Well Hello Beautiful….!

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Sorry for the long hiatus…

No I have not quit the business….  Just that I was too busy nursing the terrible morning sickness…

Yup.. you heard me right…

Alhamdulillah, I am now 14 weeks pregnant!

We have been trying for a second baby for quite awhile now… Since mid of last year, if I can recall correctly.  And Alhamdulillah, with God’s willing, we have managed to conceived after 2 months of wearing Premium Beautiful.

Yes, Premium Beautiful can help you to conceive (with God’s willing, of course).

Here are testimonies from other Premium Beautiful users that had managed to conceived, shared by my business partner, Irda.

Want to know more on how Premium Beautiful can help you change your life?  Call me and I shall let you in the beautiful secret *winks*.

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  1. […] 2nd baby. We had been trying for a second baby for over a year and with Allah’s willing, after just 2 month of wearing Premium Beautiful, we conceived! Fast forward to 9 months later, I slipped into my Premium Beautiful again in November 2012, 3 days […]

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