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Nak Beli Premium Beautiful Part by Part?

Ramai yang message I tanya if they can buy just the long bra, or the waist nipper or just the long girdle…


Takde pun we all cakap you WAJIB beli satu set.  Cuma if you nak badan macam hourglass shape memang lagi best pakai satu set la kan…

Premium Beautiful part by part

Ok before I list out the prices for each individual parts, let me just recap balik apa function for each part of a Premium Beautiful corset.

Premium Beautiful is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Long Bra
  2. Long Girdle
  3. Waist Nipper

Each and every part of Premium Beautiful corset has its own unique benefits.


Long Bra


long bra_premium beautiful

  • It helps to prevent breast cancer as the pyramid shaped cup allows ventilation to the nipple.
  • The thick bra strap provides good breast support, especially for large breast.
  • Promotes natural breast enlargement as it provides good blood circulation around the breast area.
  • It helps of enhance and beautify the breast.
  • It helps to prevent gastrict, especially the abdomen area where there is FIR.
  • For breastfeeding mothers, it helps to prevent breast engorgement and also helps to stimulate milk production.


Long Girdle


long girdle_premium beautiful

  • It helps to support the uterus after birth
  • It helps to stabilise hormone
  • It helps to reduce menstrual cramps
  • It helps to encourage pregnancy
  • It helps to beautify the butt
  • It helps to reduce white discharge
  • It helps to prevent cervical cancer
  • It reduces the toxins in the body
  • It reduces the sign of stretchmarks after childbirth



Waist Nipper


waist nipper_premium beautiful

  • It provides great back support, especially for slipped disc patient
  • Helps to break small kidney stones
  • Helps to eliminate stretchmarks
  • Good for shaping the waist area
  • It helps to reduce high fever and yellow fever (for babies, just wrap the waist nipper around the baby loosely)
  • Helps with back pain and pain in the joints
  • Helps to reduce migraines and headaches


premium beautiful_zahureendotcom

So how much is the price for each parts?

Premium Beautiful Classic:

Short Bra  RM480 – RM528

Long Bra  RM780 – RM858

Waist Nipper  RM676 – RM745

Long Girdle  RM910 – 1,000

Premium Beautiful Elegance

Long Bra  RM925 – RM1,015

Waist Nipper  RM780 – RM857

Long Girdle  RM1,045 – 1,148


Why are there two sets of prices for each part?  

Well, Premium Beautiful is designed for all body sizes.  Hence, there are various sizes that are divided into two major price category, Small and Large.  

How to determine your sizes?

You can measure your 4 major body parts in centimeters, as shown in the diagram below and just contact me to get your Premium Beautiful sizes and relevant prices.


Is the price final?

Well, every customer of mine definitely will get the BEST price from me.  However, you would have to contact me to get the special price!!!  There will be a HUGE SAVINGS if you choose to buy 1 full set of Premium Beautiful Classic/Elegance 🙂

So all you have to do now is just to sms/whatsapp/telegram me at 012 284 5882 the below message:

Premium Beautiful <you choice of part><your measurement><name & location> 

and I will get in touch with you with your relevant size and your SPECIAL price a.s.a.p.

FREE GIFT awaits the first 10 buyers until 30 November 2014.

Make sure to get you Premium Beautiful from me, your Certified Premium Beautiful Expert 🙂

I am a Certified Premium Beautiful Expert

I am a Certified Premium Beautiful Expert



Belum Kahwin nak pakai Premium Beautiful

Saya anak dara lagi, perlu ke nak pakai Premium Beautiful ni kak?


Anak dara la lagi elok pakai Premium Beautiful dik oii.. Takkan la even before kawin you nak badan gelebeh (sorry for my choice of word) kalah mak budak…


Actually, kalau you pakai sebelum kawin memang lagi banyak benefits dia tau..


