We are Top Leaders Circle (TLC) : Part 1

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This picture was taken last November during the RM100k award celebration.. I was really proud to be accepting, the award alongside Kak Lynn Shukor, who is a CEO of a manufacturing company.

Kak Lynn once shared that the thing that attracted her to the biz was the great business plan. She had agreed to come on board just after 10 minutes of listening to the business plan. If a sensible CEO that had been running her own company for over 10 years can see the potential in the business in just 10 minutes, and what does that say about the business?


She also said that as a CEO, and she would have to face with the problem of trying to meet the monthly financial commitment and negotiation with banks on a monthly basis. For the company to report a 10% profit for the year pun would be a huge struggle.. But in this business, and with the right tools and execution, and your monthly return can go from 28% to how much it is that you aim for…..

Free travel is another thing that had clenched the deal for her. She had managed to travel to London & Paris and Gold Coast with TLC and she loved every minute of it…




So if a CEO like Kak Lynn Shukor have faith in the business, and there is no doubt that many thinks the same too..

TLC ialah kami, kami ialah TLC!

TLC is us, We are TLC!

Wanna be part of the TLC family?


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