Top 5 Iklan Hari Raya yang best

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Every single year, semua orang mesti tertunggu-tunggu iklan hari raya bila dah menjelang Aidilfitri.  Even for those yang jarang tengok TV macam I ni pun, mesti make a point to turn to the mainstream channel jugak time-time ni sebab nak checkout Iklan raya.  But now ni senang sikit sebab surf Facebook aje pun dah dapat checkout the adverts.  Or even better if you have friends yang rajin forward videos via whatsapp. Boleh share skali tengok with the kids 🙂


Well… Masa zaman Yasmin Ahmad dulu, memang iklan Petronas is da bomb la kan.  Each year she will produce great quality adverts with good underlying messages. She had set a good precedent to others and now we can see the quality in the ads kan…


So here’s my top 5 favourite iklan hari raya to share with all of you.  With all the sad news happening now, we just need to spread some raya joy all around (not saying that we are forgetting all that is happening).


#1:  Petronas (1999): No Charge


#2: Petronas (2002): 7 beradik

#3: Petronas (2001): Ombak Jahat

#4: Bernas (2012): Anak Yatim

#5: Petronas (2008): Untuk Abah




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