What is BVSM?

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Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) is a mattress cover that has been embeded with Bio Velocity technology to help us to improve our quality of sleep.  It is currently a hot selling product in the market because many realised that with the current lifestyle, it is very difficult for us to achieve quality sleep.  Lack of quality sleep affects our physical and mental health.  It is very common nowadays to hear news of young adults suffering heart attacks and many other fatal diseases.  These are some of the effects of leading an unhealthy lifestyle and not achieving regular quality sleep.

What is quality sleep?

Quality sleep means having sufficient duration and depth of rest that results in one feeling awake and refreshed throughout the day.

How many of us suffers from lack of sleep due to stress at work, stress with family obligations, stress with the daily traffic congestions?  Bottom-line is, our daily lives are filled with stress, pollution and radiation.  These unhealthy factors actually affects us in a way that can lead to many diseases.  Migraine, Gastric, High Blood Pressure, Menstrual Cramps, Cysts, Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Insomnia, Stroke, Gout, Muscle Pain just to name a few are common diseases in today’s world.  Without quality sleep, these diseases might lead to even worse problems.




What are the benefits of sleeping with BVSM?


BVSM helps to balance out our body energy that has been distorted by pollutants, diseases, virus, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and radiation.  Once our body rest on BVSM, the bio velocity technology (healthy energy flow) will help to balance out the unbalanced energy that will help with the following:

  • enhances our body metabolism rate
  • activates the cells function
  • promotes blood circulation
  • enhances body resistance and improves immune system
  • increases energy level
  • stabilizes emotion, relieves stress and pressure
  • reenergizes, repairs and rejuvenates cells
  • increases vitality
  • enhances natural healing ability
  • balances and harmonizes the physical functions
  • relieves fatigue and pain
  • stimulates and regulates the autonomic nervous system
  • promotes heart function
  • promotes a healthy and quality sleep





BVSM is made using the combination of expertise from 3 countries:-

The anti-bacterial material is imported from Germany

The bio velocity technology is derived from Korea

And everything is being assembled (sewn) in Malaysia


BVSM has gone through a series of testing at the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, Russia in early 2013.  The person that were leading the research was non other than Professor Edward Krizhanovsky, a professor in Physics that is also the founder and CEO of Telebiomet Scientific Centre in Moscow.  He had published more than 80 articles and scientific journals, 3 books and 12 patterns.

What is BVSM_2


In the study they had called for 40 participants between the age of 20 to 26 years old.

They had used the following experiment methods:

  1. Crownscopy – analysis on human energy
  2. Luscher Color Test – analysis on human color based on psychological and physiological diagnostics
  3. Aurabook – experiment on optical human aura energy
  4. Blood pressure – blood pressure test
  5. Stange Probe – breathing test

What is BVSM_13

What is BVSM_16

Based on the above 4 experiments, the results shows that after using BVSM for 30 minutes:

  • Human body energy becomes more stable
  • BVSM helps to maintain the energy balance in the human body
  • BVSM also increases the energy level
  • It helps to reduce the reliant on energy deficit to supply oxygen throughout the body.

What is BVSM_14


What is so special about BVSM that many are raving about it?

Let’s review some of the testimonies from the users of BVSM


BVSM Testimony #1: Paralyzed due to accident


BVSM TEstimonies_16

BVSM Testimonies_15

Sarjan Tarmizi met with an accident while on duty end of last year.  He was declared as an OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) by the doctors that has treated him.  However, he was fortunate enough to be introduced to BVSM by one of his colleagues that was the turning point in his life.  I was in tears when I got to witness Sarjan Tarmizi, who was declared by medical doctors as “OKU” late last year, walked on stage unassisted. He can even jogged in front of the audience to show to everyone that he is no longer an OKU… He had been given a clean bill of health by his doctors and can resume work soon… When asked what will he do if he lose his BVSM.. His answer was, “Beli banyak-banyak lagi!”.. Watch the video below to know more.

BVSM Testimonies_46_Fotor_Collage



BVSM Testimony #2: Spinal Cord Injury due to Tibi Virus

BVSM Testimonies_29

BVSM Testimonies_26The story of Steven Yoong had touched many during the Bio Velocity Day at Wisma MCA yesterday, 29 September 2013.  From the age of 1, he had experienced some swelling around the hand and body area.  Upon checking with the doctors in Ipoh, he was being dismissed stating that it was nothing serious.  However, when he was 3 years old, he had experienced non-stop coughing for 3 months.  When referred to the hospital, again he was being dismissed stating that it was nothing serious.

His worried father got even more concern when he saw his son trying to support his neck while watching the TV. The concern got worse when one day Steven could not walk properly.  Steven were then rushed to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed him with Tuberculosis Disease (Tibi).  Apparently, the virus had attacked few segments of his backbone, around the neck area, and it had stunted the growth of the bones.

He was warded for 3 days to undergo a minor operation to fix 8 screws to his head in order to hold it in an upright position.  However, his condition did not get any better after the operation.  A CT scan showed that one of the screws had actually penetrated into his skull and that had caused a permanent damage to a part of his brain and nerves.  The doctors had declared that there was nothing else that they can do to cure Steven and had declared his as an OKU.

