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Confession of a Workaholic

Yes… I am a workaholic…

I have been working non-stop for the past two months.  When I said non-stop, I meant more than 12 hours a day for 7 days a week.

It is not something that I am proud of – less time spent with the family.  However, I am the type of person that takes responsibility very seriously.  Hence, when the work is expected to be completed within the given time, I will make sure that it will be ready by then.

Despite the hectic work schedule, I had managed to spread the Premium Beautiful love to others and was so happy that I was able to share the greatness of the Premium Beautiful product and business.  Alhamdulillah, 2 clients were satisfied with the their very own Premium Beautiful sets.  It just gives me pleasure to hear their rapid development from the moment they slip into their Premium Beautiful sets.

That is the beauty of this business… Not only does it give you the opportunity to earn extra income to sustain in the current high economic condition, it also gives you the pleasure of being able to help others to achieve their goal in reducing weight, gaining self-confidence and even cure sickness (InsyaAllah).  The feeling is GREAT!

Oh, we also managed to squeeze in a Premium Beautiful tuition session last month.  I am truly grateful to have 2 great business partners that were willing to sacrifice their Sunday afternoon to equip me with the knowledge on the business and product.  I would not be where I am now without DSM Nurul Asyikin and DSM Nor Irdawati… They are the ones that have been constantly motivating and encouraging me to pursue my quest in this Premium Beautiful business.

The lovely Irda & Nurul


I also had the opportunity to meet my idol in this Premium Beautiful business, CDM Salha Zain!!!  Even though the meeting was brief, the advice that she had shared was enough to motivate me to charge ahead and not look back.  Thank you so much, Salha!

20-weeks pregnant me, Beautylicious Salha & lovely Irda

So, despite the hectic schedule, with the right attitude and great support group, you can still succeed in this Premium Beautiful business.

Don’t forget, the London & Paris promotion is still ON.  So come on and join our bandwagon as we fly our way to London & Paris, in style!

Let’s talk.

zahureen @ 012 284 5882


Confession of a Selective Buyer

I must confess that I am a selective buyer… Not picky, just selective 😉

When we shopped for baby stuffs b.n (before Noah), I specifically searched for stuffs that can last me for at least 3-5 years.  I don’t mind paying a slightly higher price if it means that the product is durable and can be used from the infant to toddler stage.  Hence, we bought a stroller that can be used from the age of 0 – 5 years, car seat that can be used from the age of 0 – 5  years and a crib that can be converted to a little bed for toddler.

To me, the most important things to consider when making huge purchases are (in no specific order) quality, reliability, comfort, ease of use, brand reputation, positive user feedbacks and value for money.

Even when it comes to buying groceries for the family, I would rather pay a little bit more to get quality products to be consumed on a daily basis.

I would buy a good 3-ply tissue as I believe it reduces the need to use more than 1 piece per use (you know how some people will pull out 3-4 pieces of tissue at one time because the tissue paper is too thin to absorb the moisture).

I would buy a 100% fruit juice with no added sugar instead of the normal juice as it provides more health benefits to the family, despite the price per carton is RM2 more than the normal juice.

I would drive all the way to Jaya Grocer every weekend to get the fresh fish that were brought from Kuala Selangor just because I know for a fact that I will get fresh and high quality fish from the store.  I have tried buying fish from the local so-called pasar tani that had hiked up the fish prices only to find that the fish are not fresh!

That is the reason why I chose to get a Samsung Galaxy SII instead of the iPhone 4S.

That is also why I chose to purchase Premium Beautiful over many other lingeries in the market.  The product is well known and ranks high in quality and comfort.  It has been awarded as a Superbrand, a recognition that is only awarded to products with high quality and volume.  It also comes with a lifetime warranty that reminds me to Crumpler‘s (the bag) warranty tagline – Til Death Do Us Part Warranty :).

Premium Beautiful is also designed for 70% health and 30% beauty.  Hence, it is of no surprise that it has been recognised by 3 International Chiropractic Associations and recommended by many doctors in Malaysia.

Premium Beautiful does not only help me to lose weight.  It also helps me to become healthier and lead a better lifestyle.

Once you put all the above points plus many more benefits of Premium Beautiful together, it is no doubt that Premium Beautiful gives you value for your money.

Over and above it all, Premium Beautiful is also providing me the opportunity to be financially independent via its Business Opportunity.

What else can I ask for, rite?  To be beautiful, healthy and wealthy (insyaAllah)…

I have made the right choice…. Have you?

Come and experience the wonders of Premium Beautiful… For more details on how to own a pair of Premium Beautiful or how to join the greatness of Premium Beautiful Business, drop me an email at zahureen@gmail.com or call/text me at 012 284 5882.

