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BB Plus Collagen: A Super Drink

After a full day full of activity, a “Supermom” needs her booster drink: BB Plus Collagen (of course)..







– to keep her skin healthy and flawless (Supermom needs to look great without putting in much efford)

– to provide her with the anti-oxidant, vitamin C andfibre that her body needs (She’s too busy with all the Supermom tasks that she needs 1 drink that will provide her with nutrients needed)

– with all the hectic schedules, she needs to make sure that all her joints are ok and intact…

– deep sea fish collagen acts as a milk booster to ensure the Supermom can supply enough milk for her Superbaby…



So for all the Supermoms out there, here is a solution for your current problem.


Drink BB Plus Collagen!



WA this Supermom at 012 284 5882 to order..



Disclaimer: This drink can also help all Superdads, Supergirls and Superboys too… 😉 Let us all be Super together!



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Top Leaders Circle in Gold Coast : Day 1 – The Departure

It has been over a month since the trip, however the memories are still vivid in my mind.


My very first FREE trip with the Top Leaders Circle…


Happy sangat because this was our first trip since we got kids.  So kira macam 2nd honeymoon la after almost 6 years of marriage.  And it was FREE!


TLC in Gold Coast_Day1_zahureendotcom


We were scheduled to depart from KLIA to Brisbane via Singapore on the 13th of February 2014 at around 10pm.  After sorting out the logistics for our kids, we finally left for the airport at around 5pm… Yes during the rush hours…


Alhamdulillah sempat sampai airport by 6pm at the time scheduled by our Tour Guide to collect the itinerary and travel details.


keep calm and gold coast with TLC_zahureendotcom


This was the t-shirt that we wore on the 1st day…


TLC in Gold Coast_Day1_zahureendotcom_1


With fellow TLC members that qualified for the trip. All pumped up for the joyride…

TLC in Gold Coast_day1_zahureendotcom_2

Monopod time…. This is the trip that introduces me to the meaning of “group selfie”…

The trip from KLIA to Changi took about 45 minutes and this time around we were booked on the Silk Air flight that was code sharing with SIA to Brisbane.

Hubby and I didn’t manage to get our dinner at KLIA and was so thankful that the Company had arranged for everyone on the trip to receive a SGD20 Changi Airport voucher that entitles us to redeem it at any store in Changi Airport. Alhamdulillah… I was seriously shocked as never in my 10 years working life that the companies that I had worked for actually gave me vouchers/pocket money for me to spend during airport transits. Mind you I had travelled quite a bit during my time in one of the GLCs and had spent quite a number of hours in Changi Airport… but I had to spend my own pocket money la kan…

TLC in Gold Coast_day1_zahureendotcom_3

Since there were 2 of us, so we had SGD40 to spend. Unfortunately, our connecting flight was due to depart in an hour time.  Hence, there was no time to spare to roam the mall, though I wished I could peaked into the Pandora store or even all the other great stores that they have in Changi Airport Mall.  So we just spent 1 voucher for iced coffee and sandwiches and saved the other for our trip back home…

Our connecting flight to Brisbane was a Singapore Airline plane.  I super love flying with Singapore Airline as their service is top notch.  I remember the time when I flew on Singapore Airline to Japan to visit my sister and they actually served Haagen Daaz ice cream for dessert! And during another trip to Istanbul few years back, I had the privileged to travel on Business Class as it was a company paid trip.  The meal served on board during that trip was fabulous!

It was actually great that the Company had arranged for a night flight as we would be able to start the next day fresh and ready to discover Gold Coast.  I was made to understand that all the trips are arranged as such to maximise the time for the tour. Memang best and untung sangat travel with the Company.  Everything has been arranged for us from the flight, transit, transport, accommodation, food and also programs. We just have to follow the timing, bawak baju and duit for shopping aje… I LIKE!

Wait for my next entry on Day 2 in Gold Coast, Australia…

Till then, enjoy the video…

TLC in Gold Coast from alfaath on Vimeo.


TLC in Shanghai_zahureendotcom

Interested to travel for FREE?

Contact me now…


Top Leaders Circle in Gold Coast, Australia

It has been a superawesome trip…


Fully sponsored…


All you need to bring was just shopping $$$…


I will elaborate more about the trip soon…


For now, enjoy the video clip that has been put together by our great sifu, CDM Al-Faath..


TLC in Gold Coast from alfaath on Vimeo.



Our next FOC trip would be to Shanghai in September.. Want to join us? Contant me now to find out how…



My Bio Velocity Sleep Mate a.k.a #tilamkuat testimony

Bio Velocity Sleepmate had been proven to help many to regain their health.  It has also been nicked as #tilamkuat for its “hidden” benefits *wink*


bvsm testimonies_zahureendotcom


My family’s very own testimonies after using Bio Velocity Sleep Mate:


Myself: I am a breastfeeding mom whose 13 month old boy still wakes up every few hours to feed.  Despite the lack of sleep, I now can rise early in the morning feeling fresh and can continue doing my daily routine without feeling tired. I can go about my duty as a mom and a businesswoman from morning til about 1 am at night without having to nap in between (I don’t have the time to nap even if I want to)…


My husband: He used to feel tired even after 8 hours of sleep.  He constantly need to nap during the day (especially during weekends) as his body feels weak.  However, after sleeping with Bio Velocity Sleep Mate only for a day, he woke up feeling great and after 10 months of using Bio Velocity Sleep Mate, he seldom need to nap during the day (only when he puts the kids to sleep). Oh and he had stopped snoring, which does wonders to my ears *grins*!


