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Premium Beautiful: Lifetime Warranty

Before I started this business, I have never heard of any corset that has a lifetime warranty.  Until I come to know about the Premium Beautiful corset.


Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 02.24.04


The warranty covers any wear and tear of the entire Premium Beautiful set.


Terkoyak ke, tercabut cangkuk ke, besi terpatah ke, bra’s underwire dah tercabut ke.. Everything will be fixed FREE OF CHARGED!


All you need to do is just contact any Premium Beautiful agent, preferably a certified Premium Beautiful Expert like me, and we will help you send it to the factory to be fixed.  It will only take about 2-4 weeks for it to be fixed (depending on the degree of complexity) and we will deliver them back to you, as good as new!


Premium Beautiful Lifetime Warranty



So for those of you that already owns a pair of Premium Beautiful, and is wondering if the tear or default can be fixed, do contact me and I can help you out.


Seriously, buying Premium Beautiful is the best investment for everyone as you can actually wear it daily for many, many years to come.

– You can wear it before your up coming wedding to get THE shape that will blow the bridegroom away

– You can wear it to help you to conceive

– You can wear it after you have given birth, during your confinement period

– You can wear it while breastfeeding as it can help to ease the engorgement, and help with the milk production

– You can wear it anytime and anywhere as it will give you the added CONFIDENCE that will boost your inner and outer beauty.


Contact me now for FREE consultation and fitting.


Special promotion awaits.






To Look Good : Spanx vs Premium Beautiful

Few years back, after given birth to my 1st child, I did ask around other mommies what was their secret to a great figure and majority answered corsets and Spanx.






There are many corsets out there. The price ranges from few hundred ringgit to thousands of ringgit.  There are also bodysuit like Spanx that cost just a few hundred ringgit.  However, the question remains: Which one is the most effective and gives you the most value for your money?


Jessica Alba confessed that she had worn a corset after given birth to her 2 daughters to get back in shape


In terms of instant result, all corsets and bodysuits will definitely give you an instant super result.  Regardless which brand you choose, you will definitely achieve your aim of getting a great body. Again, being the devil’s advocates, how long can the corset/bodysuit lasts with constant wearing (daily with a minimum of 8 hours a day)? Are there any other benefits that you will get out of the corset/bodysuit other than the instant shaping effect?


Corset before and after_1



Corset before and after_2



Does the corset or bodysuit that you have bought or intend to buy fulfills these criteria?

  • Lifetime warranty that covers any wear and tear of the corset/bodysuit
  • Recommended by 3 International Chiropractic Associations
  • Uses the Far Infrared energy that provides many health benefits to the wearer
  • Successfully used to aid weight control
  • Helps increases body metabolism rate
  • Helps increases blood flow
  • Assist in flushing toxins from the lymph areas
  • Helps reduces body acidity
  • Helps reduces chances of blood clots
  • Helps reduces high blood pressure
  • Helps relieves muscle spasms
  • Helps reduces joint stiffness
  • Helps reduces migraine pressures
  • Helps relieves headache tension and pain
  • Helps relieves period pain
  • Helps correct the womb position after birth (use during confinement)
  • Helps reduces stretch marks after birth

Premium Beautiful corset fulfills all the criteria above.


1396883_623527827703890_1342504584_o (1)


Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 02.24.04



A friend of mine admits that she had been wearing Spanx since after she gave birth to her son, who is now 2 years old.  According to her, Spanx helps to hide the flabby tummy when she wears it.  However, all the flabbiness will re-appear once she takes it off.  Now she is a satisfied Premium Beautiful user and had admitted that she had lost few inches around her waist since she started wearing Premium Beautiful!!!!











Premium Beautiful also helps in protecting you back and giving you a better posture

Premium Beautiful also helps in protecting you back and giving you a better posture

premium beautiful before and after


Even if you buy 12 pairs Spanx – High Power High Waisted Panty at RM200 each, you will not be able to achieve the result and effect that a full set of Premium Beautiful that cost RM2,400.  Trust me, not because I have been wearing Premium Beautiful for over 2 years, but because I have the support of millions of Premium Beautiful user all across the globe that had made Premium Beautiful the Superbrand corset (high quality, high quantity).



Why pay RM200 and only use it for a few months when you can pay RM2,400 and use it for a lifetime?  Which investment makes logical sense?



Get your Premium Beautiful corset now either by cash, credit card or installment.  Contact me for the details and current promotions.













Aidilfitri 2014


I hope it is not too late to wish all readers a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin.




This year, it was our turn to celebrate Aidilfitri at my mom’s house.  Well basically, since both of our parents’ house are just 20 minutes away, so we usually take turn to spend the Raya eve at whose parents’ house first.  So tahun ni dekat rumah my mom la.








