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Premium Beautiful is for Men too!

I know that in my previous posts I have mentioned that Premium Beautiful has helped many women to lose weight… However, don’t be surprised when I say that Premium Beautiful has also helped many men to get rid of their big tummy and cure their back pain.

From my personal experience, men, especially married men, can easily gain weight after marriage. Mana tak nya kan, wife masak sedap, plus they do not workout… Lama-lama the lemak menjadi bukit (the fat accumulates over time).

Of course men do not have to wear the 3-piece set of Premium Beautiful. All they need to do is wear the waist nipper every day for at least 8 hours. They will not only get to shed the fats… The added benefits (besides the benefits of FIR highlighted here) when they wear the Premium Beautiful waist nipper are as follows:

  • no more bulging tummy
  • correct posture (no more slouching)
  • peaceful sleep at night
  • flush out toxins from their system
  • healthier and smoother skin

Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper

Picture courtesy of premiumbeautiful2u.blogspot.com

My husband is currently wearing Premium Beautiful too. We are really excited to see the result on him. So far, he has lost 7 cm (his waist size was 127cm when he 1st started wearing Premium Beautiful) after only wearing Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper for 4 weeks, with the extra boost of Lactolite (of course). For your info, my husband weights approx. 115 kg now. I shall update more on his progress soon…

So for those who are interested to know more about how Premium Beautiful can change your life, please email me at zahureen@gmail.com or call/text me at 012 284 5882.

Confinement the Premium Beautiful Way

I am not really religious when it comes to confinement. However, I do believe that wearing a waist nipper/bengkung is a must in order to put our womb back to its original position.

I remember during my confinement at the end of 2009, my aunty came all the way from Kelantan to teach my mom, who was a first time granny, how to get me to wear the bengkung.

Traditional bengkung wearing steps:

  1. 1st, have to pound young tumeric with raw salt until it turns into powder.
  2. Next, rub the powder onto the tummy area of the new mom.
  3. Then, wrap a cloth around the tummy area to secure the rubbed powder.
  4. Finally, wrap the traditional bengkung on top of the cloth and secured it with the long lace like the picture below.

Sangat menyiksakan ok! The worse part of it all is that the powder will scatter all over once it is dried… And you will leave a trail of tumeric and salt every where you go!

With Premium Beautiful, you no longer have to go through all the hassle described above.  All you need to do is wear the waist nipper 3 days after giving birth (for normal birth) or 2 weeks (for caesarean birth).  Premium Beautiful, with the help of Far Infra-Red Rays (FIR), provides the following benefits for mummies in confinement:

  1. Helps to correct womb position after birth
  2. Helps reduces stretched marks
  3. Helps to heal womb related problems
  4. Helps to prevent vaginal and bladder infection
  5. Helps to return everything back to its ‘youth’ condition (Premium Beautiful is also labelled as “Adik pakai, Abang rasa” product *winks*
To find out more on how Premium Beautiful can ease your confinement period, email me at zahureen@gmail.com or call/text me at 012 284 5882.

Why Premium Beautiful?

To tell you the truth, I own another brand’s lingerie set (lets call it Product X) for almost 3 years now. Bought it right after my confinement in early 2010. I have worn it diligently only for a month and it was left lying in my undergarments drawer until last November. I started wearing it again as I had to shape up in time for my sis’s wedding. Sister of the bride kena la look good kan…. 😉

Product X did not help me with anything else, besides to keep me stay in shape.

However, after 1 week of wearing Premium Beautiful, I can really feel the difference between Product X and Premium Beautiful. The most obvious difference is the way Premium Beautiful hugs my body perfectly without suffocating me and restricting my movement. Another striking difference is that Premium Beautiful does not fold up when I sit. Unlike Product X’s girdle that will always fold up and its waist nipper will always bloat up like a small bubble every time I sit. I have yet to list out Premium Beautiful‘s other benefits that includes FIR.

Coming from someone who has tried a different lingerie before (a much more expensive one too), I can truly say that Premium Beautiful ranks high in quality, comfort and added benefits. I am a very satisfied customer and now I want to share the wonders of Premium Beautiful with you.

Do email me at zahureen@gmail.com or call/text me at 012 284 5882 for more information on how Premium Beautiful can change your life. 1st 10 customers will be entitled for a promotion price. So hurry!

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