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Muffin with Ummi Day @ The TreeHouse Playchool

In conjunction with the Mother’s Day celebration, Noah’s playschool, The TreeHouse Playschool (TTH), had organised a “Muffin with Ummi Day” on the 15th of May, Thursday. So all mommies were invited to the event according to the kids’ group…

Muffin with Ummi_zahureendotcom1



The playschool was beautifully decorated with colorful and cute decors by all the creative aunties of TTH.. I super love the dining are where they hanged the colorful paper balls and rosettes… Memang cantik ok!



The highlight for the day was the muffin baking session between mom and son/daughter… Noah was super excited to be able to bake! Look at his face….


muffin with ummi_zahureendotcom



We were guided, step by step, by the ever patient Aunty Mum on how to bake the muffins.  The kids were introduced to the ingredients and taught now to mix them up one by one into a batter.  Then they were allowed to add food colorings to the batter.. This was Noah’s favourite part where he started mixing all the colours together sampai mummy’s fingers and his shirt all kena smudges.. 🙂



While the muffins were in the oven, it was time for the kids to reveal their “secret” performance. Why I said secret was because Noah had been keeping it under wraps for almost 2 weeks, trying hard not to spoil the surprise.  He would drop hints but when pressed for details, he would said “oh but I forgot mummy!”… Yeah right :p








The kids were super cute performing the M.O.M.M.Y song (it goes to the tune of B.I.N.G.O song)…


Right after the performance, we had a story telling time by Aunty Mum.  The story was all about why kids should love their mommies… 🙂




After the session. we mommies were presented with a gift that was made by our kids… Tears started creeping out when Noah presented me with the gift and said “I love you Mummy!”.. Never had I ever imagined to be able to be with him at school, baking, singing and even listening to stories with him without even looking at the time to check if I should be running back to work.






Oh yeah.. this was the result of our muffins… It was surprisingly good tau… hehehe





It was a wrap… Hope to be able to attend more events with Noah and, in sya Allah, Zayd too in the future.. This mumpreneur is definitely putting her kids needs above and beyond everything else…





Thank you to the aunties and crew of The TreeHouse Playschool for making it such a memorable event for us, mommies…




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