1) you boleh maintain shape zaman muda remaja you sampai kawin and even lepas beranak, macam my fellow TLC sister, Isma ni.. Tengok body before and after kawin, masa pregnant and even lepas berpantang, mantain aje.. Masa pregnant, kalau tengok dari belakang memang tak nampak langsung macam mak buyong..

Premium Beautiful & pregnancy


2) masa you kawin nanti, pakai baju kawin memang terletak cantik aje kat badan tau..

TRIGYY COM gambar baju kahwin scha al-yahya awal ashaari 4 6 april 2012 3



Gambar hiasan 


3) since Premium Beautiful ni a health corset, dia dapat betulkan any masalah dalaman yang berkaitan dengan rahim before you kawin.. Period problem, senggugut, rahim jatuh, keputihan, cysts and fibroid just to name a few, in sya Allah boleh dirawat. And by the time you are married memang dah ready aje nak conceive (most brides yang memang pakai Premium Beautiful masa anak dara ni memang bunting pelamin tau )




4) selalunya anak dara ramai yang ada problem sembelit.. Well i dulu pun macam tu.. Ramai customers I yang dah pakai semua Alhamdulillah cakap sembelit dah takde after guna Premium Beautiful after awhile.. Now ni memang lancar aje and on time 



5) once dah bersalin boleh guna masa berpantang sebab bengkung Premium Beautiful ni memang superb la as it helps to kecutkan rahim kita dengan elok and the long girdle tolong angkat kan rahim kita ke kedudukan yang betul balik. For breastfeeding mom pulak, say goodbye to masalah bengkak susu and in sya Allah you don’t have to worry about low milk supply as the far infra red rays dalam Premium Beautiful ni boleh tolong melancarkan perjalanan darah dekat your breast area and in a way helps to maintain your milk supply.



Ya Allah.. Kalau nak cerita kebaikan pakai Premium Beautiful ni memang seribu satu malam tak habis… Nak senang jom call I and I bagi you free fitting and consultation.. Biar you sendiri rasa the difference bila you put it on your body…




Premium Beautiful: Instant Body Shaper



Alihkan lemak and park it at the right spot and get a SEXY and CURVY-LICIOUS body instantly!

Premium Beautiful instant body shaper

Premium Beautiful instant body shaper

Premium Beautiful Experts will help you to push the excess fats in your body and lock it at the correct place.  With consistent wearing of 8 hours a day, daily, you will soon get your ideal body shape, in sya Allah.

Want to know how?

Interested? Contact me now at 012 284 5882 for the irresistible‪#‎PremiumBeautifulPromotion‬ before it’s too late..

Kenapa Premium Beautiful Mahal?

Premium Beautiful tu mahal sangat!


Tapi.. Kenapa still ada orang nak beli?


Ok jom kita fikir sejenak… Kenapa ya kereta Ferrari yang harga paling murah pun dalam RM1.7 million still ada orang beli? Sebab Ferrari tu symbolises wealth and prestige. Especially kalau yang limited edition, memang beratur kut orang nak beli. The look, the feel of the car pun dah cukup nak buat the driver feel great, sampai their confidence level pun dah sampai its peak state. Tu tak dengar deruman engine “vroooom!” dia lagi…




So kenapa Premium Beautiful tu mahal tapi still ada orang nak beli?


Well what I can say is that nama pun dah “Premium”, it is a Ferrari of all corsets. Dari pilihan material yang berkualiti, kalau kita stretch to its maximum pun still takkan berbekas. Ada anugerah Superbrand yang signifies highest in quality & quantity. Ada lifetime warranty, so kalau terkoyak, tercabut or terpatah tulang keluli boleh hantar repair FOC.

Premium Beautiful Lifetime Warranty


That is why ramai yang dah pakai Premium Beautiful ni memang pakai bertahun2.. Ada yang pakai the same set sampai 10-12 tahun! Now with the introduction of Premium Beautiful Elegance, terus the existing user grab set ke-2 so that boleh pakai ganti2.



