Top 10 Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

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Why is sleep so important to us?


1. Sleep keeps your heart healthy

Lack of sleep negatively affects cardiovascular health, increasing the risk of restricting blood flow to the brain
2. Sleep may prevent cancer

Late night expose to light is linked to reduced melatonin production, which disrupts estrogen production. Too much estrogen promotes the growth of breast cancer.
3. Sleep reduces stress

Lack of sleep causes disruption of circadian rhythm (natural time clock) leading to poor white blood cell health, which weakens our physical stress response.
4. Sleep reduces inflammation
5. Sleep makes you more alert

Lack of sleep amplifies the brains anticipatory reactions, raising overall anxiety levels
6. Sleep bolsters your memory

Excessive sleepiness impairs memory and the ability to think and process information.
7. Sleep may help you to lose weight

Sleep helps maintain a healthy balance of the hormones that make you feel hungry (ghrelin) or full (leptin). Lack of sleep causes ghrelin levels to increase and leptin to decrease.
8. Naps make you smarter

Longer sleep is associated with higher IQ in children
9. Sleep may reduce your risk for depression

Lack of sleep causes a decrease in neurotransmitters which regulate mood
10. Sleep helps the body make repairs





Is your family getting enough sleep?



Based on the above Infography, adults need 7-9 hours of sleep daily while teens need 8-10 hours of sleep daily.  Children needs 10-11 hours of sleep daily.


The modern age is constantly busy.  The internet is available 24/7.  So is entertainment.  And with mobile phones and email, we are available for work all the time (I know… I used to curse the inventor of Blackberry).  So we have decided to get these hours from sleep instead.  And we tend to forget how important sleep is for our health.


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