My 1st son: He used to wake up feeling grumpy and tired, especially when he slept late during the night. Now he will be up as soon as “Mr Sun” wakes up and starts singing his “Good morning” song.  His allergy is also gone as Bio Velocity Sleep Mate is made from anti-dust mite material…

bvsm_noah_beautiful pleasure zahureendotcom_kids



My 2nd son: This 13 months old boy had the advantage of sleeping with Bio Velocity Sleep Mate since he was close to 2 months old.  Oh what a difference it has made to his growth.  Like any other plants that has the advantage to soak in the sun to grow, so is my Zayd Harith having the advantage of having quality sleep with Bio Velocity Sleep Mate.  He can roll over after 3-4 weeks post-BVSM. Now at 13 months, he has started to walk, run and can even pronounce few words (though it is still blurry), do everything that his brother cannot do at his age.  I am seriously amazed with his development. Coincidence? I don’t think so.




My sister: She had just given birth to my nephew 5 weeks ago and started using Bio Velocity Sleep Mate since the day she gave birth. I was really surprised to see her walking about with a healthy glow just the day after she gave birth! She told me that she just had few hours of sleep the day before. However, despite the few hours, I guessed it must have been a quality one. Her newborn baby also had benefited from BVSM too!  After wrapping the crying baby with BVSM, he instantly calmed down and slept for almost 2 hours before his next feed.  Bio Velocity Sleep Mate is a heaven sent for new moms!


BVSM Testimony_zahureendotcom

BVSM testimony1_zahureendotcom


My mom and aunty: After taking care of my sister during her confinement period, the 2 “veteran” ladies were very tired one night after a hectic day.  They took a nap on the Bio Velocity Sleep Mate at about 12 am and Mom said she woke up few hours later for Tahjudd prayers without feeling tired.  Moreover, both ladies were up early the next day cleaning the entire house like an energizer bunny.. Mind you, my mom is 63 years old!


My Father in-law: He suffered from a kidney failure some time last year and had to go through a series of dialysis and hospitalisation.  He was really frail and weak due to the treatment and ordeal.  Furthermore, he couldn’t get decent sleep due to his illness. We had purchased the Bio Velocity Sleep Mate for him and after the 2nd week when we called home and asked my Brother in-law, his remark was, “Ayah dah boleh marah-marah I dah… dah sihat la tu”.. My FIL actually looked better after few weeks post-BVSM. And now after 5 months of using it, he can drive down to Johor from KL every few days for massage (don’t ask me why he needs to drive that far though).


So there you go…. 1 Bio Velocity Sleep Mate but different testimonies… Many can benefit from it. You can read more real life testimonies here.


Also you can check our Top Leaders Circle’s official website on BVSM: www.biovelocitysleepmate.net for more info.


If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, parents or even parent in-law, why don’t you invest in a Bio Velocity Sleep Mate and give them the best gift that they can get, a quality sleep = quality life.


The current promotion is not to be missed….






BB Plus Collagen and Your Skin

BB Plus Collagen has been proven to help many with their skin problems.




Dark skin due to over-exposure to the sun


Dull skin

And many more…


How does BB Plus Collagen help with the skin?


BB Plus Collagen delivers 7 beauty effects:

1. It promotes radiant and brighter complexion

2. It improves skin firmness and elasticity

3. It promotes smoothness and suppleness to the skin

4. It improves skin moisturisation level

5. It reduces visibility of fine lines and wrinkles

6. It promotes healing & repair

7. It reduces effect from sun damage


With the help of the super ingredients in BB Plus like fish collagen and its other co-factors, i.e. grape seed extract, blackcurrant juice (source of vitamin C) and also apple fibre, BB Plus functions to repair, rebuild and renew the collagen chain in our body.

BB Plus_3steps_zahureendotcom

Many of us wants fast result for each product that we try.  For instance, we buy a whitening moisturiser in order to get a lighter complexion.  We apply the moisturiser to our skin daily with the hope that the skin will get brighter the next day.  However, little did we realise that in order for the skin to get lighter, it needs to go through an overhaul (repair) process deep within the skin.

It is like when our car gets knocked by another car and we are left with a damaged bumper.  In order to fix it, the mechanic need to disassemble the bumper, put some heat to the inner part of the bumper to soften it in order to mould it back to its original shape.  Once done, a fresh coat of paint needs to be applied before the bumper can be attached to its original position.  Please excuse my layman terms ya as I am not a car repair expert… But you get the drift right…

The same thing can be applied to our skin when we drink BB Plus Collagen.  BB Plus helps to flush out the toxins in our body to get rid of all the things that had been damaging our skin, and replaces the damaged and weak collagen chain with new peptide collagen that is small enough to absorb easily into our skin.  Next, it helps to strengthen and protect the collagen chain through the anti-oxidant process which it gets from the grape seed extract in BB Plus.  Lastly, with constant intake of BB Plus, it helps to promote new collagen cell growth which will keep our skin looking young and healthy.


That makes sense right?


So what more can we ask for in order to get a great beauty regime…. You just need BB Plus Collagen… 1 sachet a day, everyday for 3 months. And subsequently, 1 sachet a day, every 2 days for maintenance purposes.


I have been taking BB Plus Collagen daily since 9 months ago and this is the result:

BB Plus Testimony_zahureendotcom

My dark skin is now much lighter and the uneven skin tone, especially near my chin is now less visible.  What I love most is the fact that I don’t have to use any moisturiser anymore to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day. Even after spending the whole day in an airconditioned room, my skin does not dry up like it used too… Less money spent on moisturisers… Seriously, BB Plus Collagen is a value for money product as it does not only gives you a natural healthy glow, it also provides many other health benefits that comes with the co-factor ingredients that I have mentioned earlier.

Want to try out a 5-day trial pack for just RM45?  


Want to grab the buy 3 boxes and get 1 Tupperware Eco bottle for FREE?


Email/call/whatsapp me now




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