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Side Income over RM5,000 in a month!

Betul ke jual Premium Beautiful ni boleh dapat income 4 angka?

Well, bukan aje 4 angka, you can get income 4-angka GEMUK… and if you gandakan sikit usaha you nak capai income 5-angka dalam 2-3 bulan pun memang not impossible…

Take these young ladies as contoh:

This young mother boleh bagi 1,001 alasan untuk tidak berniaga.. Anak kecik… Tak ada pengasuh… Duduk jauh… dan macam-macam lagi.. Tapi dia nekad nak ubah cara hidup dan tingkatkan ekonomi keluarganya… So she made a decision untuk berniaga dengan Top Leaders Circle in April. 12hb May, she got a shock when she checked her bank balance.  RM4,249.41 were banked into her account and the balance was banked into her husband’s account, since he was her business partner.  Mana tak terkejut. RM5,000 tu lebih dari gaji hakiki dia dan husband!!! Tu tak campur untung runcit yang hampir RM5,000 lagi lepas habis semua set tuh dijual (which dah habis pun sebab Premium Beautiful ni memang laku macam goreng pisang panas!).

Side income RM5,000 in the first month

This lady is just a housewife.  She was struggling to make ends meet, juggling the depleting household income.  Dengan GST lagi.. memang la semua tak boleh duduk diam aje… Semua nak cuba cari extra income. So she chose to berniaga with Top Leaders Circle…. And she too got almost RM5,000 for her 1st month income with all the stocks taken in April habis terjual by the time her bonus masuk…

Masya Allah.. Memang mudah sangat nak berniaga bila ada mentor yang ajarkan dan tunjukkan jalan. Platform dah ada… Ready demand dah ada.. Sekarang just perlukan semangat yang kuat untuk cabar diri untuk BUAT!

MAY would be even better because it is the final month for package melancong ke Bangkok… Can you imagine getting over RM5,000, and qualifying for a FREE VVIP travel to Bangkok? 

Imagine what you can do with the extra RM5,000… Puasa will be just around the corner. You can definitely provide some fund to your parents and also sedekah amal jariah. Banyak pahala yang kita boleh kumpul kan?  Berniaga ni bukan untuk kemewahan dunia aje.. tetapi time berniaga lah kita boleh membina saham akhirat kita juga…

Class at TLC Centre

Class at TLC Centre


Those yang want to know more on how you can join us at Top Leaders Circle, jangan malu and segan to contact me ya.  In sya Allah I am more than willing to share the opportunity with all.


My RM60,000 sales Achiver


Meet my up and rising protege, Roziah Ismail. A fellow mummy who wishes to become a mumpreneur.




She started out just as a Premium Beautiful and BVSM buyer in early December 2014.  She fell in love with all the products that she bought that had made her wonder if it is worth taking a leap of faith and venture into the business to share the greatness of the products with her family and friends.




She decided to come in with the TLC Entrepreneur Programme that entitles her to a first month bonus of over RM4,500.  However, due to unexpected demand, her first month sales alone had exceeded RM40,000, income of more than RM5,000!


BVSM Expert

BVSM Experts


This awesome lady is a go getter and never fails to amaze me with her positivity.  Despite having to juggle 4 kids and her role as a wife and daughter, she managed to grow her small team and groom them into Premium Beautiful and Bio Velocity Sleep Mate Experts.  With the knowledge that she had downloaded from TLC’s top mentors, she managed to go from zero to hero and closed sale for 4 sets of Premium Beautiful in one night!  There was no stopping her since then.


Premium Beautiful Expert

Rozi giving a health talk to a group of people at a fitness centre in Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Rozi giving a health talk to a group of people at a fitness centre in Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Premium Beautiful Experts on the road for fitting sessions

Premium Beautiful Experts on the road for fitting sessions

Premium Beautiful Experts trying to guide oversea buyers to get the correct measurements

Premium Beautiful Experts trying to guide oversea buyers to get the correct measurements

My BVSM Princess

My BVSM Princess

Did I say Princess... She should be the Queen for getting confirmed buyers for all these 12 units of BVSM!

Did I say Princess… She should be the Queen for getting confirmed buyers for all these 12 units of BVSM!

With Rozi and her business partners

With Rozi and her business partners

She is now independent enough to go about doing the business and teaching her new partners the ropes

She is now independent enough to go about doing the business on her own (with constant communication with her mentor, of course) and started teaching her new partners the ropes..


She had managed to climb up to the 2nd level in the business in her 2nd month, with total group sales of over RM60,000 that carries the title of Senior Sales Manager.  We had celebrated her achievement yesterday (Friday, 6 March 2015) during the TLC Excellence Award Ceremony. In sya Allah we will be celebrating her and team of business partners again soon during the SM/SSM Award Ceremony this coming 21 March 2015.


TLC Excellence Award Achievers

TLC Excellence Award Achievers

Rozi receiving her 60k Sales Award from CDM Salha Zain

Rozi receiving her 60k Sales Award from CDM Salha Zain

Proud mentor moment

Proud mentor moment

Congratulation dear protege.  I am so proud to have you in my team.  Looking forward to celebrate more business milestones and travel the globe together, in sya Allah.