Premium Beautiful Feedback #2


Mr. Judge’s cousin is one of my Premium Beautiful customer.  She is getting married real soon and had purchased a set in anticipation to look great on her wedding day.


Below is her testimonial after 1 month of wearing Premium Beautiful….


I am sure the flabby tummy will disappear with continuous wear of Premium Beautiful as it helps to tuck in all the excess fat and skin in all the right places.

Am very excited to see her looking gorgeous in her wedding dress in 2 weeks time!  Will definitely update with her picture when the time comes!



For more information on how Premium Beautiful can change your life, do email me at zahureen@gmail.com or call me at 012 284 5882.


Confession of a Delighted Wife

I am so delighted!

He is delighted too!

I have mentioned in my earlier post that my husband had agreed to try out the Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper.

Today, I am happy to report that his tummy had ‘mengecut dengan jaya nya’… It is not totally gone.  He still has a long way to go.  However, we are both delighted to see the continuous progress…  I shall let the pictures below do the talking.

Mr Judge’s Progress log:

Start date: 17 January 2012
Start Weight: 117 kg

Current date: 4 March 2012
Current Weight: 112 kg

The best thing about Mr Judge’s experience is that he did not noticed his shrinking tummy until I pointed it out to him.  When he 1st started wearing the Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper, he had some extra bulge peeking out below the waist nipper.  Now, the extra bulge is no longer there.  He can also see his toes now without having to peek over his tummy!

His comment this morning was, “I actually stepped on the weighing scale 3 times this morning to confirm that my weight is 112kg…! Macam tak caya je…”

Want to know more on how Premium Beautiful can change your life too?  Do drop me an email at zahureen@gmail.com or call/text me at 012 284 5882.  Special promotional price awaits you…

My Premium Beautiful Experience

Today is 21 February 2012.  That means I have been wearing my Premium Beautiful for 45 straight days now!


Why do I want to wear Premium Beautiful?

I have always been skinny before I got pregnant with my son, Noah (I love to call it my b.n. period (before Noah)).  My weight never went beyond 50 kg and I am 169 cm tall, which means I was underweight back then.

After giving birth, I bought a pair of Brand X lingerie and it had helped me to shed some fat and gave me my curves back.  But that was just temporary.  I gave up wearing the lingerie after just a month.

This is me, 7 days a.n (After Noah) with my sis and SIL (date: 1 Jan 2010)


My weight had gone up again few months after Noah was born (let’s call it the a.n. period) as I was concentrating on giving Noah all the nutrients he can get from my breastmilk, i.e. I eat and eat and eat without thinking about my escalating weight.

After 2 years, my weight was back to 62 kg, the same weight when I was 4 months pregnant with Noah.  I can no longer fit into any of my working pants, my baju kebaya and even the kain baju kurung was tight.

This is us in July 2011. I was more than 62 kg when this picture was taken.


I was not complaining that I was fat because I hate being fat.  I was complaining for the fact that I can no longer wear all my working clothes and that every time I force myself into one of them, either the zipper will not close or blouse sleeves will rip.. I kid you not!


Life after Premium Beautiful

The moment my ex-housemate Irda introduces me to Premium Beautiful was a life changing one.  As soon as I slipped into my very own pair of Premium Beautiful, my body felt the changes.  My thigh and my waist were slimmer and my butt and breast were bigger/fuller *grins*.  Mr Judge (my hubby) liked what he saw *winks* (Premium Beautiful is also known as “Adik pakai, Abang rasa” product).

No doubt it was hard at first.  The fitting process was tough and the caring for the lingerie seems tedious.  However, it became easier as it became part of my daily routine.

I managed to button up my kebaya after just few days of wearing Premium Beautiful.  The buttons no longer pops when I sit… hehehe…

The sleeves of my shirts no longer look like they were gonna rip when ever I move.  Even my maid noticed this and said, “Kakak sudah kurus ya… Lengan itu sudah tak besar lagi…”

My colleague noticed the changes too… And it just made me feel good to hear compliments from people around me.  Bukannya nak bangga, but siapa yang tak suka dipuji rite?

Now, I never want to leave the house without my Premium Beautiful, my second skin.  I feel incomplete without my Premium Beautiful.

After 40 days, I am already on the 3rd hook of the Waist Nipper… Fast progress eh?

Note to self:  Will have to snap a photo of myself soon (this is what happens when you always take a picture of your son and never of you…).


Want to experience the Premium Beautiful delight?  Email me at zahureen@gmail.com or call/text/whatsapp me at 012 284 5882

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