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Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) Murah!

BVSM promotion is back and it is better than ever!!!


BVSM Murah


Buy 1 unit @ RM1,488

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Effectively, the average price for 1 unit of BVSM is RM1,192

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What are the benefits of sleeping with BVSM?

BVSM helps to balance out our body energy that has been distorted by pollutants, diseases, virus, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and radiation. Once our body rest on BVSM, the bio velocity technology (healthy energy flow) will help to balance out the unbalanced energy that will help with the following:

✔ enhances our body metabolism rate

✔ activates the cells function

✔ promotes blood circulation

✔ enhances body resistance and improves immune system

✔ increases energy level

✔ stabilizes emotion, relieves stress and pressure

✔ reenergizes, repairs and rejuvenates cells

✔ increases vitality

✔ enhances natural healing ability

✔ balances and harmonizes the physical functions

✔ relieves fatigue and pain

✔ stimulates and regulates the autonomic nervous system

✔ promotes heart function

✔ promotes a healthy and quality sleep

The many faces of BVSM lovers

BVSM murah

BVSM promo_zahureendotcom


BVSM Testimony: Period Pain

BVSM Testimony_Preiod pain


BVSM Testimony: Back Pain

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BVSM testimony back pain


BVSM Testimony: Quality Sleep

BVSM testimony sleep


BVSM Testimony: Accident

BVSM testimony


BVSM Testimony: Cancer Survivor

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BVSM and cancer


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Happy BVSM Customer who bought 6 units for her entire family!

BVSM murah


My team of BVSM Experts

BVSM Experts



Promotion is until June 2016. So hurry and get yours now!


Premium Beautiful: Slipped Disc & Haid tak Stabil



Dulunya pernah digelar “RoboNur” sebab sukar nak berpaling ke kiri dan kanan due to multiple slipped disc yang dialami nya selepas accident few years back. CDM Nur Fadzliah had to endure sakit and kebas separuh badan yang rasa macam electric shock katanya.

The moment she slipped on a full set of#PremiumBeautiful, automatically dia boleh turn her head, which was a total surprise for her! Ya Allah, can you imagine macam mana perasaan seorang yang sakit tiba2 boleh buat benda yang dia tak boleh buat for the past few months? Happy sakan la kan… She was even more joyful lepas pakai Premium Beautiful consistently for 8 hours a day, her period that was non-stop for the past 6 years became regular after just a month! AND she managed to shed 10kgs by just wearing the magic corset consistently…….


Happy. Ecstatic. Overjoyed.

Premium Beautiful is truly designed for 70% health and 30% beauty benefits to give 100% confidence.


Contact me for FREE consultation and fitting now.


Premium Beautiful Testimonial: Period Pain

Premium Beautiful & Period Pain



Many suffers from period pain every month.  Some gets it irregularly due to their irregular menstrual cycle.  However, the pain that women experience during these times are excruciatingly unbearable.

Some use the hot water bottle to ease the pain.  Others opt for medication that only helps to take away the pain at that point of time.  They would have to take the medication on a regular basis (every time their menstrual cycle starts).  These are just temporary measures that you would have to repeat every month.

I know of a friend that would have to take MC every time she gets her period.  At times, she will take off work for 2-3 days just to overcome her period pain.  And this had affected her work performance to the extend that the HR issues her a warning for taking too many MCs in a year.  That sucks rite?

Premium Beautiful can help to ease period pain as the Far Infrared Rays (FIR) in the fabric helps to regulates the blood system in the body.  Hence, it eliminates the chances of blood clots in the body.  Most of the sickness that are related to women like migraine, period pain, fibroid, cysts can be reduced with constant wearing of Premium Beautiful for a minimum of 8 hours a day.

Here is a testimony from Salha Zain‘s client on how Premium Beautiful had helped her ease her period pain.

My friend ni ade masalah period tak teratur… tapi masalahnyer.. die sering dapat senggugut walaupun tak period.. kesian my friend nih… 2 days before die pakai PB.. senggugut die datang teruk tapi tak jugak period2.. then bile die dh received set PB die terus pakai 8 jam for that day…
after 8 jam, terkejut tak terkejutla kan… malam tu terus period… and surprisingly takde senggugut langsung… selama ni siap kene beli pil kt pharmacy nk hilangkan period pain… now even period, perut rase selesa je.. boleh siap jalan2 shopping lagi…


For those that wants to know more on how Premium Beautiful can help you to lead a better and beautiful life, contact me.



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