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Final Red Carpet Event 2013

I was privileged to attend last Saturday’s red carpet event at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC).  It was the Company’s 21st Anniversary Event.  This year’s theme was “Bridging People Across Boundaries”.  It was really a great event, celebrating all the newly crowned Crown Diamond Managers (CDM) of 2013.

TLC also celebrated the day as one of us, CDM Izyan Liyana, was one of the CDM that were crowned that day.  We are so very proud of her for achieving RM2,000,000 sales volume in business.  Superb achievement!  In sya Allah my target is to take centerstage during next year’s event. Doa kan la ya…

Managed to throw on something nice and dolled up for the day.


Picture taken by Khairil Khairudin and taken from CDM Salha’s blog

Being the simple me, I opted for a simple yet elegant jumpsuit and had paired it up with a chiffon cardigan by Al-Humaira Contemporary.

The event started off with the new Premium Beautiful Elegance launch, with the Brazilian Model, Dani Maia modelling the corset on the runaway.  Will update more on this later.

Here are the pictures from the event courtesy of my mentor, CDM Salha Zain’s photographer, Khairil Khairudin.

Salha Zain MUT21_zahureendotcomMy Mentor, CDM Salha Zain, looking gorgeous in black

Salhazain MUT21 (2)_zahureendotcom


The main man in TLC, CDM Al-faath looking sharp in black tux

Nurul MUT21_zahureendotcom

Platinum Team leader, Nurul Asyikin look so beautiful in this dress…

Nik MUT21_zahureendotcom

My protege, Nik Ruhaya. Watch out for this one, she is my rising star!

TLC MUT21_zahureendotcom













Misha Omar performing during the MUT Event…

The event was really an eye opener that everyone can achieve their dream.  They only need to work for it (and tawakkal to Allah s.w.t) and in sya Allah, success is theirs.  So I am all set to achieve my target for 2014.  Time to chart my journey to the next Anniversary Red Carpet Event in 2014.

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Top Leaders Circle has gone Global!

This is one reason why I love my business group, the Top Leaders Circle.  Our commitment to strive forward to upgrade ourselves and our values had been recognised worldwide.

Recently, TLC leader, Salha Zain, was picked by the editor of a New York magazine, Worthy, to be featured on the front cover of its magazine.  Our very own TLC sister had managed to be spotted by a New York magazine for her success in her online business.  How often do you see a Malaysian in an international magazine, let alone a New York magazine?  Hooray for TLC!



Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.57.03 PM


Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.57.27 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.57.43 PM


You can read all about it here.


Come and join us, the Top Leaders Circle, and be inspired by our team of dynamic leaders.


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Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

It is here again!

The holy month of Ramadhan….

I would like to wish all readers of this blog a blessed Ramadhan. Semoga segala amalan kita diterima olehNya.  InsyaAllah…


In conjunction of this holy month, every purchase of Premium Beautiful corset, Bio Velocity Sleep Mate, Biozone Food Purifier, BB Plus Collagen, Marine Essence Personal Care series and all other Hai-O products from me, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to charity (I shall announce the name of the charity body once confirmed).  So, let’s shop for a good cause!


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Congratulations Top Leaders Circle!




Alhamdulillah syukur ke hadrat Allah…Segala usaha kami akhirnya membuahkan hasil..

Kejayaan demi kejayaan oleh TLC membuatkan kami sangat bangga berada di bawah TLC..

TLC bukan sahaja menjadi perhatian pihak media tempatan malah luar negara…

Top Leaders Circle menjadi perhatian oleh pihak akhbar dan televisyen No.1 Malaysia iaitu akhbar Berita Harian, The Star, New Straits Times, Kosmo rancangan Astro Awani, TV3, TV9, TV1, dan Bernama…





Memang terbukti kejayaan TLC ialah kejayaan berkumpulan kerana usahawan-usahawan di bawah TLC telah menjadi perhatian dan terpilih untuk berkongsi kejayaan mereka dan perspektif tentang fesyen oleh salah satu majalah terkemuka Malaysia iaitu Majalah Hijabista untuk 8 keluaran berturut-turut…


Bukan itu sahaja, kejayaan usahawan di TLC juga dikagumi dan telah menjadi perhatian media antarabangsa dan terpilih oleh sebuah majalah online terkemuka iaitu majalah “Worthy Magazine” dari New York, Amerika Syarikat..