Steven laid in the hospital bed for 4 months before he was being introduced to BVSM in December 2013.  With God’s willing, he had shown a positive reaction after the 3rd of using BVSM.  He managed to kicked a ball during a physio session.  After 3 weeks sleeping with BVSM, Steven can stand with support! And he was discharged after the 5th week!

Now Steven has started schooling and was seen running and jumping like a normal 4 years old…


BVSM Testimony #3: Asthma

BVSM Testimonies_12

BVSM Testimonies_2

Puan Latifah had grew up with asthma all her life (over 40 years).  It is hereditary and most of her family members have asthma.  She had been relying on inhaler on a daily basis… It was her best friend.

One day, she had a very bad asthma attack that she had to be warded for a few days.  A friend had introduced BVSM to her and after using it for one night, she suffered a very terrible cough with thick and heavy phlegm.  However, that was the end of her asthma episodes. She never had to use her inhaler since then.

BVSM Testimonies_35_Fotor_Collage



BVSM Testimony #4:  Paralysed due to heart failure and arthritis

BVSM Testimonies_41

BVSM Testimonies_24

Haji Harun is a Tok Kadi from Terengganu.  He had been suffering from heart failure for over 10 years that had led to pulmonary oedema.  He also has chronic arthritis in his knee due to weight problem.  Once he had made it to the front page of the national newspapers as he had to perform a solemnisation ceremony in the ward where he was hospitalised due to his heart problem.

Having a son as a doctor, Tuan Haji Harun was being supplied with the best medication there is, however his condition did not get any better until someone introduced BVSM to his doctor son.  His son, Dr. Hasbi Harun, had given his father the BVSM during hari raya in 2013.  3 days after using BVSM, Tuan Haji Harun felt strong enough to try to stand up and walk. And he did!  Now, his health condition is now improving by the day.

BVSM Testimonies_44_Fotor_Collage

BVSM Testimony #5: Celebral Palsy

BVSM Testimonies_9

BVSM Testimonies_32

It took Adik Darwisy 42 minutes to respond to his surroundings and the doctor’s tests when he was born.  His heartbeat was weak and had to be monitored in the NICU.  1 year later, he had suffered high fever that had affected his nerves and brain.  Doctors had declared that he has Celebral Palsy.

Darwisy was not like any other baby as his movement was very limited.  He could not move on his own.  Even at the age of 3, he was not able to sit on his own and needs to undergo regular physiotheraphy session.  Doctors said that he will slowly able to move on his own at the age of 5 or 6.

He was introduced to BVSM by his father’s friend.  After 2 weeks of sleeping with BVSM (started in November 2012), he had started to turn and crawl on his own!  Yesterday, 29 September 2013, I had witnessed Adik Darwisy on stage playing with a mini bike and eating currypuffs on his own.  He can also stand but walking is still a work in progress.  He also managed to converse with his parents, though in a word by word manner.  It is a positive start for Adik Darwisy and In sya Allah we will hear many more positive progress from him in the future.

BVSM Testimonies_19_Fotor_Collage


BVSM Testimony #6: Failed back syndrome

BVSM Testimonies_4

BVSM Testimonies_36

Affihuraizi had met with an accident in 2008 that had caused  prolapsed disc and cervical spondylosis. He had also experience post traumatic depression and many other side effects due to the accident.  Things got worse after he had gone through an operation in 2010 to repair the damages from the accident.  The operation had failed and the doctors had declared him an OKU.  He had to take an early retirement from work due to that.

He was introduced to BVSM in late 2012 and had slowly gained a clean bill of health after 1 month.  He is now no longer an OKU and has been cleared to resume work.

BVSM TEstimonies_56_Fotor_Collage

BVSM Testimonies_42

BVSM Testimony #7: Ovarian Cancer

BVSM Testimonies_10

BVSM Testimonies_13

Puan Jailani is an ovarian cancer patient (stage 2b).  She had undergone an operation to remove her womb in February 2012 and then chemotherapy treatment in March the same year.  Subsequent to the treatment, until June 2013, she had experienced weakness and lost of stamina.  She cannot walk unsupported and had gone into emotional depression.

She was introduced to BVSM in May 2013 and had some healing crisis before she felt better.  After 1 month, she can move without support, achieved quality sleep and felt rejuvenated and stronger.  Plus, her cancer marker had reduced substantially from 71 (before BVSM) to 48 (after 3 months with BVSM)!

BVSM Testimonies_45_Fotor_Collage

What is the price for 1 BVSM?

BVSM retails at RM1,488 per unit.

Looking at the various testimonies above, there is no doubt that investing in BVSM had given them a healthy return.

Too good to be true?  Book a FREE BVSM demo now!

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  1. ashara says:

    I have verr sit down comfortably. y bad back and shoulder pain. frozen shoulders. i can’t squat or sit down on the floor. will it help me. how much is it? and its size.

  2. zalina says:

    I would like to know moreally about d product

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  4. Dalana S says:

    can you get these in America ? How much? Can we sign up to sell it ?

    • Zahureen Ruhanie says:

      Dalana, the product has not reached the US shores yet. However, if you are interested, we can talk and try to work out something for you to make it available there. Do drop me an email at zahureen@gmail.com

  5. K S Ng says:

    I am happy to see so many positive testimonies about the bio velocity mattress but to be honest still a little skeptical unless I try it myself. If it is good I would like to be a distributor too!

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