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Peluang Buat Duit Raya: Pengedar Diperlukan


Nak tak kalau I share kan cara macam mana nak buat duit raya dalam RM100-200 SEHARI?


Don’t worry, ini memang bukan skim cepat kaya sebab memang melibatkan jual-beli produk.


I akan share kan Teknik 5D: DUDUK DIAM-DIAM (dengan smartphone) DAPAT DUIT.


Nak tau macam mana semua orang dalam gambar dibawah ni tiba-tiba mencanak-canak sales masuk dalam beberapa jam?


duit raya 2016


Jom I ajarkan!



Hanya kena pandai COPY & PASTE sahaja


duit raya pengedar diperlukan


Whatsapp/Telegram segera!



Raya Oh Raya! Duit Raya tak cukup….

Before it is too late, let me wish all my readers Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.. it has been 8 days since the Muslims started to fast… And many had already started their Raya preparations kan…

If you are an avid online shopper, you will be spoilt for choices of beautifully designed Baju Raya by the local designers…

Rizalman for Zalora

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 14.14.02

Emel by Melinda Looi

emel by melinda looi

And for those that loves to get good bargains under one roof will surely serbu the KL Raya Fest 2015 that will be happening on the 11th to 13th of July 2015.

Mood republik iklan

Shopping tu shopping jugak but the problem for most this year is that most companies would be paying out July salary before raya! Yeay….. why is that a problem? Well, it would definitely be happy news for all in July.. However, August salary will be paid on the normal 21-25th of the month. Hence, that would be more than 50 DAYS without pay.

If you are the organised type, then congratulations….it would be no problem for you. However, most of us would normally be spending most of June and July salary for raya preparations and maybe for post-raya open house expenses. In the end, makan biskut raya aje nak survive sampai end of August?

For us in Top Leaders Circle, Alhamdulillah… We have already hedge our future financial woes by opting to make duit raya extra. Why? Because our monthly bonus payout is on the 11th of every month..

25th June   Salary Pay-Out

9th July      Salary Pay-Out

11th July     TLC Bonus Pay-Out

11th August  TLC Bonus Pay-Out

25th August   Salary Pay-Out

So… bila semua duk tengah kering tak ada duit… We at TLC are secured to have our bonus paid out during raya!

And our Raya bonus bukan kecik-kecik tau!

Duit raya 2015

duit raya 2015

duit raya 2015

Duit raya 2015

Duit Raya 2015

Duit raya 2015

Duit raya 2015

From a junior manager’s salary to CEO’s salary.  The option is available for those who work for it… With the simple duplicable system, now everyone can raya with a smile!

Best tak kalau boleh beli extra baru raya for yourself and family?

Best tak kalau boleh bagi duit raya GEMUK to your parents and in-laws this raya?

Best tak kalau boleh buat amal jariah yang lebih this year?

Best tak kalau ada duit extra for all of the above?

Best tak kalau tak payah fikir macam mana nak survive for the next 50 days after raya?

Jom jadi macam all of us and take the 1st step towards financial freedom!

Duit raya 2015 11018570_10152776183082714_4918422809063585836_n 11188235_10152785301932714_2102319390498673344_n 11222679_10152785301557714_499207822888157909_n 11295720_10152776183047714_2555982861586688874_n 11377180_10152776183012714_517334749957611495_n


Side Income over RM5,000 in a month!

Betul ke jual Premium Beautiful ni boleh dapat income 4 angka?

Well, bukan aje 4 angka, you can get income 4-angka GEMUK… and if you gandakan sikit usaha you nak capai income 5-angka dalam 2-3 bulan pun memang not impossible…

Take these young ladies as contoh:

This young mother boleh bagi 1,001 alasan untuk tidak berniaga.. Anak kecik… Tak ada pengasuh… Duduk jauh… dan macam-macam lagi.. Tapi dia nekad nak ubah cara hidup dan tingkatkan ekonomi keluarganya… So she made a decision untuk berniaga dengan Top Leaders Circle in April. 12hb May, she got a shock when she checked her bank balance.  RM4,249.41 were banked into her account and the balance was banked into her husband’s account, since he was her business partner.  Mana tak terkejut. RM5,000 tu lebih dari gaji hakiki dia dan husband!!! Tu tak campur untung runcit yang hampir RM5,000 lagi lepas habis semua set tuh dijual (which dah habis pun sebab Premium Beautiful ni memang laku macam goreng pisang panas!).

