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What kind of diseases can I get from the haze?

You can get a spectrum of diseases involving your respiratory tract as you breathe in those particles, and your eyes, which is exposed to the environment.

You can get:

  • Conjunctivitis or inflammation of the eye.
  • Nasal irritation, causing you to produce a lot of mucous and start clearing your throat excessively, or sneeze and cough.
  • Throat irritation, leading to a sore throat, which in turn can produce mucous and clog up your pharynx area.
  • Lung tissue inflammation and scarring. At high levels of the haze, you may start to cough and even feel breathless. At lower levels of pollution, people with a pre-existing lung or heart disorder may start to feel breathless and cough.

So if your loved ones or friends have conditions such as asthma, heart failure or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, you should make sure they stay indoors as much as possible and avoid the haze.

It is stated that if the API goes from 50 to 150, you can see a 12% increase in upper respiratory tract diseases, a 19% increase in asthma cases, and a 26% increase in nose inflammation.


Biozone Car Sterilizer_haze
So if you spend more time in your car, you should invest in a car sterilizer that can help to purify the air in your car. Biozone car sterilizer is only RM175. This is a must have product for every car owner!
Biozone Car Sterilizer Features:

-Combines oxygen and plasma to produce ozone O3 with its advanced patented non-thermal plasma technology.

-Eliminates effectively respiratory infection pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

-Degrades volatile organic compounds (such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia), to eliminate tobacco smell and odd odours.

-Purifies and refreshes air in the car.

-Ultra-compact and delicate design for convenience and easy use.

-Safe, environmental friendly, simple and no maintenance required.


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