Do drop by Rozi’s blog

at www.roziahismail.com

to find out more about how to be part of her awesome team.



A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step

Alhamdulillah… Ever since I buat business ni, I’ve been to various countries and I have achieved many rewards. Dari tak tahu buat sales, until I’ve achieve 100,000 sales in a month. Dari tak tahu online marketing, now I have nonstop people asking me about my products.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I just want to help many of you out there to achieve what I have achieved . Tak sabar nak share my knowledge and sama2 travel the world with all of you.

Zahureen_success story

For those of you that:







Look no further!



Top Leaders Circle in Gold Coast : Day 3 – Sea World

It has been awhile since the last TLC Travelog on my Gold Coast Trip last February 2014.  I can only blame that on the fact that I was too lazy to edit and choose the pictures from the trip.

Anyway, here goes…

Our group’s itinerary for the 3rd day in Gold Coast was to enjoy ourselves at the Sea World!




There were various shows running at different time slots throughout the park.  Since we were in a large group, our tourist guide advised us to watch all the shows first before exploring the park on our own.

It was typical of us, the Top Leaders Circle, to defy our tourist guide and sempat pose everywhere before the poor guy had to rush us to the auditorium.


Sempat jugak nyanyi one song for the video

Sempat jugak nyanyi one song for the video

The first show of the day was the Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show which runs daily at 10:15AM and 2:30PM.  It was about  cheeky sea lions ‘Buddy’ and ‘Clawde’ and ‘Big Al Baloney’ in a fishy tale.


Super love this shot taken by CDM Al-Faath

Super love this shot taken by CDM Al-Faath


With my mentor, CDM Salha Zain, and my hubby before the show

With my mentor, CDM Salha Zain, and my hubby before the show

They actually sell this thirst quenchers at AUD15 per bottle, which is refillable throughout the day in Sea World and Movie World.


There are also snow cones, which is a welcome in the hot summer weather in February.


The next show that we saw was the Imagine Dolphin show that runs at 11:15AM and 3:30PM daily.






After the superb dolphin show, we break for an all-you-can-eat buffet fish and chips lunch at the Sea World Resort Restaurant.


Our scrumptious lunch for the day

Our scrumptious lunch for the day

After the heavy lunch, we headed towards the final show in our agenda, The Jet Stunt Extreme, which features some of the world’s best jet ski performers.  We took the Sky High Skyway from the resort toward the main entrance where the jet ski was to be performed.



Right after the show, we split up into smaller groups to explore Sea World!  Sambil jalan we bumped into Patrick and of course we didn’t miss the photo opt when we see one.


Next it was the time to feast the thrill seekers in us.  We jumped on most of the rides, but this one, the Storm Coaster, left us with 1001 memories. Ada yang dah nak naik tetiba nak pegi toilet la, ada yang memang kecut perut from the start la, ada yang pura-pura takut la… and many more…


This picture says is all….


We survived the ride!!!


Before we left, we made a pit stop to the Shark Bay where you can actually touch the sharks! No, I didn’t have the guts to even get into the capsule.




Most pictures are courtesy of CDM Al-Faath as all my pictures in my phone got wiped out when my phone went dead a few month after the trip (another reason why I delayed the update).

We had to rushed back to the hotel early for the day to clean up for the Gala Dinner that very same night.  Will update about the dinner separately.

Sea World Travel Summary:

One Day Admission pass: AUD93 per person (We got it for FREE)

Lunch: Starting from AUD40 per person at the Sea World Resort (We got it for FREE)

Opening hours: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

For more info, do check out their official website: http://seaworld.com.au/

Check out our TLC in Gold Coast video below.  Words can only describe so much.  Watch and feel our excitement during the FREE trip.

Love to travel?

Want to join us on our next free trip?

Contact me now to find out how…


How to buy Premium Beautiful Corset

Many had been asking how to get their hands on the Premium Beautiful corset.  It is the most sought after corset in the market right now.  Why?  Because EVERY WOMAN wants to be HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG and ENERGETIC.  Some of them even wants to earn some EXTRA CASH (RM5,000+++) at the side as the added benefit of joining the Premium Beautiful business.


Well, you have come to the right place.


Premium Beautiful Classic and Elegance


All you need to do is to Contact Me and Book your appointment now!!


I am a Certified Premium Beautiful Expert

I am a Certified Premium Beautiful Expert

If you are too shy to call me, just click on the “Contact Me” tab above and fill in the form that I have prepared and list out all the questions that you have in mind.  Alternatively you can also click on the orange button on the top left side of this page.





Regardless if you are a size 6 or a size 16, you too can look great and have the confidence to flaunt your curves.  Give yourself the BEST that you deserve.  PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL had helped many women all over Malaysia and globally.

Say YES today!

10670070_934627676564752_4685429254654196706_n (1)

 Tsunami PB instant shaping

Tsunami PB Instant shaping

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