Side income RM5,000 in the first month

This lady is just a housewife.  She was struggling to make ends meet, juggling the depleting household income.  Dengan GST lagi.. memang la semua tak boleh duduk diam aje… Semua nak cuba cari extra income. So she chose to berniaga with Top Leaders Circle…. And she too got almost RM5,000 for her 1st month income with all the stocks taken in April habis terjual by the time her bonus masuk…

Masya Allah.. Memang mudah sangat nak berniaga bila ada mentor yang ajarkan dan tunjukkan jalan. Platform dah ada… Ready demand dah ada.. Sekarang just perlukan semangat yang kuat untuk cabar diri untuk BUAT!

MAY would be even better because it is the final month for package melancong ke Bangkok… Can you imagine getting over RM5,000, and qualifying for a FREE VVIP travel to Bangkok? 

Imagine what you can do with the extra RM5,000… Puasa will be just around the corner. You can definitely provide some fund to your parents and also sedekah amal jariah. Banyak pahala yang kita boleh kumpul kan?  Berniaga ni bukan untuk kemewahan dunia aje.. tetapi time berniaga lah kita boleh membina saham akhirat kita juga…

Class at TLC Centre

Class at TLC Centre


Those yang want to know more on how you can join us at Top Leaders Circle, jangan malu and segan to contact me ya.  In sya Allah I am more than willing to share the opportunity with all.


Opportunity for students to earn a side income!

Are you a Student looking for ways to supplement your monthly expenses but has no capital to start your own business?


earn side income for students_zahureendotcom


Here is your chance to earn a side income…


Do you spend most of your time daily on facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube and other social media applications?  Do you know that you can actually make money via these social media applications?  Well, let me teach you how…

Social Media Logotype Background


I am running a Young Entrepreneur Programme where I will provide basic training for interested students that are keen to earn some extra cash.  No basic selling skills required as everything will be guided.  Furthermore, the products that will be offered are top of the line products that does not really need much introduction in the market.


By enrolling yourself in the Young Entrepreneur Programme, you will instantly get the chance to earn a minimum of RM100 per week and also stand a chance to be part of one of the best online business group, the Top Leaders Circle (TLC)!



Who is TLC?

We are a group of young Omnipreneurs (people who does business anywhere and everywhere via online and social media networks) who has been elected as the Sohonita Icon Malaysia by Datuk Seri Shahrizat earlier in February 2013.  Our team comprises of professionals from various industries and also people from all walks of life.  We aspire to teach people on how online business is the way to go by providing training and coaching on online business and social media marketing.






No capital is required for this programme.


Young Entrepreneurial Programme will run from 18 November to 21 December 2013.



Call/whatsapp me now for details at 012 284 5882.



Hurry and grab this great opportunity to earn some cash now!



SohoBiz 2013

Wish to become a successful entrepreneur, working from home and earning a CEO income?

Stay at home mom_beautiful pleasure

Wish no more….

You are cordially invited to attend a free seminar: SOHOBIZ 2013 this weekend.

SOHOBIZ2013_beautiful pleasure1This seminar is open for the Malaysian public who are interested to start their own business, generate a part-time/full-time income, and also for those who wants to have fun while doing it…

Our guest speakers bukan calang-calang orang… They are the best of the best in the industry!

SOHOBIZ2013_beautiful pleasure 2I once paid almost RM1,500 to attend one of Irfan Khairi’s Internet Business seminar almost 5 years ago.  He is the first online millionaire, and in fact is one of the youngest in Malaysia.  His techniques are proven to be effective and workable.  And if you attend SOHOBIZ 2013, you get to learn them for FREE!

SOHOBIZ2013_beautiful pleasure 3Our very own CDM Salha Zain is also one of the speakers for the SOHOBIZ 2013 seminar.  Come learn her secret of generating sales from zero to RM15 million in 3 years just through blog and facebook.  She is just a typical jane, a full time housewife with only RM14.60 in her bank account.  Now she has been selected as the Malaysian Sohonista Icon and earning a 6-figure monthly incomeSuperb? Fabulous? Indeed!  So, this is the free platform for you to download ilmu from her…

Registration is FREE.  However, since seats are limited, please email/text/whatsapp me your contact details (full name, email address and phone number) soon.

Trust me, you would not want to miss this great opportunity!

SOHOBIZ2013_beautiful pleasure 4


012 284 5882


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