Dan pada tahun ini TLC sekali lagi berjaya mendapat 2 pengiktirafan iaitu TLC telah dinobatkan gelaran “Ikon Sohonita Malaysia” oleh Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Pengerusi Pembangunan Wanita dan Keluarga kerana kejayaan usahawa TLC menjadi inspirasi kepada semua rakyat Malaysia dan membantu usahawan-usahawan berniaga secara online..TLC juga telah dijemput untuk menjadi ahli panel pada forum-forum keusahawanan untuk para wanita dari seluruh negara anjuran Sohonita Malaysia..

TLC_sohonista icon

Selain itu, TLC juga telah terpilih dan diberi penghormatan oleh syarikat sebagai salah satu kumpulan terbaik di Malaysia dan telah terpilih mewakili syarikat untuk memberi ucapan di majlis gilang gemilang yang dianjurkan oleh syarikat iaitu Majlis Diamond Night pada 22 Jun 2013…

tlc_diamond night 2013


This is where it all started… Watch the video and be prepared to be inspired!


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Project Sampul Duit Raya Gemoksss

Can you recall the joy that you felt during hari raya when you were young?

New baju raya…

raya4_beautiful pleasureNew shoes…

Kuih Raya…

raya3_beautiful pleasureand most importantly (for kids la kan)… DUIT RAYA!

raya5_beautiful pleasure

Those were the most important things for kids when it comes to Hari Raya…


Now, as an adult, you would have to ensure that there is enough cash/savings to be spent for Raya…

No doubt that our ibadah (fasting and solat tarawikh) are important and should be given our utmost priority during Ramadhan.

However, our duty as a parent and also as a daughter/son to our parents is to make sure that they have all the necessary means to celebrate Syawal joyously.

Even though our parents would not ask for much, you definitely would love to see the joy on their face when you buy them new baju raya or baju melayu to be worn on Raya morning.

Even though our parents did not ask for money, you would love to see the glow on their faces when you hand them a huge, fat angpau during the raya morning.

raya_beautiful pleasureEven though our parents said that they have everything under control, you would love to seem them gleaming with pride when you take charge and buy them the kuih raya and maybe new furniture for the house.

It is not that you are trying to show off.  No, that should be last thing on your mind when you do all of the above.

What you want to do is just to make them happy, like how they have made you happy during Hari Raya when you were small.

What you want to do is just to shower them with love, just like how they have showered you with their love when you were small.

raya2_beautiful pleasure

The question is…….

How can you get an extra RM3,000 or RM5,000 or even RM10,000 in time for raya?  You current monthly expenses does not allow you to save as much to be spend for raya?


Trust me…. There is a legit way to make RM10,000 in time for raya this year.  I will try my best to share my knowledge that I have been privileged to learn from the leaders of Top Leaders Circle.

It has been proven that many has successfully achieved their target to fatten up their sampul duit raya last year.  Hence, the project continues this year…

This is the wonders of doing business the Top Leaders Circle way.  Everything is guided and if you just follow your mentor, InsyaAllah, success will entails.


So, let’s set a target to do more amal jariah this year, besides making our parents and children happy.  Donate some extra cash to the needy.  Spread the joy by providing the orphans new baju raya and maybe some angpau to brighten their Hari Raya.


Want to fatten up your sampul duit raya this year?

Let’s activate our Sampul Duit Raya Gemoksss project now!

Email/call/whatsapp me…


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