It was a complete family and it was my lil sis’s boy, Zidane’s 1st raya!  Memang excited la all 3 boys (we call them 3 Abdul) beraya this year.




And of course mesti la ada selfie Raya!




And as usual, we tried to take a proper family portrait.  Ya Allah susah nya la nak manage my 2 boys yang dah agitated and tired. Both meragam.. Sorang nak rambut cacak, sorang tak nak pakai songkok!




In the end, we decided to put the kids aside and just take a photo of both of us aje:)




After dah makan Mama’s customary nasi impit and kuah lodeh and sambal kacang, and also golek-golek ringankan perut, then we were off to Langat to beraya with Mr Judge’s family pulak.




Not before the 3 Abdul pose for the camera!




Sampai Langat pulak, terus serang my MIL’s famous Laksa Johor and rendang daging.  Huish memang tak sempat nak snap pics la because if lambat habis licin semuanya.

Alhamdulillah this year we managed to gather with everyone to record this pictures!

Really love these pics so much!










Just in case you were wondering, my family #ootd (outfit of the day) are as follows:

Mine: Jubah Dress by Zawara that I wore during the Diamond Night 2014 ceremony

Mr Judge: Custom made Baju Melayu

Kids: Ready made Baju Melayu for kids by Bak Tailor & ready made samping by Omar Ali


Hope everyone had a great Hari Raya Aidilfitri as well.

Di kesempatan ini, I would like to minta maaf jika ada tersalah kata atau terkasar bahasa selama saya menulis blog ini.  Maaf zahir & batin.



Gaya Tudung Raya 2014: Shawl Tutorial

Hijabista memang tak dapat dipisahkan dengan tudung kan.  Especially bila market sekarang pun dah cater for macam-macam jenis dan style tudung so that us ladies takde la pakai fesyen yang sama aje and always up-to-date in terms of style and trend.


For Hijabers yang follow perkembangan tudung locally, I bet you guys have your own favourites kan.


I jenis yang suka pakai shawls sebab I find it easy to handle (care) and cepat aje nak style. And also there is no specific way to style it. So kalau tak jadi pun orang takkan tau tu tak jadi and you can always cover it up saying that it is the latest fesyen! *winks*


I used to borong shawls from Arzu sampai beratus-ratus ringgit la sekali beli.  And for those yang familiar dengan salesgirls Arzu, they are very smart in terms of promoting you to buy more.  Masuk kedai dengan intention nak beli 1 shawl aje, but ended up buying like 8-10 shawls! Tu tak campur inner lagi kan… hehehe.. Siapa pernah guilty macam ni?


Arzu scarf1


Now since dah jarang sangat masuk KL, I stick to the hijab labels around Kota Damansara aje la.  There’s Al-Humaira Contemporary and also Neng Geulis just across the street from my condo.  So borong dekat situ aje la.

Well, personally, I nieh memang yang jenis tak pandai nak lilit-lilit tudung berfesyen-fesyen.  I am not the adventurous type when it comes to fashion.  Hence, you will see me with the same style of hijab most of the time.  Sometimes I try to step out from my comfort zone during events and try out new styles.  But it always stops there.

So with my latest discovery of the hijab tutorial on youtube (yeah dah tertinggal bas.. hehehe), I find it very easy nak cuba style-style hijab baru.  Ada macam-macam gaya to choose from. Sangat best!


Here’s my TOP 5 favourite Hijab Tutorial Video



I love how the video shows how simple it is to style a wide shawl.. To me, I memang bantai lilit aje wide shawls I sampai nampak macam ayam serama tengah meremang. hahaha… I am so gonna try this out soon.. Memang mengujakan kan…



Super love this Aulia Hijab by Ilham Echenta.  TLC Sisters semua la borong this tudung during the Diamond Night.  I wanted to get the Black one but it was out of stock.  Will definitely try to get it soon!



This one macam menarik because agak lain then the normal way of styling.  Plus, the shawl pun very striking and attractive.  Good change for the plain old me 🙂



I have lots of multi-colored shawls but selalu style it the same old boring way.  This is an interesting way to style it.  Sangat menarik!



I tried this style for the 2014 Diamond Night.  Kinda like it on Mizz Nina but I tried to mellow it down without the accessories.

Recieving my DSM award last June 2014

Recieving my DSM award last June 2014


Jadi tak?


Anyway, dah style shawl cantik-cantik nanti make sure muka pun mesti la cantik ya.