Eh chup.. So why I cakap Premium Beautiful ni the Ferrari of all corsets? Sebab the moment you put on a pair of Premium Beautiful corset, badan you akan dipeluk dengan kain yang berkualiti and automatically badan you akan mendapat perubahan yang positive: 1) posture yang betul dan 2) bentuk badan yang menarik. Walau bagaimana besar pun badan you, you akan rasa seakan disuntik “confidence” level yang secara semulajadi akan menjadikan you rasa lebih yakin dengan diri you. You akan reach your peak state dimana you sangat yakin dengan bentuk badan you until your inner and outer beauty can shine through automatically.


Premium Beautiful corset mahal? Seriously, kalau you tau kebaikan dia and berapa banyak you will save lepas you pakai Premium Beautiful ni, baru la you will agree that it will be one of the best investment that you will make in your life.



To Look Good : Spanx vs Premium Beautiful

Few years back, after given birth to my 1st child, I did ask around other mommies what was their secret to a great figure and majority answered corsets and Spanx.






There are many corsets out there. The price ranges from few hundred ringgit to thousands of ringgit.  There are also bodysuit like Spanx that cost just a few hundred ringgit.  However, the question remains: Which one is the most effective and gives you the most value for your money?


Jessica Alba confessed that she had worn a corset after given birth to her 2 daughters to get back in shape


In terms of instant result, all corsets and bodysuits will definitely give you an instant super result.  Regardless which brand you choose, you will definitely achieve your aim of getting a great body. Again, being the devil’s advocates, how long can the corset/bodysuit lasts with constant wearing (daily with a minimum of 8 hours a day)? Are there any other benefits that you will get out of the corset/bodysuit other than the instant shaping effect?


Corset before and after_1



Corset before and after_2



Does the corset or bodysuit that you have bought or intend to buy fulfills these criteria?

  • Lifetime warranty that covers any wear and tear of the corset/bodysuit
  • Recommended by 3 International Chiropractic Associations
  • Uses the Far Infrared energy that provides many health benefits to the wearer
  • Successfully used to aid weight control
  • Helps increases body metabolism rate
  • Helps increases blood flow
  • Assist in flushing toxins from the lymph areas
  • Helps reduces body acidity
  • Helps reduces chances of blood clots
  • Helps reduces high blood pressure
  • Helps relieves muscle spasms
  • Helps reduces joint stiffness
  • Helps reduces migraine pressures
  • Helps relieves headache tension and pain
  • Helps relieves period pain
  • Helps correct the womb position after birth (use during confinement)
  • Helps reduces stretch marks after birth

Premium Beautiful corset fulfills all the criteria above.


1396883_623527827703890_1342504584_o (1)


Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 02.24.04



A friend of mine admits that she had been wearing Spanx since after she gave birth to her son, who is now 2 years old.  According to her, Spanx helps to hide the flabby tummy when she wears it.  However, all the flabbiness will re-appear once she takes it off.  Now she is a satisfied Premium Beautiful user and had admitted that she had lost few inches around her waist since she started wearing Premium Beautiful!!!!











Premium Beautiful also helps in protecting you back and giving you a better posture

Premium Beautiful also helps in protecting you back and giving you a better posture

premium beautiful before and after


Even if you buy 12 pairs Spanx – High Power High Waisted Panty at RM200 each, you will not be able to achieve the result and effect that a full set of Premium Beautiful that cost RM2,400.  Trust me, not because I have been wearing Premium Beautiful for over 2 years, but because I have the support of millions of Premium Beautiful user all across the globe that had made Premium Beautiful the Superbrand corset (high quality, high quantity).



Why pay RM200 and only use it for a few months when you can pay RM2,400 and use it for a lifetime?  Which investment makes logical sense?



Get your Premium Beautiful corset now either by cash, credit card or installment.  Contact me for the details and current promotions.













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