pain
  • stimulates and regulates the autonomic nervous system
  • promotes heart function
  • promotes a healthy and quality sleep


More BVSM Testimonies:

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.27.42

This is another great testimony on #tilamkuat from my #tlcplatinum partner, Akhmar Mustaffar

Numbness around the arm due to an accident had subsided after using BVSM. Also it had helped to regulate the customer’s period cycle.. She had not gotten her period for the past 5-6 months, and the period came right after she used BVSM. Alhamdulillah..


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.28.05


Another testimony is from a friend that suffered from period pain last weekend. We were at a baazar when she was really trying to control her period pain.  Since I had the BVSM with me, I have asked her to hug it for awhile. After 30 minutes, her back pain had subsided and the muscles in her womb started to contract faster as if working on triple shifts. She was already on her feet an hour later.  She texted me when she got home saying that her pad was soaking with blood! BVSM had managed to regulate the blood circulation in her womb and help cleans all the past stains that was the cause of the period cramps.


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.28.38



Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.26.56




Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 01.26.13



Many had fallen in love with BVSM. Many had come back to order a 2nd unit for their kids, parents and even parent in-laws!


This Aunty actually bought 6 units for each of her family members!

This Aunty actually bought 6 units for each of her family members!










So if you are thinking of buying one for yourself, kids, parents and in-laws, here is the best deal for you….





Alternatively, you could contact me before 26th of January and I can try to arrange for you to get the average price from the above promotion.


So hurry and grab this superb deal before it ends!









Testimony Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) : Quality Sleep

Are you suffering from troubled sleep?


Are you deprived of 8 hours of sleep time daily?


Feeling tired, lethargic, and stressed out even after 8 hours of sleep?


Look no further… Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) is the solution for you…








What is BVSM? Read more about it here.


Great testimony from my customers below:


This customer bought the BVSM for her husband who had been having troubled sleep.  Alhamdulillah, he had achieved deep quality sleep even after only 1 night with BVSM.




Another customer, who is also my ex-classmate from MRSM, had bought BVSM during her confinement to help her baby to sleep more peacefully at night and also to help her regained her energy during confinement. Alhamdulillah she is very satisfied with the result and vouched that BVSM had helped her baby progress well within 3 month!  Furthermore, breastfeeding her baby during the night does not even tire her down during the day with the hectic auditing routine.





Proven testimonies for a superb product.


It is lightweight and easy to use.


Does not require any electric source.


Solution to a hectic and stressful.lifestyle.


Order now and get a superb irresistible promotional price.


Business opportunity for those interested awaits…. Great investment scheme with superb return. Contact me now.





Testimony Bio Velocity Sleep Mate: Chronic Back Pain

This is the latest testimony on Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) from one of my customer.

She has been sufferring from back pain over the last 15 years. According to her, it was due to having giving birth to large babies (her eldest child was born at 4.65kg!).

Over the past years, she had been struggling to get peaceful sleep due to her back pain. It was as if she has pins and needles all over her back.

Praying normally was another challenge for her as she can’t bend down to “sujud” on the praying mat. Hence, she resorted to praying while sitting on a chair.


Just after less than a month of using BVSM she can now sleep peacefully throughout the night. In addition, she was really over joyed that she can now “sujud” on the praying mat without any pain….

Syukur Alhamdulillah…

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate is really a miracle product that has helped many to improve their quality of life.



Promotional price is still available until 31 January 2014. So hurry and contact me to purchase your BVSM now.




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