If you nak muka flawless for Raya, you can try minum BBplus collagen and see an instant result in just 3 days!  Customer I siap cakap jerawat dia kecut in 4 days! So for those yang ada masalah jerawat, kulit tak sekata, kulit kusam, cepat la dapatkan BBplus collagen ni cepat.


bbplus campaign_v2_BBPlus Cover

 Flawless raya testimony

Promo Flawless Raya is still on.


COD: Kota Damansara, Taman Tun, Damansara, Kepong, Selayang, Subang and Shah Alam area.

Anyway, hope you guys pun dapat a few ideas on how to style your hijab for this coming raya!



Raya dah dekat, baju Raya tak muat?!!!

Raya is just less than a week away.  Dah dapat baju raya idaman ke?


This year memang banyak betul la bazaar yang menjual persiapan raya.  Ada Vendeur Festival 2.0, Femes Bazaar Super Raya, Karnival Teratak GLAM Raya dan macam-macam lagi la. So memang we are spoilt for choice!


vendeur festival 2.0


karnival teratak glam raya

No I did not go to any of the bazaars because I ni memang tak suka tempat yang ramai orang.  Tengok pulak gambar yg macam dekat bawah ni, huish tengok gambar je pun dah rasa nak pengsan.  Tu tak pegi lagi..

karnival teratak glam raya 2

So from my observation, the most sought after baju raya for this year is the Jubah Dress.  Boleh dikatakan semua designer brands berebut kut nak keluar kan Jubah Dress yang bermacam-macam design.  Sampai I pun memang terliur la tengok.  And since banyak sangat choice, the designer ambil kesempatan untuk buat kelainan, whereby ada yang jual just through Instagram, and ada jugak yang just through Whatsapp orders.

Memang berpusu kut orders masuk.  Sampai ada yang frust menongeng tak dapat Kate Dress by Mazlianul Maznan from Ashh & Annas ni..

Kate Dress Ashh & Annas

kate dress

Gorgeous sangat ok.  If I am looking for a jubah dress, I would definitely buy this one.  I like!

Another favourite yang menjadi kegilaan ramai is the Adalia Exclusive by Zawara.  Huish I know ramai kut fellow TLC sisters yang gilakan this dress.  Ada yang sampai borong all colors ok!

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.58.07

There are also many more baju raya yang sangat menarik and also tengah hot selling dekat the latest hot muslimah boutique in town, Modvier, Bangsar, where many designer labels are housed under one stylish roof.


There’s Naelofar that sells beautiful abayas such as this most sought after Khadeeja and Kartini Abayas.

Naelofar abaya

Or you can grab the super flowy Isabelle skirts by Kree.

Isabelle kree skirt

Still tak tau nak beli yang mana satu?


Dah beli online but suddenly bila try TAK MUAT???!!!


Tu la padah nya bila beli baju online.  Sometimes there is no size charts available so kita main agak aje beli kan.  And most baju cutting dia memang lain-lain.

Now nak buat macam mana?

Advertise dekat instagram designer tu ke macam ni?

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 12.38.31

Or do this?

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.52.20

Mintak tolong someone tarikkan from the other side sampai muat?

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.54.00

Lumur butter dekat tempat yang ketat tu so that baju senang nak slide up?

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.53.26

Or try to use electric waves to burn the fat cepat..?

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 11.54.36

Lagi extreme guna dynamite?

Hahaha… you guys should really watch this video.  Well for those yang pernah rasa macam mana frustrated nya bila you cannot fit into your favourite outfit mungkin boleh relate dengan minah dalam video ni.

I dulu lepas bersalin dekat my 1st son and try to sarung my jeans rasanya macam ni jugak la.  Tidak boleh menerima kenyataan yang memang peha i dah besar..


So ada yang nak try?

Or ada cara lain tau…

Pakai la Premium Beautiful.  Memang confirm la baju cantik terletak aje raya nanti.  All the lemak yang bertingkek-tingkek semua hilang instantly and will hilang permanently dengan pemakaian yang consistent.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 02.24.04

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 02.18.04

premium beautiful

Premium Beautiful mahal?  Mana ada….

Now ni ada discounts for those yang beli cash/credit and also ada jugak installment plan as low as RM55/month untuk sesiapa yang nak bayar installment.

So ada lagi ke alasan untuk tak cantik pakai baju raya nanti?


This is me. A mother of 2 kids yang dah pakai Premium Beautiful for the past 3 years.

premium beautiful

Jom… Sempat lagi tau kalau you nak beli Premium Beautiful and pakai in time for raya.  Call/sms/whatsapp me now for a FREE fitting and consultation.

Great discounts and FREE gift awaits first 10 buyers.


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