BB Plus For Active Minds, Sleepless Nights and Joint Pains

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This is the latest testimonial on BB Plus Collagen from my dad, a 67 years old ex-politician who is currently pursuing his PhD. He had been complaining that his hands has been shaking for awhile now. Suspecting that it is an early sign of athritis, I have given him a box of BB Plus Collagen last month.






Alhamdulillah, after consuming it for a few days, not only did it helped with his joint pains, it had also helped him to sleep like a log.. Mind you, my dad has always been a workaholic and loves to stay up to write his books and now his PhD dissertation with a pot full of coffee and boxes of ciggies.. Am so glad that BB Plus had helped him rest his tired mind and body. Ni belum try the Bio Velocity Sleep Mate a.k.a #tilamkuat lagi ni….


WA 012 284 5822 to order. Special promotion awaits…



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